"Superman Returns" Prequel


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Feb 23, 2005
I got the first issue today.

It was alright. Its basically a comic version of the beginning of the first Superman movie. Jor-El tries to warn everyone that the world will end, but no on listens, he sends Kal-El into space. Most of the writing is recycled from Brando's dialog, but the art is great looking.
Yeah....these are all such throw away issues. #1 was a complete waste. If you saw the first hour of the first movie....then you've read the first issue.

Issue #2 was ok. More along the lines of how Martha's days currently mimic the days of her past. Then we get the scene that we'll see in the movie....her standing in front of the wreckage scene at night when Clark finally comes home.

Not bad......but so not worth spending your money.