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Chapter 2: As I Lay Me Down To Sleep..​

Angel, Spike and Laura arrived at the hospital where the girl, named Jenna, was being cared for. Using some fake ID provided by the Watcher's Council, they managed to gain access to Jenna's room.
"Handy that is.." said Spike as they rode in the elevator to her room.
"What?" said Angel.
"Well, we just left an evil organisation who could supply us with fake IDs, paperwork and stuff. Now we have another!"
"The Council isn't evil though." said Laura.
"Keep telling yourself that Red." Spike said. "Anyone with that much power is bound to get a little grey after a while.."
The elevator doors opened and they stepped out into the hall.

They made their way to Jenna's room, and opened the door. They found the girl laying unconscious on the bed, twitching. Tears were streaming down her face. An older woman looked up at them.
"What do you want? Who are you?"
"We've come to check on Jenna." said Angel.
"You don't look like doctors. I haven't seen you around here before."
"We, uh, we just transfered here today." Laura said, quickly thinking of an excuse.
The woman looked down at Jenna's comatose body.
"What's wrong with my little girl?" said said, bursting into tears.
"That's what we're here to find out." said Angel. "We won't give up. I prom.."
Angel stopped mid sentence, his eyes drawn to Jenna. Everyone turned and followed his gaze. Jenna's eyes had flicked open.
Her mother rushed towards her.
"Jenna! You're aw..."
She was cut off as Jenna sat bolt upright and uttered a bloodcurdling scream. The girl fell back to the bed, pale as a ghost, her face twisted in a mask of terror. The heart monitor began to flat line. Laura rushed to the girl and began CPR, but it was too late. Jenna was dead.

Back at the Hyperion, Faith and Oz had been researching for hours. So far they had nothing.
"Council didn't have much for us to go on, did they?" said Faith.
"When do they ever?"
"Yeah, I gotta admit, they have been a little short on the info for a while."
"I'm starting to think they don't trust us." Oz said. "I mean, when was the last time you even spoke to Buffy, or any of the Scoobies. Apart from that visit from Xander I mean."
"Here.." said Faith.
"What?" said a confused Oz.
"I think I've got our demon. Its called The Sandman. It enters a host mind, putting the victim into a coma and forcing them to live out all their worst nightmares over and over, feeding on the fear. Eventually the victim literally dies of terror."
"We need to call Angel."

Angel, Laura and Spike were making their way back to the car from the hospital.
"Did you see the look on her face?" muttered Laura. "It was horrible.."
"That's fear, love. Seen it plenty of times. We both have." Spike said, nodding at Angel.
"It was... I mean, I have never seen someone look that scared before. It looked like the fear itself killed her."
"Crap." said Angel.
Laura and Spike looked at what Angel had just seen. Near the car stood a tall, robed figure. Nothing of it's face was visible, except for two glowing blue eyes.
"What do you want?" Angel demanded.
The figure said nothing, but raised its arms in the air. Suddenly it burst apart into a cloud of sand, and began whirling around the group.
"What the hell?" shouted Spike over the raging winds.
Suddenly the sand concentrated around Laura and began to consume her. It flooded into her mouth, her ears and her nose. Angel and Spike couldn't do anything to stop it as the winds pushed them back. Suddenly the sand vanished and Laura screamed, and fell to the floor. Angel and Spike rushed to her side.
"I hope Faith and Oz have had more luck finding out about this thing." said Angel. "We got two days to save her..."

