1. Ice

    Mario Tennis 3DS

    First trailers and screenshots. No release date mentioned other than it will be out in Japan next year. Hopefully not too long after that for everyone else.
  2. Ice

    Super Mario 3D Land

    So far there's just a picture of what was shown at GDC, but more information to be revealed at E3. At best, I'd guess this would either be released in Holiday 2011 or Spring 2012. Most likely the latter, knowing how Nintendo is. As what was said before: "Last and not least, Nintendo president...
  3. Ice

    Paper Mario 3DS

    Video footage from the Nintendo World 2011 that passed last weekend:
  4. Ice

    Super Mario Galaxy 2

    Officially scheduled for May 23rd!
  5. SSJmole

    New Super Mario Bros. Wii

    We don't have a thread for this as most of the talk was in E3 thread. However E3 is gone and there new news I decided we needed one. First Videos : E3 conference Trailer Developer Walkthrough Pics: E3 hands on Now the new news : More here
  6. SSJmole

    Super Mario adventure

    Here it is. Volume 1 Hosted :
  7. SSJmole

    Mario & Sonic Olympic Winter Games!

    Debut Teaser This time..... Winter Olympics I loved the first one and this looks cool.
  8. Ice

    Mario Super Sluggers

    This is the sequel to Mario Superstar Baseball (Gamecube). The game is coming out on June 19th in Japan, and sometime in July (no date given) for N.A. and AUS. Info on the game from Nintendo: -- Simple, Active Controls: Rookies and veterans alike will be hittin' it home in no time...
  9. E

    Super Mario Bros. from hell

    This looks like the greatest game ever made. Part 1: Part 2: I was dying laughing when he got the mushroom in part 2.
  10. Ice

    Mario Kart Wii

    Looks like a possible early April relase for the U.S. (since NA is getting it in the spring time). has this release date for their sales (since amazon sells the products about 2 weeks or so after they're out on the market): "This item will be released on April 30, 2008"...
  11. Void.M

    Super Mario Galaxy (Spoilers)

    It comes out next week,early reviews state that its possibly the greates mario game to date.(plus luigi is unlockable). Cant wait to get this.
  12. M

    Super Mario (and Nintendo Business)

    Does anyone like Mario? I think he is awesome. Here is a link to a Super Mario Galaxy page. Looks pretty cool. Too bad I don't have a Wii. Who would win in a fight: Mario vs. Samus vs. Link? Anyways, talk about all things Nintendo...
  13. E

    Super Paper Mario

    Holy poop, this game is awesome. The flipping thing is so cool. You can find all finds of hidden passages and extra coins and whatnot. And there is a little fairy thing that helps you, and you can point the remote at the screen to find secret doors and stuff. You hold the remote...
  14. SSJmole

    Mario and Sonic!!!!!

    HELL HAS FROZEN OVER!!!! :shock: :shock: Holy crap this is the greatest thing ever