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I bought the Spidey Vol. 2 Hardback then they come out with Vol. 1&2 together for the same price. I know its a deal, but it really pisses me off that I missed out on that. Also I was wondering if the Ultimate Universe isz the first comic that they put out in graphic novel steadily?


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No, most likely not. They have a lot of titles in the trade paperback format that have been going on for a while. Check out Borders if you want to see them all!

Also, good to have you around! Keep up the posting!


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Honestly, I prefer having both hardcovers as opposed to one collected volume. At one point there just gets to bee too many pages for the binging to comfortably hold and the center seems to move in more on itself. You end up wanting to puch down on it, but can't due to potential spine problems that could cause.

And they've been doing TPBs as long as I can remember, admittadly not too too long, but still. Marvel has started pushing them more recently, getting the collections out right after the storyline finishes and making being very consistant about older collections.


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I bought the Spidey Vol. 2 Hardback then they come out with Vol. 1&2 together for the same price

Are you talking about the Barnes & Noble hardback? Because if I'm not mistaken, that collects the first THREE hardcovers.

You could always get that and put the individual ones on eBay...


Is there anything unique to the 1 through 3 hardcover? Hell, do we lose anything perhaps? I'm just wondering what the reasoning was behind putting out a lump book like that.


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Someone who either has the book or has looked at it closely might be able to answer this more accurately, but I don't believe this is intended for the people who have the smaller hardcovers.


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Well, let's see, you have a hardback book with nearly 40 issues of one of the most popular titles in the comics industry.

Makes a great gift, I say. Also, I believe it reprints the rare Issue #1/2

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