Laura woke up coughing and spluttering, but suddenly realised there was no sand in her throat. She looked around and saw that she was in a massive desert, and the sky was a swirling mass of colour.
"What the hell?" she said, "Angel? Spike?"
Getting no reply, she stood up and began looking round.
"I don't think I'm in Kansas any more..."
Suddenly the sand in front of her began to rise up, and formed into a large swirling pillar. In the centre of it there was a misshapen face staring out at her.
"Where am I?" she shouted at it.
All around her, evil laughter began to echo.
"Your worst nightmare..."
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Chapter 3: Pray The Lord My Soul To Keep...​

Angel and Spike arrived at the Hyperion with Laura. Oz and Faith rushed over, concerned looks on their faces.
"What happened?" Oz questioned.
"Some guy made of sand attacked us." said Spike. "Bugger dived on Red, and before we could stop it the thing had vanished and she was out."
Faith and Oz looked at each other.
"The Sandman." said Oz.
"It's gotta be. Damn it!" Faith growled.
"Would someone explain whats going on?" a confused Angel asked.
"The Sandman is a 'dream demon'," said Oz, "That possesses a host, and forces them to live their worst nightmares over and over, feeding on the fear generated until they die of terror."
"Kinda like Freddy Krueger." said Faith. "Only without the knives, nasty skin, and really bad fashion sense.."

"You can't scare me you know!" Laura cried out in to the endless desert before her, "I know you need my fear to feed you, and frankly after hearing Angel sing in the shower, nothing can scare me!"
"We shall see about that…" A powerful voice boomed from the misshapen face in front of her, "Your hand already quivers at the thoughts of what I can do to you. You cower at the terror of what childhood fears, dark secrets and greatest loss I can uncover and inflict upon you."
True enough, Laura looked down at her hand and clenched it to prevent it shaking further.
"I'm gong to have fun with you Slayer!" the voice of Sandman boomed again as the creature faded away, taking the desert that had been surrounding Laura with it. Leaving nothingness…pure, limitless darkness.
Despite her recently acquired slayer strength bringing with it the primal need to kick ***, she was rooted to the spot. She had always had a slight fear of darkness and now she was standing in the thick of it. It loomed all around her, clutching at her, suffocating her…the darkness twisted and somehow gained form, knocking the Slayer to the ground…

Laura opened her eyes, and the darkness had gone, as had the desert. She was back in L.A., in a rain soaked alleyway. A voice started speaking in her head.
"This is my world, slayer. You are only what I see you fit to be... a scared little girl...."
Laura looked around her. Suddenly girls her age all walked into alley. She saw Faith leading them.
"Oh my god..." Laura whispered.
She was in the alley behind the Hyperion, where she first met Angel and Spike. Where the Senior Partners' army tried to tear them apart. She had nightmares about this day for months afterwards, and she still hated walking there now.
"Get ready girls!" Faith yelled. "Now!"
The slayers charged into the rear of the demonic horde, weapons flashing in the moonlight. Laura went to join her fellow slayers, but her feet were rooted to the ground. She began to tremble, as a bead of sweat trickled down her face. She stared transfixed at the demons charging into the slayer team, and a chill ran up her spine.
"You feel that don't you?" a voice said next to her ear. She turned but no one was there.
"You feel that chill? The trembling of your bones? Thats every doubt, every worry, every fear you have had about this moment hitting you at once, slayer."
Faith turned and looked at Laura from across the alleyway.
"Laura! For the love of God help!" The older warrior yelled.
Laura turned just in time to see a demon tear it's claws across Faith's throat. The slayer dropped to the ground in a pool of her blood.
"Faith! NO!"" Laura screamed, her anger overcoming her fears. She dashed towards the demon, and struck out with a powerful roundhouse kick.
As her foot made contact with the demon, pain shot up her leg, and she fell to the floor. The demon stood over her, unaffected by her kick. She lashed out again at the demon, this time driving her foot into its stomach. Nothing. Laura began to panic and crawled backwards, away from the demon, but it kept getting closer, until it held her against the wall by her throat. She could feel the monster's hot, reeking breath against her face and it moved closer for the kill.
"See? I told you in this world, you are nothing but a little girl...."
The demon's mouth opened wider and wider, moving to bite deep into her throat.....

