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Was Spider-Man unmasking on a grand public scale a good idea?

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Jul 24, 2004
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Ok, this is not about the story of what's happening in FNMS/Spec. Spider-Man. This is not about what if the un-masking should have been done better or not. This is just about one simple question:

Do you think un-masking Spider-Man was a good/wise/etc., choice?

Some people think it's a terrible mistake, fans and writers alike. Huston (writer of Moon Knight, Ultimates Annual #2) thinks it was not a wise choice to make. As he has been quoted in Wizard, he will be there if he gets masked again.

And I don't care what anyone says. Call me dilusional or whatever you want, but I don't want Spider-Man masked again any time soon. There can be good stories coming out of this as they are now (the Spidey issues) and in the future. I just hope that the mini that JMS & Quesada are doing aren't going to mask him, but I don't think it will. We'll see.

What does everyone else think?
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I liked it and thought it was good and well done, but I hope he goes back soon cause I dont see this lasting long, lets hope they make it good either way
I think it was a bold move. I give Marvel credit for following thru with the tease if nothing else. It was so much better than all the "close calls" before. This time they went thru and brought a whole new dynamic to the titles.

I'm fairly certain that the writers will do something smarter than having each arc consist of a new baddie going after MJ/May.
I thought that the way people had been writing Spider-man lately, pretty much most of the heroes knew who he was
Eg New Avengers, Nick Fury, Wolverine, Daredevil

I thought it would be a good idea if the heroes knew who he was, well not like random ones like the Runaways...... but people in the New Avengers, and ones that he runs into all the time like Wolverine

I don't think Peter had to unmask..... sure he could sign up on the Act in Civil War, but he didn't have to unmask to everyone.

I have mixed feelings..... cause this will make things intresting for awhile.
I hope it all doesn't turn to crap!!
I think it'd a good idea because it has a lot of potential. Even if they mess it up or undo it, I'll still think it's a good IDEA. I have no idea how long Marvel will keep up the (IMO) good stories coming out of him being unmasked. Afterall, while many people knew his identity, he still had the most secret identity in the Marvel Universe. This can change the entire way Spider-Man works, and the Marvel Universe can evolve in the way it sees heroes. Spider-Man can be the new Captain America, a legitimate hero acknowledged by the world. The X-books got more emotionally complicated with time, no reason why Spider-Man books shouldn't.

That being said, I have faith that Marvel will undo it within 3 years.
It's a good, fresh idea for Spider-Man, but it'll be stupid if they retcon it. If they did it, they need to learn how to stick with it. Do the crime, do the time.
I don't like the idea.

Spider-man had a secret Identity for lots of reasons one of which is to protect those he loves. Now every idiot knows who he is so insted of them doing entire comics of villans finding out and then getting more twisted because of it (e.g green goblin following him home) they don't need to find out they already know.

His costume was a symbol of the character. he had it so long that it's an Icon in terms of comifc costumes. Now he dosn't need it.

Sorry to disagree with all of you but this idea is bad it's almost as bad as puting a young anakin skywalker's ghost at the end of return of the jedi and in an outfit he never wore! (don't know what i'm talking about? Buy the star wars dvds they are very good that is my one problem with them)
I'm not going to continue reading his series after civil war, so until MJ/Aunt May is killed I'm not going to care.
sjmole said:
Sorry to disagree with all of you but this idea is bad it's almost as bad as puting a young anakin skywalker's ghost at the end of return of the jedi and in an outfit he never wore!

Almost as bad as that foulest of travesty?

Then in truth, Spider-man unmasking must be the second sign of the apocalypse!
I vote yes.

Also, both Spidey unmasked issues (Sensational Spider-Man #28; Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #11) have been some of the most enjoyable Spider-Man stories I've read in at least a year.
I'm afraid they'll just go with Iron Man/Government/Whatever saying 'Yeah, we just got this random guy Peter Parker to pose as Spider-man in support of the registration act. He really isn't Spider-man so you can leave him alone now' to get Peter out of this mess.

That would be a shame.:(
Hibiki said:
So then how do they explain him swinging down on webs?

Isn't that the problem with any exit plan?

They could just say they gave him the technology to do so.

At this point..any exit theory sounds rather dumb. I was just stating what I am afraid they may try to do.
TheManWithoutFear said:
I think it's interesting because he's gonna realize how big of a mistake it is. I want to see some interaction between him and Murdock now that Matt's genie's back in the bottle and Peter's going to try to put it back.
Precisely. One of the things I look foward is to see how Peter will deal with this, trying to go back to keeping an identity, but of course, not exactly succeeding. Something like this isn't a piece of cake to take care of just like that.
Ice said:
Something like this isn't a piece of cake to take care of just like that.

Bad writing can be amazingly efficient.
I also see this a good bold move and agree with MWF and Ice on this. A lot of People say this is a awful move on Marvel's part; I'm just thinking how much of an awful move it is on Peter's part.

[P.S: As well I really did enjoy the various reactions Jonah had both in Frontline and She-Hulk: I can't wait to see how Jonah is actually gonna attempt sueing Spidey. Plus best moment in all of Civil War is that first large splash when you open up the Civil War Newspaper]

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