Star Wars: Force Unleashed 2.

This doesn't look like Star Wars Battlefront III. :(
This doesn't look like Star Wars Battlefront III. :(

I've given up hope on Battlefront III. Sadly I predicted the new star wars game would be this.

As much as I love star wars the Force Unleashed was disappointing in parts and was really unfinished so while i'll be buying this I won't be too hyped for it.
A mini-movie just premiered on GTTV. It was flippin' awesome!! Will post as soon as it's available online (or someone gets to it before me).


Thanks to Skotti, here's what the Limited Edition brings with the game:

  • Premium Collectible Steelbook
  • Exclusive In-Game Content
    ----Three exclusive challenge mode levels
    ----Exclusive Ralph McQuarrie concept "Deak Starkiller" skin
    ----Exclusive Lightsaber crystal
  • Exclusive Mimobot USB Designer Drive Preloaded with Bonus Content
    ----Starkiller 2GB Flash Drive designed by Mimobot
    ----Digital art book, featuring insights into the art of The Force Unleashed II




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There's some rumors about the true identity of Starkiller,
the dev team has dropped hints that he's the clone of Exar Kun
Yes, he was. He also brought balance to the force by creating the Sith. As the Jedi at the time had become weak and corrupt.
Well after playing this I have to say I'm very disappointed It feels like all they did was update the graphics. The story feels nonexistent. When I finished I just felt "That's it?" You barely explore anything in the Star Wars universe, the scale of the story was so basic and simple, and the boss fights were just lame. In fact looking back I don't think there were any boss fights save for the last one. For example the fight with Vader in the first one was epic, great scene changes and challenging enough that you feel like you accomplished something. In this one, not at all.

And it's not like the story didn't have potential. There was a lot of brilliance there but they didn't play up any of it. Take the concept of there being more clones of him, that could have played for great drama and boss fights, but when they show up their just the same as any enemy in the game. The ending does leave things interesting for the sequel. Again for the sequel, not here. It feels like less than a half a story. There better be **** loads of DLC.
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