With a start Laura jerked up…
"Are you okay?" Oz's voice came sleepily from beside her.
Breathing heavily Laura looked around her. She was back in the Hyperion, in her room, in her bed, with Oz lying next to her.
"Laura what's wrong?"
"Uh…nothing…I think…it must have been a bad dream…"
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Chapter 4: Frightful​

"Don't worry," Oz said, cradling Laura in his arms. "It's okay. I'm here and it was only a dream."
Laura looked up at Oz, fear still in her eyes.
"It felt so real... I was terrified."
"What was the dream about?"
"There was a demon, and it made me face my worst nightmares..... I was trapped in my own dreams and forced to fight the armies of the Senior Partners, without my powers."
"Well don't worry," Oz said, holding her close to his body. "I'm here now..."
Unseen by Laura, a vicious grin spread across Oz's face.

Laura and Oz walked downstairs into the lobby of the Hyperion, where the others sat talking.
"Awake at last then!" Faith said. A grin spread across her face. "Up late again were we?"
Laura poked her tongue out at the older slayer and took a seat.
"Whats going on then guys?" Laura said.
"Well," said Angel, "The Council have asked us to look into some mystical comas that have been cropping up."
"What?" said Laura, a surprised look on her face.
"Whats wrong?"
"I just.. I had a nightmare last night. It started off with us investigating a load of mystical comas."
"What happened after that then?" Angel said.
"Well, we found that there was a demon called The Sandman. He was jumping into victims' bodies, and making them live out their worst nightmares, feeding on their fear. He.. he got inside me."
"No offense Red," said Spike, "But the bad dreams of some stupid little girl probably ain't gonna help us here."
"What?" Laura said, shocked.
"Spike's got a point." said Faith. "She's never been much use to us, always the one getting hurt. Never did get what you saw in her Oz, especially when you got me down the hall..."
Faith walked over to Oz and started kissing him.
"Why are you saying these things?" Laura shouted. "Stop it!"
Faith and Oz looked at Laura and began to laugh.
"Well Laura." said Angel. "Looks like Spike, Faith and Oz want you out. Just one more person to make a decision."
His face morphed into that of the demon inside him.

"Oh my god." Laura said, fear in her voice.
"God's gonna sit this one out, cutie." Angelus said. He turned to Spike.
"Willy! What say you and me have ourselves a little game while the lovebirds over there have their own fun?"
"What you got in mind?" said Spike, his face twisted into the demonic visage of a vampire.
"Give her a ten second head start. First one to catch her, gets to keep her as a little toy." Angelus grinned. "Just a shame we like to play rough..."
Laura turned and ran. Her heart pounded, it felt like it was going to burst out of her chest.
"One." she could hear Angelus' voice echoing down the corridors. She had to find a weapon and get out of the hotel. "Two."
I have to get to my room, Laura thought. Get my weapons, then I can fight them.
She ran up the stairs to her floor and kicked down her door. Who am I kidding? I couldn't take on Angelus on his own, let alone with Spike as well..
She stepped through the door into her room, and suddenly stepped out into the corridor of the tenth floor.
I'm still in the nightmare. Laura thought. The walls continued to shift, to change until Laura was totally lost.
Laura turned a corner, and at the end of the hall stood Spike, grinning.
"I was never any good at maths anyway.."
Laura turned and ran. She had no weapons, nothing to defend herself with. Spike would tear her apart. She ran through a door and straight into someone.
"Surprise!" said Angelus.
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Just a tiny suggestion. Is there a way to "space" out your story?

Maybe add some spaces between the paragraphs, I was reading and noticed I was reading the same line again. Could be just me though.
Re: Angel 6X06: Enter Sandman

WolviesWife said:
Just a tiny suggestion. Is there a way to "space" out your story?

Maybe add some spaces between the paragraphs, I was reading and noticed I was reading the same line again. Could be just me though.

