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Grocer Man

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The World God Only Knows: You know, I really, really feel like I should love this arc. The story gets a lot better when it brings up continuity. But it's just going too slow.

Negima: Even though it was destined to fail, I really like they decided on a simple stealth operation instead of the traditional "beat up the bad guy" at the end of shounen arcs. And while it only failed due to a last minue plot twist, it feels perfectly natural. Wonder how Fate will react to his apparent replacements.

J. Agamemnon

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I recently started reading High School of The Dead. Although, the first couple issues are a bit bland and predictable, it has grown on me. Especially with the fan service and the fact Shoji Sato draws. I've been a big fan of his for a while now.


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Ultimate Houde said:
I am going to stop reading Historys Strongest disciple, it's become nothing more than T&A now.

I'll stick with it for now since Siegfried just reappeared, but it's definitely fallen out of my top ten. Interestingly enough, I'm back to liking Bleach again, the story is a little more interesting and Tite Kubo has stepped up his art game.


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HSDK, will prolly pick back up again in about 3 months as we get into another major battle. i like the storyline cuz we get to see alot of the supporting characters, but come on. taking a bra? (shakes head)

edit: but you gotta love Thor. "its shameful to land tied to a rope" (jumps out of plane)
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