The All About Food Thread II: The Grilled Brick.

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Apr 14, 2005
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It's a multilayed grilled cheese sandwich that my and Craig have been gushing about for the last ten minutes of epic MSN conversation.

I will make it tomorrow
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It will be glorious.
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I made a three-layer prototype using white bread, cheddar cheese and a pinch of salt and Houde's method.

Being cooked:


The result:


Cut up:


The ultimate student lunch:


It looks kind of small but I squashed it all together because half of it tried to fall apart when I flipped it. It is glorious.
Here's my attempt at a Grilled Brick. Four slices of bread, three slices of cheese, two pieces of bacon.

The setup you choose needs to be well lit. This will aid in the construction of the Grilled Brick.

Next, you need your usual suspects for this type of construction. Which includes ingredients, and hardware (a nice flexible spatula and a wide enough pan to fit your flexible spatula in.



Now turn on the heat to a medium level and begin construction of the brick. Take two slices of bread, add one slice of cheese and the two slices of bacon to the middle. Butter one side of the bread and add to pan, do not butter the other side until it is in the pan. Wait for the pan side to brown up.



When brown flip carefully. In future flips you will need to risk burning your fingers in keeping the brick together.


After this has been flipped, add another slice of cheese to the top that is now brown. Butter another slice of bread and add to the top. Note that the increased weight of the cheese and bread will cause the side on the pan to brown quicker than the previous. Get prepared to flip.



to be continued
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Re: The All About Food Thread

The next flip is difficult, but doable. Put your fingers ontop of the brick, and flip with both the spatula underneath keeping it together with your fingers. When flipped, add another slice of cheese, and yet another top.



This is the all important last flip. Utilizing the fingers and spatula method again, flip once you think the bottom side is brown.


This side will brown the quickest, as the heat is at the hottest, and the weight is the greatest. Remove from the stovetop and place in a plate, and cut the brick carefully. If not careful you will squash the brick together, and then it's no longer a brick. I used a bread knife and cut with even strokes, letting the knife do the work for me.


This will result in awesomeness abound. Adding the bacon in the first step places it in the middle of this brick. I suggest only adding extra ingredients in the middle (like scallions) to maximize flavor and reduce the timing of bad flips.

I hope you enjoy the Grilled Brick as much as me and Sexynurse.
I went to Five Guys tonight because they were the only place open. I'd been there once before and it wasn't that great.

It was a lot better this time. I'll be back.

Not for fries though. Their fries are crap. Not literally crap, though. At least I don't think so.
The Grilled Brick is among the most beautiful things I have ever seen in my life.
You guys need to come back on Skype.

I actually made my grilled cheese on Skype and Houde was wondering what all the weird noises were.

"I don't make grilled cheeses, Mr. Houde. I make love to them."
I'm eating biscoff spread and nutella together with a spoon.

**** peanut butter and jelly. This is winningful.
Sometimes you just don't have time to cook. So what do you do? Order out? Go to a fast food restraurant? What are some of your favorite order out/pick up places and what do you regularly order? Who knows you might want to change your order just to check out what others eat. Or if you're ever in another members area. You might what to try out some of their native eateries.

Portillo's: Big Beef (Italian beef) with Hot or sweet peppers with a side of cheese fries.

Subway: Italian herb & cheese bread with teriyaki chicken, Pepperjack cheese, lettuce, tomatos, red onion, black olives, chipotle southwast sauce, Sweet Onion sauce, olive oil and vinger.

McDonalds: I switch between the angus burger with bacon and Cheese and the angus with swiss and mushrooms.

Burger King: Whooper with cheese with a side of onion rings.

Wendy's: Asiogo and ranch spicies chicken fillet with a side of fries

KFC: There extra crispy chicken.

Gino's East Pizza: Sausage and pepperoni with black olives and green peppers.

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