I'll chuck some spaces in for ya! ;)
What did you think of the actual story so far?
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Angel 6X06: Enter Sandman
Chapter 5: Night Terrors

"How's she doing?" said Faith, concern in her voice.
"She... she looks terrified." said Oz. "She's been crying for the last hour or so."
Angel put his hand onto Oz' shoulder.
"We'll save her Oz." said the vampire. "I swear to you, the spell will work. We won't lose her."
"How much longer for the spell prep Faith?" Oz said.
"Half hour tops."
Oz turned to Laura. She lay on the bed, her face wet with tears. He could see her shaking with fear. Bruises were forming round her throat and the rest of her body, as if someone was hitting her. Oz leaned close to her ear.
"Hold on Lau." He whispered. "Hold on. We're going....."

"To save you...."
She could hear Oz' voice, like a whisper on the wind. Laura lashed out at Angelus with her foot, knocking him back enough for her to escape. She ran through the corridors of the Hyperion, the doors changing as she passed them.
"Its no use running Slayer," shouted Angelus, "but if it's fast food I have to have, then so be it!"
I need to get downstairs. Get to the weapons cabinet.
Laura ran into an elevator and pressed the lobby button. The carriage creaked and groaned as it began it's slow decent to the lobby. The tinny elevator music pulsing out from the speakers only served to make Laura more edgy. The carriage stopped suddenly, and the doors began to creak open.

Laura stepped out of the elevator into the lobby. She made her way towards the weapons cabinet cautiously. The room was silent except for the slow ticking of the clock. She looked up at it, and was shocked to see the hands spinning around incredibly fast. As she reached the weapons locker Laura wondered if this was it, would she die here in her dreams, locked away from her friends, from Oz. She opened the cabinet reached for a sword.
"Hope you didn't forget 'bout me love…"
Laura spun around to see Spike halfway across the lobby, his yellow vampire eyes pulsing with hunger.
"Fancy helping ol' Spike up his score to three dead slayers, Red?" said Spike, as he advanced on her.
"Drop dead." Laura growled.
"Been there, done that."
Laura swung the sword at the blonde vampire, who ducked her swipe, and delivered a kick to her stomach. She staggered back, but quickly recovered, just in time to avoid a brutal punch aimed at her head.
"You're quick love, I'll give you that." said Spike. "Not as quick as Buffy, but then again she liked getting down and dirty with us dead guys..."
Laura ignored Spike's comment, and lashed out with a kick to his midsection, knocking him back.
"You're gonna pay for that you bloody witch."
The enraged vampire leapt at Laura, pinning her to the floor, his fangs closing in on her neck.
"One more slayer for a home run…."
Suddenly Spike paused, a shocked look on his face, and a second later he exploded into dust.
"Strike three. You're out." snarled Laura.

"We're nearly there babe; just hang on a little longer…"

She could hear Oz' voice again, calling her back, giving her something to hold onto. If she could just avoid Angelus until they could pull her out. She moved back over to the weapons locker, and pulled out a couple of stakes to go along with her sword. If she had to fight him, she needed to be ready. Angel had warned everyone when they got together that some day they may have to face his dark side. Faith and Spike had been fine with it as they both had encountered Angelus before, and Oz was his usual self, if he had been worried he made no effort to express any fear at the monster that he had seen emerge once before in Sunnydale. The thought of Angelus terrified Laura though. That one of her friends, a man who had done so much good, helped so many people could be responsible for so much callous brutality and evil sent a shiver right down her spine.
"Hey baby, you don't call, you don't write, how's a vamp supposed to find you?"
Sh*t. Too late.
Laura turned slowly to face the monster wearing her friend's face.
"So, you're the great Angelus then." Laura said, trying to mask the fear in her voice.
"The one and only."
"I know this is just a dream. Any minute now the real Angel is gonna pull me out and you'll go back to the hell you came from."
"I'll just have to make sure you die before that happens then." said Angelus menacingly. "Shame really, was hoping you would stick around and play for a while. I do love a good torture session, and this dreamland can make me anything I want. Anything that scares the living hell out of you… like this…"
He nodded towards a tray full of long sharp needles, filled with different coloured fluids.
Needles. Why did it have to be needles?
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Angel 6X06: Enter Sandman
Chapter 6: All That Remains…​

