Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Discussion/Spoilers)


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Jul 24, 2004
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Man, is everyone hooked on the game still? :p

Soon as I got home with my copy, I started playing a little bit of everything. I started with the Adventure Mode, then classic, some brawl, events, masterpieces...

I tried to check out the online mode, but there wasn't anyone there.

Brawl codes:


Hibki: 3093-6735-3651

Houde: 2105-8353-4102

Venom Melendez: 3737-9225-2821

Lithium: 0087-2030-6555

Gemini: 4339-2164-3596

Ultxon: 1547-5010-9406

Goodwill: 0688-5079-6301

Iceshadow: 4038-5706-6268

Doublehex: 2449-4479-4390

Random: 4768-7319-9462

Mattimeo84: 4382-1885-7159
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Haven't checked my brawl code yet, and so far I've unlocked Marth (through SSE) and Ness (through multiplayer).
Brawl Code: 3093 6735 3651

so far Marth, Ness, Falco, Captain Falcon and Luigi have been unlocked.
I've only played the adventure mode (beause there's no one around) and haven't even beaten it yet (which I'm surprised) I'm only pissed that my spring break just ended and I have to focus on school which sucks
SSE is incredibly long. I've been playing for hours and am only 43% done. I have an army of characters now, though.

It's definitely different then Melee. A lot of the old characters feel different. Most of the new characters are good, although I'm not really digging Olimar. He's too technical to use properly. Everyone else has potential (And Meta Knight is broken. He's easily the best character in the game).
I just left off after the first level with Lucas and Pokemon trainer. Its amazing so far, I like it loads better than Melee.

The most annoying thing so far is how lame Mario is. Fludd is incredibly stupid, and I feel that Mario has a ton of wasted potential. Pit's awesomeness more than makes up for it though.
around 49% you should be getting snake and Lucario soon. this game is exhausting playing the intense mode.
around 49% you should be getting snake and Lucario soon. this game is exhausting playing the intense mode.

I just finished Adventure mode, I think I'm at 85% cause I don't think I went into every part you could. It was pretty good, I love how they had the characters meet and interact, but when
appears he was just thrown in almost like "oh that's right, he should be here too" But still enjoyable, I'm gonna have to find out about the online play and see if I can hook it up at school
Yeah, I've gotten a bit farther.

I have to say, for a game that has absolutely no dialog, the story is fantastic. So far, there have been a few twists that have really taken me by surprise.
For example, Master Hand NOT being the main villain, Dedede turning out to be a good guy by creating anti-trophy devices, and the Ancient Minister actually being R.O.B.
Also, the humor is really good. So far, this game is exceeding my expectations, which is saying a lot considering how high my expectations were in the first place.
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Only one hour into SSE, but unlocked Ness and Marth (Who took five times to beat to actually get because he kept grabbing that stupid Dragoon) in the Brawl mode with friends.
Guys....there's the spoiler in the thread title for a reason. You don't need to mark it in posts. It's not like anyone will find out something they didn't already know.
Picked this up yesterday and I LOVE IT.

I've only played it for a few minutes with my son, and we just did the training, trying out the different characters and their moves. But it's awesome.

I went to Best Buy to get it because I had a coupon - big mistake. They didn't have any out and I asked the guy at the front door. He said "yeah, they're back there, fourth row down" even though they clearly weren't. But Best Buy employees being ****ing douche bag retarded imbeciles I thought - screw it, I'll just go somewhere else.

We went to the mall to eat and I went to 2 Gamestops (yeah, the mall has two Gamestops for some reason) and neither would sell the game to me because I didn't preorder it. I thought that was hilarious that they'd rather try and teach me a lesson than get my $50.

I went to FYE and they didn't have it because they hadn't received ANY copies yet - preorder or stock. And that, boys and girls, is exactly why you DON'T preorder.

But Circuit City had it, and I got it there.

Moral of the story? Best Buy and Gamestop are both run by retards.
Moral of the story? Best Buy and Gamestop are both run by retards.

Another classic adventure ; )

Cant wait for this to get out. In the friggin´summer, in like 3 months :(

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