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Why don't we have a Hitchcock discussion thread?

This guy is a genius. He's directed like 50 films, presented a TV show, created and popularized a bunch of innovative film techniques and is the "Master of Suspense."

I had always heard of him and everyone knows Psycho but I had never seen any of his films until we studied him in our director study in my Media Studies class. We watched Psycho, Rear Window and Vertigo, and we were supposed to watch The Birds and one or two more but never got around to it.

Nevertheless, I really enjoyed the three we did watch (especially Psycho, which is one of the best films I have ever seen) and I definitely plan to watch some more...

So are you familiar with him? Which of his films have you seen? Any recommendations? Which is your favourite? Did you watch Alfred Hitchcock Presents? Do you even know who he is?
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I didn't know I watched a movie by him until a little bit earlier thanks to a link by Proj.

I've seen North by Northwest twice in college in two different classes. It's a very interesting movie, especially when one of the times I saw it was for an art class.


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I love his work. I mentioned in another thread on here Psycho is one of my favorite horrors


Don't expect me to take you with me when I go to s
I borrowed Rear Window and North By Northwest yesterday. I watched Rear Window again last night because I couldn't remember much about it. I appreciated it much more this time.

I will probably watch the latter today. It will be my fourth Hitchcock film.

This thread was a failure.

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