Stephen King's The Mist

I ****ing loved this. I'm definitely going to have to see it again in color (i can't even imagine it that way, the Black and White fit so well).
And now the odd man out....

I was incredibly bored by this film. All the way thru. There were a few good parts like the crowds ability to turn on each other, and the ending in the car. But other than that, I was bored.

And the film should've ended with just the car scene. The very last part wasn't needed and completely ruined it for me.
I loved this. The ending was fantastic and made the movie for me. Very dark.

That giant monster was incredibly scary.

Thomas Jane is the man.

I ****ing love Frank Darabont. He needs to make The Long Walk now!
I felt a little breeze after noticing this thread came alive again.The only thing I could remember was that final moment, the over-disturbing music and the cries of the main guy.

This has been one of the few movies, that I actually found brilliant.A movie starting in such a simple way ending in such great moments....

The Mist is a rare one.If you haven't seen it yet.You're missing a lot...

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