"What is it that scares you so much about this little thing I wonder?" said Angelus. "It can't be the cutting, the bleeding, because you don't find swords so terrifying…"
He rushed Laura and knocked her to the floor, pushing the first needle into her skin, pumping its contents into her veins.
"Don't worry, it won't kill you. Its just stops all that annoying wriggling while we have a little chat…"
He lifted up her defenceless body and threw her onto the couch.
"Now, as I was saying." He walked over to the tray, and picked up another syringe, filled with a bright orange substance. "What can it be that scares you so much?"
Laura wanted to tell him to go to hell, but the words wouldn't come out of her mouth.
"Is it the invasiveness I wonder?" Angelus mused. "Don't you like the thought of something long and hard being pushed into your body?"
Laura tried to spit in his face, but the slack muscles of her mouth just wouldn't respond.
Angelus laughed. "Hit a nerve there did I? Something you should have told that puppy you roll around with?" He moved closer to her, waving the point of the needle in his hand past her face.
"Shall we see what this one does? We have so little time, and so much fun I can have!"
Laura drew on all her strength and opened her mouth.
"Now that's a show of strength. Wanna say something do you honey bun?"
"G- go..."
"Nearly there!" Angelus laughed at the paralyzed slayer.
"Go to hell, you son of a b*tch." Laura said, standing up.
"How the hell…?"
"Only my fears can control me here you b*****d." Laura said. "Time for the fight scene."
"Well then missy," snarled Angelus. "Lets' see what you really got."

Laura attacked Angelus with a ferocity she had never unleashed before, hurling a punch into his face before he could attack her, and following it up with a roundhouse kick to his stomach. The vampire stumbled back but quickly recovered, grabbing an axe and swinging it at Laura. She dodged the axe, but he followed it with a low kick that took her legs out from under her.
He's too strong, too fast. I can't last much longer.
The vampire swung the axe down at her prone form, attempting to cleave her in two. Laura rolled to the side narrowly avoiding the axe.
"Stay still… I've never taken a slayer out before, can't have that peroxide king Spike holding that over me…"
"Five more minutes…"
Oz' voice filled her with renewed vigor. From her position on the floor she kicked the axe from Angelus' hands, and followed through with a sweep taking him to the floor. Throwing herself on top of him, she drew a stake from her pocket. Angelus laughed.
"You mind wriggling a bit while you're on top…?"
"Just die…" Laura growled as she pushed the stake into the monster's heart. As he crumbled to dust the world around her began to swirl and change. Suddenly she was back in the desert that started all this. In front of her a figure formed. It was humanoid, with dirty ragged clothes and a scarred body, as if it had been burned. Its hands were vicious metallic claws.
"Looks like I'll have to finish you off myself, Slayer." The Sandman snarled.
"Starting the spell, just a few more seconds…"
Hearing this, Laura threw herself at the demon, driving it to the floor and throwing punch after punch.
"You can't defeat me here slayer." said Sandman. "This is my world, my rules."
"Wake up, Laura... WAKE UP!"
Laura smiled and looked down at the demon.
"Maybe not Freddy," she said calmly, "But rules change. Time to stop living in a dreamworld..."
The world went white.
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Angel 6X06: Enter Sandman
Chapter 7: Rude Awakening​

