Studio 60**SPOILERS**

Got the DVD for Christmas

I'm watching "The Christmas Show" (undeniably the best episode of the series) and getting sad because this show had SO much potential... *sigh*

Isn't it coming back? :( i thought there was talk about a return a few months ago
No, its completely 100% absolutely dead.

That sucks this was a great show , why do good shows get cancelled like this or Firefly yet crap shows like Pimp my ride and Pop idol (American idol) get a few series/seasons?
The show really could do with the ability to get a lot darker than it can get currently... Especially if they base it off of real SNL... I mean, you dont have anyone with a serious drug problem, no one is cursing...
That IS true.

But then again, Sports Night is almost the same show and it didn't need cussing and drugs...


Oh wait.
Reality TV costs nothing. When Scripted TV seems iffy in the ratings, they toss it out and replace it with cheap Reality TV, because if five people watch it, they're still making money.

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