The All-New Dreamcasting Adaptations #3: Wonder Woman


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Jan 19, 2007
1) The winner of the last round becomes the moderator of the round, and thus gets to choose the property or story in question to be adapted. The new round is now to be any adaption from any medium. Comics, books, remakes, video games, etc.

2)They must name core characters to be cast, which should be no less than four, but no more than 9. It is up to the moderator if they should include optional castings. YOU MUST CAST THE CORE CHARACTERS CHOSEN OR YOUR ENTRY WILL NOT BE VALID. There can be an acceptation to the rule if the moderator allows certain characters to be switched. Say for example the round is Teen Titans. The classic Titans are chosen to be cast, but someone wants to cast the current Titans. It is up to the moderator to decide.

3) You may not use actors who have played the role before in the same medium before. Voice talents may not reprise their role, nor can film ones.

4) After the set amount of days, the round is declared closed. People will vote via PM and send it to the moderator, who will count the votes and declare winner. Like the Ultimatization Game, you CANNOT vote for yourself.

5) The winner declared gets to choose the property in the next round.


You must cast:

Princess Diana

Col. Steve Trevor

Queen Hippolyta



I just now realized how perfect this would be as a Pocahontas-meets-Hercules-style thing for Zombipanda's Disney round. Oh well. Also, you could have this as kind of based on the Lynda Carter diaper-wearing series, like Edward Norton's Incredible Hulk was based on the Incredible Hulk TV series. I know there's a Wonder Woman cartoon coming out, and I figured we've basically already covered two of the big three in Dreamcasting, and we've even done Green Lantern. So, y'know, why not? This round ends in two weeks, whenever that is.
Awesome. I've got ideas, but they probably won't involve the gods. Do we have to cast Ares, or can we replace him with a substitute? For instance, Tom Cruise as Dr. Psycho?

Also, what's the difference between this game and Dreammovie?
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Awesome. I've got ideas, but they probably won't involve the gods. Do we have to cast Ares, or can we replace him with a substitute? For instance, Tom Cruise as Dr. Psycho?

Also, what's the difference between this game and Dreammovie?

You don't need to have a plot, it's more about the casting
Awesome. I've got ideas, but they probably won't involve the gods. Do we have to cast Ares, or can we replace him with a substitute? For instance, Tom Cruise as Dr. Psycho?

You can replace him with Dr. Psycho if you want.
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Cool choice, Not a big enough Wonder Woman fan to try this as I only really like her in other comics e.g Justice league, Than her own.
Born on the cloaked Mediterranean island of Themyscira, Princess Diana was trained since birth as an Amazon, using evolved Greek technology in its art of warfare. Blessed with her native Amazon abilities of superhuman strength and durability, the athletic princess earns the right through trial by combat to be the one to enter Man's World. But her office as emissary of peace is a ruse. Wonder Woman hasn't come to Man's World to foster relations, she's come as an advance spy for an Amazonian race bent on conquering it!

Enter Steve Trevor, US delegate to the United Nations. Trevor has hired Diana as an advisor on international relations, a job which perfectly suits Diana's mission as it's a means to not only survey the world's defenses but also as a way to meet and access its top leaders. Leaving Themyscira for the first time in her life, Diana comes to New York and is an immediate cultural icon to its people. But as she grows closer and more in touch with the outside world, she's not sure if she can carry out her duties. Nicknamed Wonder Woman by Trevor when she's seen in action, Diana slowly finds herself stepping in as guardian to a race she has vowed to conquer.

After deciding that Man's World isn't as big a blight as her fellow Amazons believe, Diana is forced to choose a side: fight alongside her new allies or with the legions of her Amazon sisters? And how will the world react when the truth behind the disappearance of men from Themyscira is revealed?

Langsta proudly presents....

WONDER*WOMAN, Greatest Comic Book Film Ever Filmed In the History of Film

Don't vote for this, no matter how badly you want to.


Princess Diana - Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Mary Elizabeth Winstead (born November 28, 1984) is a SAG Award- and Young Artist Award-nominated American actress. She has been called a scream queen, à la Jamie Lee Curtis, because of her roles in such horror films as Final Destination 3, Death Proof, and Black Christmas, but has branched out into other genres, including comedy (Sky High), drama (Bobby) and action (Live Free or Die Hard).

