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Issue 225 deals with Superman's thoughts on what Batman said in Infinite Crisis.

"The last time you inspired someone was when you were dead."

This issue shows how Superman inspires those around him like Superboy, Jimmy, Supergirl, & Steel.

It was a cool issue. I love how the Society sent fire based villains after Superman like they sent water based after Aquaman.

Benes art is incredible. I love his Lois and Supergirl. I could stare at them for hours.

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Superman titles:

Superman (formerly "Adventures of Superman")
Action Comics

are going to their original numbering

And "Superman: Classified" will probably start up this summer/fall.

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thee great one said:
I thought their was still a issue left. Guess not. But this will be for the new Superman book.

There is, but its part of an Earth2 crossover.

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