Suddenly Laura was back in The Hyperion, on her bed. In her hands she grasped at the throat of the now corporeal Sandman. She snarled and threw the monster across the room.
"Welcome to my world, b*tch."
Laura leapt to her feet. She delivered a roundhouse kick that slammed the demon through the door of the room. She turned to grab a weapon, and noticed Angel, Spike, Faith and Oz staring at her in disbelief.
"Oh, hi guys.." Laura said.
"Uh, you need a hand there Red?" said Spike.
"No thanks, I got this one." Laura said. She turned to Angel. "Can you chuck me that sword Angel?"
Angel threw Laura the sword next to him. Laura caught it, and moved towards the door.
"Back in a minute guys."
As she walked out of the door, Oz moved to follow her, and help her out. Angel put his arm up and blocked him.
"This is her fight Oz. She's gotta do this alone."
"But nothin' kid." said Spike. "Not often I say this, but Angel's right. Red needs to do this. She needs closure."

On the other side of the wall, Laura fought against the Sandman, venting the fury she had build up. She smashed the hilt of her sword into the face of the demon.
"How dare you!" she screamed at it. "You violated my dreams, turned my thoughts against me!"
The demon ducked under a slashing blow from the sword.
"If it's any consolation slayer, you lasted longer than most. I'll just have to feed on you here, in your world now..."
Sandman slashed his claws across her stomach. Laura managed to jump back in time, avoiding the brunt of the attack, leaving shallow cuts across her stomach. She dropped to the floor and took out Sandman's legs with a vicious snap kick.
"Not so tough out here are you?" she growled. "How does it feel to have all your power stripped away?"
Laura struck out with a kick to the demon's head. The Sandman rolled to the side and sprang to it's feet.
"I am going to rend your soul in half slayer, and feast on your spirit for eternity..."
Laura kicked the demon in the chest, and with a mighty blow hacked it's head from it's body.
"Quit dreaming..."

Laura walked back though the door into her room, where the others stood.
"It's done."
"Are you alright?" Oz said, rushing to her side.
"Uh, yeah, just kinda spaced out." Laura said. "This is real now isn't it?"
Oz leaned over and kissed her.
"Real enough?" he said.
"Not even close..." she said, leaning back in for another kiss.
Suddenly Angel's mobile phone rang.
"Angel here." He listened to the voice on the other end.
"Alright. I'll be there as soon as possible." He turned to the group.
"I have to go away, something has come up. I'll be as quick as I can."
"Angel," said Faith, "What is it?"
"The end of the world."
"Again?" said Spike.

The end. Next Episode... 'Mirror Mirror'. The return of the Wish universe!

Angel 6X07: Mirror, Mirror
Chapter 1: Brave New World​

The Hyperion Hotel, L.A...

"We have to complete the spell now." said Wesley Wyndam-Price. "The window of opportunity is closing fast, and we need the Slayer now."
The other members of the group crowded around the summoning circle in the lobby of the rundown hotel.
"Do you really think this will work?" said a timid blonde girl named Tara.
"It has to." said Wesley. "We need to bring the Slayer across, otherwise this world is doomed."
"What if he finds us before we cast the spell?" Tara said.
"Then we're screwed." muttered a young man by the name of Oz.
"You even sure there is this other world man?" said a young black man, with a shaved head.
"Gunn, all I know is that six years ago, just before the Slayer, Buffy, died, a girl in the school called Cordelia started acting funny." said Oz. "She started shouting about the world being different, wrong somehow."
"You ever think the broad may have been loco?" said Gunn.
"From what Oz has said, and my own research, I have discovered that there is an alternate Earth, similar to our own, but different." said Wesley. "I have managed with Tara's help to view this world on a number of occasions, and have discovered they also have Slayers in this world."
"Slayers?" said Oz. "What happened to the 'there can be only one' stuff?"
"I'm not sure." said Wes. "It looks like in this world, all the potential slayers are active. I believe we have one shot at bringing the Slayer I have been observing through to our world. Maybe she can assist us in defeating the Vampire Lord."
Suddenly the door of the Hyperion burst open. In ran a small young man with dark hair.
"They got her!"
"Johnathan, calm down." said Wes. "What happened?"
"He's started moving on L.A. We ran into an advance patrol, I managed to escape... but-"
"They killed Laura?" said Gunn.
"They turned her!" shouted Johnathan.

