star wars

  1. whig4life

    Star Wars serialized Comic from early 2000's: trying to remember

    Hi everybody, I hope you're having an amazing day! I was trying to find a Star Wars comic I read that was serialized in Star Wars Insider sometime around 2003-2005. It was a stand-alone story serialized over at least two issues (as I recall) about a Dark Jedi (alien--had a kind of dog face) who...
  2. E

    Star Wars Battlefront

    FINALLY it's out. Anyone else pick it up? I played through all of the tutorials, a few solo missions, and online for a few games. it's pretty incredible. I can see the complains and criticisms that it's too light on content - there are only 4 maps. But considering everything is basically the...
  3. DIrishB

    Star Wars (Marvel ongoing)

    So I checked this out the other day and was extremely pleased. Jason Aaron's script and dialogue was a perfect example of everything that's good about Star Wars. The dialogue was literally perfect. The characters sound so true to their film versions you can't help but hear the...
  4. whig4life

    Marvel Star wars?

    How is the original marvel star wars series? Is it worth a read? Or would other star wars but books be better?
  5. E

    Star Wars: Rogue One (first Star Wars spin off film rumors/news)

    This sounds neat.
  6. E

    Star Wars General Discussion (dedicated to Houde)

    This is a discussion thread for the Generals of Star Wars. General Grievous, General Kenobi... Or, maybe it'd be better to just have a thread for general, non-specific Star Wars stuff. I'm starting this because there was an amusing piece of news this morning and I didn't really have...
  7. Zombipanda

    Should Star Wars get a reboot?

    Well? And I ask this question honestly. Why not?
  8. E

    Yoda and other characters getting spin-off movies

    Via Ain't It Cool:
  9. E

    Disney to Acquire Lucasfilm Ltd. for $4 billion+ Wow. That's pretty major.
  10. Ice

    Star Wars: Force Unleashed 2.

    World Premiere trailer! 4HJCxX6sjGQ :heart:
  11. SSJmole

    Star Wars The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes

    Debut Trailer More info
  12. SSJmole

    Star Wars Battlefront III news and previews

  13. G

    Which is your favourite Star Wars film/incarnation?

    Personally, I'm not that big a fan of Star Wars anymore, but I watched the original trilogy recently in their original theatrical forms and I wanted to discuss it here somewheres and found that there didn't exist a thread to facilitate this wish. So here we are. I'll give a short opinion on...
  14. SSJmole

    Star Wars: The Old Republic :shock: now this will be awesome
  15. Ice

    Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (discussion w/ spoilers)

    So last night I played all of the tutorials and this morning I just played the game for about an hour and 14 minutes. IT. IS. AWESOME. I saw a review on Monday about the game (from X-Play) and they gave it a 2 out of 5. They are fools! Everything they noted bad about the game I didn't...
  16. Jaggyd

    Clone Wars

    Okay, saw the first trailer for the new Star Wars series. Yeah, I'm wondering at what point Lucas is going to officially say the original trilogy is now no longer in continuity. I honestly flinched when when Ashoka mugged at the camera and went "That's my Master". It was like a scene from a...
  17. E

    Star Wars: The Clone Wars Lightsaber Duels I just wet myself.
  18. SSJmole

    Star Wars: The Clone Wars [spoilers]

    more here : I thought this is a film and a tv show so it deserves it's own thread
  19. Gemini

    The Soul Calibur 4 Discussion Thread (WTF VADER AND YODA?!)

    I apologize if there is already a thread for this somewhere i looked and couldn't find one. Is anyone else eagerly awaiting this? I sure am a Soul Calibur game is nearly a garuntee of a good fighting game (xept Legends Do Not Want), With Next Gen graphics this should be sweet. It's due out...
  20. E

    LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga for the Wii!

    Cool news: