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  1. Ultimate Houde

    The All About Food Thread II: The Grilled Brick.

    It's a multilayed grilled cheese sandwich that my and Craig have been gushing about for the last ten minutes of epic MSN conversation. I will make it tomorrow
  2. Ice

    All About Movies Thread: 8 Tweets & a Funeral.

    I saw Trick 'R Treat last night. T'was very good and freightning. Tonight I plan on seeing The Amityville Horror.
  3. McCheese

    The All About Comics Thread 5: Comic Books Ate My Paycheck

    Or at least they used to, when I had paychecks.
  4. Ice

    The All About Sports Thread: Even Sportier.

    So game 2 of the World Series tonight. 8pm. FOX.
  5. Ice

    The All-About Video Games thread

    To kick things off: Nintendo Wiis now at $200.
  6. ourchair


    ...I was going to call it The Rom-Com Thread or something with the word Thread in the title, but I think we have enough of that, don't you think? Anyway, I just wanted to say that on a gut level, I firmly believe that the rom-com, or romantic comedy, is the most unevolved film genre ever. The...
  7. G

    The All About Grand Theft Auto Games Thread

    I was in Tom's house the other night and his older brother (who returned from a three-year round the world trip, recently) was playing San Andreas and it hit me just how epic and brilliant and ultimately superior that game is to just about everything else I have ever played. People have spoken...
  8. Iceshadow

    The All Alone Thread

    This thread is for when you have the site all to yourself. ... ... ... ... ... What's that sound? .... .... .... .... .... It's kinda of like a scratching... .... .... .........................Like rats or something.... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... I think it's getting...
  9. Dr.Strangefate

    The All About Politics Thread

    I think its about time we put the 2008 Election thread to rest, since those times are over and done with and now we're dealing with the the rise of the 44th President of the United States of America, Barack Obama. Things are getting interesting. Its starting to look like Hillary Clinton might...
  10. Gemini

    All About Music Games (Guitar Hero, Rock Band, Whathaveyou)

    Thought I'd give this a shot, there has been a severe lack of talk on all things Rock Band and Guitar Hero lately, and I've come to the conclusion that it's because there really isn't a proper thread to discuss them, GHWT was folded into the GH3 thread I think, my RB2 thread didn't have 1 (!)...
  11. Gemini

    All About Books by Comic Book Writers

    Hey all, I'm getting into a course at school called "Readings: Short Stories, Fiction, and Novels" and to put it lightly.....I haven't voluntarily read an actual novel in uh....awhile. The last "book" I read was Othello for grade 12 english. I'm looking to get back into reading books of the...
  12. SSJmole

    The All about News Thread.

    Damn search not working, So I decided **** it and create a new thread for news of any kind. Good,bad,funny,sick,scary it doesn't matter. Anyway, I think people are out to screw each other but even my faith in humanity disappeared a bit more today after this...
  13. ProjectX2

    The All About Comics Thread 4: Gemini Loves Crappy Variant Covers

    HOLY ****. Mark Waid writing an Incredibles comic with Darwyn Cooke on covers. :rockon:
  14. Planet-man

    The All About Comic Book Movies Thread

    Since we need one sometimes. So I re-watched Ang Lee's HULK in part of my Hulk-psyching for the new one. I realized I'd only seen in the whole way through once, in theatres the weekend it opened. I've tried to watch it since then, sure, and I've played the Hulk vs the military scene a dozen...
  15. E

    The All-About Books thread

    Here it is, you whiners. :D PS - Mods, please move any book discussion threads to this forum. I'll get the ones I see but I'm sure I will miss some.
  16. McCheese

    The All About Manga Thread

    Well I recently found myself with some extra free time.... Anywho, I spent some of it getting caught up on some manga and anime. So now I want to see if anyone else is reading what I'm reading. But instead of starting a new thread for all of them I decided to just make a general manga...
  17. E

    All about commercials Thread (The Good, The Bad, and The WTF!)

    Do we already have a thread for this? I didn't see one. I just saw that Enterprise Car Rental commercial where the guy and woman are talking and she mentions that they pick you up. He says, "Well, they should be number one" - which is ****ing stupid and doesn't even make any sense. And the...