Super Mario Galaxy 2


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Jul 24, 2004
The World of Icelandia.
Officially scheduled for May 23rd!

I am greatly anticipating the purchase of this software.
From Nintendo News:

Japanese gaming bible Famitsu have revealed a snippet of the mysterious storyline for Nintendo's forthcoming Wii blockbuster, Super Mario Galaxy 2.

'This is one more stardust fairytale. Only once in a hundred years does stardust fall on the Mushroom Kingdom. As such, Peach invites Mario to the castle to watch. On his way over, Mario spots a mysterious light. He cautiously approaches it, and finds… a small, lost baby star. The star – 'Baby Chico' – follows Mario to the castle, but what is waiting for them there is…'

- Famitsu
I won't get mine until I go home so probably Wednesday.
Anyone else pick it up or play it yet? This is a great game. It's awesome having Yoshi around and what's also excellent is that there are levels where you have the choice to play as Luigi if you wish. The comet level thing has been tidied up so they come along as long as you get a 'Comet Coin' in each world (one per world). I do miss the 'Hub system' we've been having in the main Mario games since Mario 64, but the Starship is really cool. There's definitely lots of fun everywhere.

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