Steve Trevor - James Purefoy
James Brian Mark Purefoy (born June 3, 1964) is an English actor, known by many as the greatest actor of all time. Nathan Fillion is playing Trevor in the upcoming animated Wonder Woman film.

Artemis - Amy Adams
Amy Lou Adams (born August 20, 1974) is an Italian-born American actress. She is best known for playing characters with cheerful and sunny dispositions, such as her Academy Award-nominated role as Ashley Johnsten in Junebug and her Golden Globe Award-nominated role as Giselle in Enchanted.

Queen Hippolyta - Monica Bellucci
Monica Anna Maria Bellucci (born September 30, 1964 or 1968[A]) is an Italian actress and fashion model who first appeared in Bram Stoker's Dracula in 1992. I chose her instead of Lynda Carter because....I couldn't find any up-to-date pictures of Lynda Carter.

Ares - Gabriel Byrne
Gabriel James Byrne (Irish: Gabriel Séamas Ó Broin ; born 12 May 1950) is an Emmy- and Tony-nominated Irish actor, film director, film producer and writer, as well as a Grammy-nominated audiobook narrator. His acting career began in the Focus Theatre before he joined London’s Royal Court Theatre in 1979. Byrne's TV début came in the Irish soap opera The Riordans and the spin-off show Bracken. The 1981 Arthurian epic, Excalibur, marked the start of his film career; the actor has now starred in over thirty-five feature films, such as The Usual Suspects, Miller's Crossing, Stigmata and The Man in the Iron Mask, in addition to writing two. Byrne's producing credits include the Academy Award-nominated In the Name of the Father.
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Just wait, guys. I've got an awesome idea.

It has Janeane Garofalo and Jane Fonda in the cast. And Nick Stahl as Steve Trevor.

And I will be casting Ares after all, but he wouldn't show up until the sequel. Plus, Donna Troy!

I've got plot in mind, but I'll try not to let it get out of control, like in the Dark Knight sequel round.
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Wonder Woman, The Movie
Amazons Attack!
Girls on Film

Here's my cast. Details later. Some of them will seem odd, but trust me. There are explanations. Heroes first.


Natalie Portman as Princess Diana, AKA Wonder Woman.


Janeane Garafalo as Etta Candy.


Jane Fonda as Queen Hippolyta, AKA the Original Wonder Woman.


Nich Stahl as Steve Trevor.


Rose McGowan as Artemis.
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Now villains.


Joan Allen as Veronica Cale.


Tom Cruise as Dr. Edgar Cizko, AKA Dr. Psycho.


Summer Glau as Barbara Ann Minerva, AKA The Cheetah.


Rachel McAdams as Dr. Doris Zuel, AKA Giganta.
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And finally, two characters that would be introduced in a sequel.


Daniel Craig as Achilles, AKA Ares, God of War.


Keira Knightley as Donna Troy. God she's skinny.
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Why haven't the Dreamcasting threads been updated in weeks?
I think people have lost interest and the game should go on a temporary hiatus.
I think people have lost interest and the game should go on a temporary hiatus.

Is it time to bring back now with christmas coming up we can do a Christmas themed one. Plus new year = new start?

I miss playing these. Sure I sucked but it was still fun.
So, I know no one competed in this, but I totally need to post my pitch up.

It's too good.

Far and away the best setup for a Wonder Woman movie anyone on the face of the earth has ever imagined.
I'm looking forward to it.

Incidentally, I know I disappointed Proj, et al in failing to fulfill my promise to reformat the Dreamcasting rounds --- basically because I went AWOL for a few months --- but I've been considering following up on that since October. I just haven't mentioned it because I don't want to pre-empt it and then suddenly look like a fool when something comes up.

So how's about we restart on January? I already wrote all my notes down for it.
we should ditch the game angle of this, and make a general "dreamcasting thread" where people can post a cast about whatever passes their fancy without having to wait for a game to come around for it
we should ditch the game angle of this, and make a general "dreamcasting thread" where people can post a cast about whatever passes their fancy without having to wait for a game to come around for it
I don't think there's anything to stop people from speculating... and they should feel free to do so.

