The 4400?

Fuzzy Birds

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Dec 23, 2004
Ze Nedderlandz
Is this actually any good? It completely slipped under my radar until I saw it in the shops pretty cheap the other day (which could be a good or bad thing).

It certainly sounds interesting to say the least, but I haven't been able to find any reviews from respectable sites (at least, sites I respect).

And I don't mean 'OMG it's so freakin kewl', I mean is it really good, artistically and so forth......
I've heard that it's good, if not consistently good. Many people have told me, that even if I wasn't wanting to buy it, to rent it, so I'm adding it to my Q.
I remember it starting off as a 3/6 episode mini-series, which I heard was pretty good, so I watched it. Intriguing story, and the ending was a suprise.

Then I heard they were making it into a proper TV series, so I watched the first episode. Couldn't get into it, so I don't watch it anymore.

But track down the mini-series first, if you like that, then be careful about the first season.

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