1. S

    Metropolis's Finest

    Hello all. So to all that are interested I have created a series based off the Metropolis police department and the battles they face. I have all the info needed and also a script for the first issue, everything but artwork, although I have logos created. So anyone interested let me know on this...
  2. Ice

    Best Comic-film of 2013.

    Out of the comic movies we've had this year, which one would you say is the best? What's your order from best to worst? Vote and post!
  3. Ice

    Batman/Superman news and rumors

    Ben Affleck is the night! Ben Affleck is the dark! Ben Affleck. IS. BATMAN!
  4. Ice

    A 'New 52' designed Justice League Show?

    Eric Guzman Designing An Animated New 52 Justice League
  5. SSJmole

    LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

    from Also :lol::lol::lol: at a comment on there : Sooooo true
  6. T

    Paul Dini would like to write for a Superman video game

    This is interesting, Paul Dini would like to write for a Superman video game:
  7. ProjectX2

    The New 52 general discussion

    I thought we should have a general discussion thread for the new 52 titles which we can then split off into separate threads for each title depending on how much discussion there actually is. Quick thoughts: Action Comics #1 is a completely different Superman written by a completely different...
  8. Ultimate Houde

    Justice League - The New 52 (Geoff Johns) (spoilers)

    Justice League (The New 52 Version) Spoilers I found an advanced copy of this online. I found it boring. It's like I'm rewitnessing (Is that a word) origins of these characters all over again. It's so annoying that we have to go over this once again. Green Lantern not knowing Batman was...
  9. T

    Superman renounces his US citizenship

    Here is a very interesting story regarding Superman renouncing his US citizenship:
  10. E

    The Death and Return of Superman (spoilers: he comes back to life)

    Recently I found a torrent of the entire Death and Return of Superman saga and downloaded it. I've been reading it over the last week or so. (Note for the morality police - I own most of the individual issues as well as the Death and Return Omnibus) Everything about this story is dated. It...
  11. DIrishB

    All Star Superman to be adapted for DC Animated Movie

    HERE. If its faithful to the books I'll love this movie forever.
  12. E

    Superman: Red Son discussion (spoilers)

    Just read this for the first time and was really impressed. It is probably the least Millar-y Millar comic I've ever read. The concept is cool enough but I liked some of the little things - like the US wondering what might have been if he had just crash landed 12 hours later. Heh. The Superman...
  13. Friday

    War of the Supermen... coming. We all knew it was too. From the sound of things they're going to be taking a Blackest Night approach to the event with the main series being tied into the closely related books. At Newsawrama At The Source At Techland My 2 cents. I've just started reading the...
  14. ProjectX2

    Earth One

    Welcome to Earth One. I'm really excited for these. JMS and Shane Davis on Superman... and Geoff Johns and Gary Frank on Batman? Awesome!
  15. G

    A Brief History of Superman Comics

    I forget, are we allowed post external links to our own blogs? If not, I'll just post the whole thing here.
  16. Dr.Strangefate

    Superman: Secret Origin Discussion *Spoilers*

    By far my favorite book to come out this week... Having just read John Byrne's take on the Superman origin and Mark Waid's Birthright in the last couple of months, I have to say that this little book might be giving them both a run for their money. Gary Frank's art is fantastic, and I love the...
  17. Victor Von Doom

    Dreamcasting Vol.2 --- Round #1: Superman

    "Doomed planet. Desperate scientists. Last hope. Kindly couple..." SUPERMAN The Rules: 1) The winner of this round becomes the moderator of the next round, and thus gets to choose the property to be adapted. The moderator may also declare whether this property is an...
  18. ProjectX2

    Wednesday Comics

    I talked about this in the DC Nation thread but I think this could be a big thing so I'm going to make a thread for it. DC’s Dan Didio announced the next weekly comic-book from DC at the ComicsPRO Annual Meeting. Called “Wednesday Comics,” this 12-week series will resemble an oversized comics...
  19. G

    Superman/Batman: Public Enemies DTV Looking forward to this. It was a nice little story arc, if lacking in a bit of substance. Can't really see how they could mess this up. Although, I would prefer if they didn't incorporate the Ed McGuinness designs. Superman...
  20. E

    The crime that created Superman: Did fatal robbery spawn Man of Steel? Interesting (and sad) story about the origin of Superman...