The Hyperion Hotel, L.A...
"You're up late." said Laura looking at Faith as she walked into the kitchen.
"Could say the same thing about you!"
"Yeah, I haven't been sleeping so well since the dream thingy a couple of weeks ago. That gave me enough sleep for a lifetime thank you very much."
"As long as you're five by five Lau. Just make sure you get enough rest. We still have to patrol."
"Turning into a bit of a slave driver ain't ya Faith? I'd get you a whip, but I would probably enjoy it..." laughed Laura, giving Faith a cheeky wink.
Faith grinned and opened the fridge. She pulled out some chocolate, and started eating it.
"How long do you think Angel is gonna be away?" said Laura. "Haven't heard a peep from him since he took off after that phone call."
"All I know is an old friend of Angels' found a tablet with an ancient prophecy about a massive battle, and the vampire with a soul. I guess he'll be back when he figures it out!"
Faith moved towards the door.
"Right, I am gonna try and get a few hours more sleep. You should get yourself some rest."

Faith walked up the stairs and into her room. She walked into the bathroom, and washed her face down, before pulling back the covers of the bed. She was about to remove her clothes when she heard a sound.
"Who's there?"
There was no reply. Must have been the wind.
"Damn creaky old hotel." she muttered.
Suddenly there was a massive crackling sound.
"Now I know that wasn't the wind!" she said, spinning around.
As she turned there was a bright flash of light, and she had a lightheaded feeling. Suddenly she was standing in the Hyperion lobby, but it looked different, run down and damaged. Then she heard a voice she never thought she would hear again.
"Hello Faith." said Wesley.
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Re: Angel 6X07: Mirror Mirror

Angel 6X07: Mirror, Mirror
Chapter 2: Reflections​

"What the hell is going on here?" Faith shouted.
"Faith, please calm down." said Wesley. "This is hard to explain..."
"You're damn right it is!" said Faith. "Who the hell are you?"
"My name is Wesley Wyndam-Price, formerly of the Watcher's Council in Britain..."
"Stop right there." snarled Faith. "I didn't ask who you were pretending to be, I asked who are you really are. You better have a damn good reason for looking like my old Watcher, demon!"
"This is going to he hard to take in, but I am Wesley, at least, a version of him."
"Say what?"
"Faith, this is a different world to the one you are from." said Wes. "This is what you would call a divergent plane of existence."
"Dude, in English?"
"An alternate reality." Wes said. He started to move towards the door. "Follow me, I have something to show you."
Wesley led Faith into a room where a few familiar, yet different, faces sat.
"Faith, let me introduce you to everyone." said Wes, walking towards the first in line, a bald black man. "This is Charles..."
"Gunn." Faith interrupted. "We've met before. In my world, I mean."
"I believe you know this gentleman as well Faith" said Wes, motioning to Oz.
"Don't look that much different in this world or any other, Wolfy!"
"Wolfy?" Oz said questioningly.
"Wait, don't tell me that you ain't a werewolf in this world?"
"Werewolf? No. I mean, if I don't shave for a few days I get kinda hairy, but thats about it..."
Faith looked over at the last two people, a blonde girl, and a small geeky looking guy.
"You two I have never met before."
"Faith," said Wes, "This is Tara and Johnathan. Tara is a witch, and Johnathan also has magical aptitude."
"Nice to meet you." Faith turned to Wes. "Now for the explanation. Why am I here, wherever here is?"

