"Superman Reborn" fan recut

That is damn impressive, it would take me forever to edit footage half as good as that. I wonder how he did it.
What's the music playing? I know that music! This is going to kill me all day!

I'm guessing its an Immediate Music track - they make loads of 'choiry-trailer music' stuff.

The trailer was pretty incredible. Yes, it's actually not that good. It's so obvious that's a home computer job, you tell which bits are from Mystery Men and Hulk and LXG and what not... but dude did this in his own time? Well done. But what makes this incredible was the first shot of Darkseid. I properly went giddy and shivered for that moment as it was Darkseid. Yeah, you see this in the cinema and the internet fandom would *****. But damn - it's good. He probably did more with what he had than what the guys of Superman Returns did with what they had. Some of it was just - it gets your heart going! :D
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Eh, it was alright. I think the official trailers were much more powerful.
For a fan-made trailer...it was ok. Nothing truly special. The editting effects were great. But the general idea is pretty stupid.

I think my biggest gripe has to come from the usage of Welling. I despise the kid as Superman. As young-trying to find myself in the world-Clark...he's pretty good at it. But he doesn't scream Superman. At all. It is for that fact that I'm glad the producers of the show said they will never have Clark don the suit.

Another problem I have with fan trailers is that they cram too much into it. Instead of having one or two villains....the fans try to throw every single comic character they can into the project and it detracts from the trailer itself. Instead of focusing on how to make the trailer better--it becomes a waiting game for the fan to see who will be thrown in next.

Had the trailer just had Lex and Darkseid...it'd been better. But then they threw in Zod and Parasite and the rest of the Smallville cast. Ugh. :roll:

Still...great job on the editting portion of it all. Pretty damn smart of them to edit Hulk into Darkseid.

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