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Aug 16, 2005
it may have been one of the worst kept secrets in the industry, but the cat is officially out of the bag today. After rumors based on corporate cooperation, speculation about job postings, and even an outright acknowledgement by n high-ranking executive, LucasArts and BioWare have finally officially announced their joint massively-multiplayer online game at an event in San Francisco today. Titled Star Wars: The Old Republic, the new game is the first MMO for BioWare and the second Star Wars MMO for LucasArts.

Though the official announcement is today, we were recently down at BioWare's Austin studio for an exclusive look at the game. We'll be exploring many facets of this game over the next few days, examining the setting, the intriguing moral gulf between Jedi and Sith, and the stylized visuals. Today we're going to focus primarily on the issue of story and the concept of companion characters.

:shock: now this will be awesome
My only complaint is that Revan, Bastila, and the Exile aren't going to be in the game. But that's not a big deal.

They might be via Holograms and training missions e.g KOTOR II had Revan in it in the same way
As I've said in the All About Star-Wars Thread, I saw a podcast interview about this and it's very impressive. It's great and I want to play it, though I don't think I will be buying it for my laptop. I do plan on getting a PC of my own (with that awesome HP Touchscreen) so whenever I do, I'll get it then.
KOTOR and KOTOR II were the best of their kind, both in gameplay and storyline.Especially KOTOR was the only game that I actually wanted to listen what peole around me says...I even felt like I was actually falling in love with Bastila...

If they can keep the feeling of the KOTOR games on this one, this will be the game that will burn down WoW for me...

I am definetly picking up this one...even if it sucks or not...
If they can keep the feeling of the KOTOR games on this one, this will be the game that will burn down WoW for me...

Its is definitely one of the only contenders to WoWs crown and done well might have a chance of knocking it down. Even if it doesn't, it might be a solid alternative to WoW, giving an awesome "space MMO" as opposed to WoWs crown in the fantasy setting.

That being said, there have been a fair few games that have been hailed as "WoW Beaters" in development (the first that comes to mind being the recent Warhammer Online) have not performed so well in practice, especially with WoWs current boost from Wrath of the Lich King which IMO is amazingly done.

Hopefully the awesomeness of the previous KOTOR games can overshadow the substandard legacy of previous Star Wars games and it's first MMO in particular, which I tried a free trial of, played for about an hour, got bored, went back to my Tauren Druid and forgot all about.
I'm still craving for this one... I've never been a huge star wars fan, but I loved the Old Republic they created with the games, and I always believed no-one beats BIOWARE when it comes to creating RPG games...

I hope I can meet another Bastila throughout this one :) No virtual character ever felt that real before or after...She was more realistic than many of the girls that actually exist :)
still waiting...

There are some nice in-game videos on that video....

Don't know if it's me but, my first opinion on the graphics is that they are a bit WoW-like.Surely they will be 10 times more advanced but there is a feeling in me that the graphics look like WoW.The general graphics, the way the characters are drawn and the backgrounds gave me this feeling.

Copy-pasting Blizzard art is not a good thing.But giving people something they are already familiar with is a nice move.I hope they will work their magic with the story telling.I don't wanna see some prince killing his father because his lightsaber crystal is magical...
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My opinion?

The story is going to boil down to us killing some great evil.

It's Bioware. Good storytelling is not their strong point.

The game itself would be fun. Then again, the NPCs will be copies of their BG2 characters.

It's Bioware. Good storytelling is not their strong point.

Oh I have to disagree with this. The first Knights of old republic game made by BioWare had a very very good story as well an amazing plot twist
You are Darth Revan
(I know not needed but I added spoiler thing just in case I don't want to ruin the twist after all.)

If anything Storytelling and Gameplay are BOTH their strong points.

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