But I think the game design also brings a nice little bit of structure, and coordinated interest. I've seen way too many people post their casting ideas in other movie-related threads with no one acknowledging them.

The point of the game is to get everyone together to have a simultaneous fun fest of discussion, objection, praise and criticism over one property, rather than the scatter shot of people saying "Hey this is my awesome idea" and watch it go neglected or recognized according to whim.

The game doesn't mean that you CAN'T do cast posting independently of it. It just means that we agree to post together about it.

In any case, I'm pretty sure that we decided some months ago that old Dreamcasting rounds can be used to post new casts, so if for some reason you feel like making a Wonder Woman cast five months from now, you can always go back to this thread.
Here's a start.

Overnight, an island appears off the Eastern US seaboard. On a clear night it can be seen from the coast. Lateral shots and aerial photography show a deserted, wilderness island, but satellite photography brings back a cryptic picture of a tenaciously constructed and ceremonially precise labyrinth structure sprawling across the length of the island, a palace city that seems in current repair. It seems to utilize some form of cloaking technology that masks the city from close-range surveillance (Incidentally, the technology could later be used to introduce the invisible jet in a way that actually makes sense). Within hours, an exploration team has been sent out to the island, consisting of a marine unit led by Steve Trevor, and a UN investigations team headed by ruthless anthropologist/archaeologist Edgar Cizko (Dr. Psycho). As the marines are carving their way through the jungle on the way to the hidden city, Wonder Woman is embarking with a small retinue to the United States as an envoy for the Amazons. These would serve as the two principal plots throughout the film. The primary storyline is Diana in America. Her principal antagonist is Veronica Cale, a ruthless media CEO who rules a mega-conglomerate that champions feminism and women's empowerment while it floods the public minds with images of unattainable standards and unhealthy product oriented, hero-worshipping imagery. She sees Diana as a name brand just waiting to be exploited, a spokesperson to be her company's Mickey Mouse. The B-plot is court politics on Paradise Island. It also contains the romantic sub-plot. From the start, Diana is in a stable and well-balanced romantic relationship. So, as a surrogate, we have a plotline detailing a romance between Steve Trevor and Hippolyta, which also provides us hints to the origins of Diana's birth.

The high-concept behind Paradise Island and the Amazons is that it's an island in non-time, shifting cross-dimensionally through non-chronological space. At the center of the island, time is stopped, with the time-scale gradually increasing until it reaches our normal understanding of time progression on the fringes of the island. Seers predetermine where, when, and for how long the island will be resting using intricately mathematical oracular formulas. And depending on when and where the island is, the Amazons have different philosophies regarding how to interact with their surroundings. The implication is that the trans-dimensional presence of this island has shaped some of the great civilizations and mysteries of the world, and has also been the source of the global myths of the Amazons. There are only woman on the island, and the population is occasionally replenished by picking up strays at the various pit-stops. And generally women on the island have to serve tenure on the fringes of the island and past: hunting, gathering, and growing food to sustain the city, until they can retreat back into the heart of the city where time doesn't pass. For the majority of Diana's life, the island has been docked in pre-historical times, where her mentor, bodyguard, and lover Artemis has been raising and training her. Artemis is a warrior-hero who's been forced off of the battlefield by injury. The current pit-stop of the island will only last for two weeks, and Diana's brief ambassadorship to the United States is supposed to be the rite of passage for her. The circumstances of her life mean that she's raised on a classic Hellenic education, comparable to a mind like Alexander the Great. Her knowledge and intellect is extensive, and a life of hunting has honed her into an efficient killer with a reverence for life, an effective weapon user and martial artist (Krav Maga, quick and effective, would be the basis for the martial arts in this movie) who's still never fought life for life against another human being. And her life has been devoid of social interactions beyond the clannish structure of the island's fringes, which means her exposure to bigotry and deceit is practically nil. The core concept, then is about the attempt of this sort of capitalist, manufactured feminism (Cale) trying to corrupt this naturalistically liberated woman. The threat is Cale's desire to turn causes and philosophies into merchandise. Hell, Wonder Woman could be the modern world's Che Guevara, pasted on millions of shirts and flags and stickers, but bled dry of context and passion.
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