The group walked into the lobby of the hotel again, and sat down.
"This world, Faith," started Wes, "was apparently created when a girl known as Cordelia Chase made a wish to a vengeance demon known as Anyanka. She wished that Buffy Summers never came to Sunnydale. This meant that as there was no Slayer to protect the Hellmouth, and so the Master rose and left Sunnydale ruined."
"Anyanka? You mean Anya? She lost her demon powers years ago, and was human right up until she died last year, helping seal the Hellmouth."
"Yes, Rupert Giles destroyed her power centre in this reality, leaving her a human." Wes continued. "But, instead of ending this reality and returning to your reality, both realities continued. Buffy eventually came, but was murdered at the hands of The Master. The next Slayer was called, a girl called Kendra, who helped fight back the Master, until he formed an army to attack the rest of the USA. The government attempted to stop this, sending a military force known as The Initiative, lead by Captain Riley Finn into Sunnydale. The army was massacred by the Master's legion, and Finn was captured and killed by the Master himself, who ate his heart."
"So I take it you need my help to put down the Master then?"
"Unfortunately, the situation is not as simple as that Faith." said Wes. "The Master is already dead, killed by his right hand man, who has taken control of the Order of Aurelius. No, we need you to do something much harder."
"We need you to kill the Slayer."
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Angel 6X07: Mirror, Mirror
Chapter 3: Mercy Killer

"So, in this world the Slayer has, what, been possessed or turned or evil or something?" said Faith.
"No. She is as human as you or I." said Wes. "But there are extenuating circumstances."
"Well that had better mean a damn good reason, because it sounds like you're asking an ex murderer to start killing people again!" shouted Faith.
Jonathan leaned across to Tara. "Did she just say murderer?" he whispered.
"Faith," said Wes calmly, "I know this is difficult to accept, but you have to kill Kendra. If you don't, the Slayer line in this world will end. We don't have thousands of Slayers like in your world. We have only one, and we need her."
"So if Kendra isn't evil, then why does she need to be killed?" Faith said questioningly.
"It's not so much she needs to be killed," said Tara, "more that she needs to be allowed to die."
"Exactly." said Wesley. "Three months ago, Kendra infiltrated the heart of the Vampire Lord's encampment in Sunnydale. She intended to break in, and assassinate him, thereby leaving them disorganized, and easy to defeat. The Lord managed to capture her, and drove a poisoned dagger into her stomach, leaving her slowly dying and in complete agony. Instead of finishing her off though, he cast a spell that effectively trapped her in a moment of time, leaving her unable to do anything at all, including die, but still constantly suffering the agony of death. So if she is unable to die, and also unable to do anything else, then there is effectively no Slayer. That, as they say, is where you come in, Faith."
"So you want me to bust into the joint, break the spell, and let Kendra die the death she should be allowed?"
"In essence, yes. Although we do have an operative that will assist you in gaining access to the base." said Wes. "Are you up for the job?"
"Count me in. Oh and Wes," Faith said. "It's good to see you again."

An hour or so later, Faith had been filled in on all the major players in the area, save one. The Vampire Lord. Everyone had been very guarded when talking about him, taking care never to refer to him by name, as if it were taboo.
They were sitting in the lobby, having a quick break for some dinner, when there was a crash as the doors of the hotel were smashed open violently.
"Everyone arm yourselves!" shouted Wes.
Four vampires silently ran into the hotel and then paused, standing just before the group. Then their leader walked through the door.
"Knock, knock." said Spike. "Thought I would pay my old pals a visit…"
Gunn leaned near to Faith. "You wanna watch this one. Name's Spike. He's pretty much the Lord's right hand man."
"Yeah, he hangs around my world as well." said Faith. "Only there he has a soul, and the only good guy he has issues with is Angel, but that's just because they hate each other..."
"Will you shut the bloody hell up back there?!" yelled Spike. "I thought I'd come and introduce my new girlfriend…" He turned back to the door. "You can come in now!"
Another figure stepped through the shattered door frame. The team thought they had prepared themselves for this moment, but they were wrong. The demon who stepped through the door was clad head to toe in a black leather cat suit, complete with long black gloves and knee high boots. She had shoulder length red hair framing her once pretty face. Her eyes shone yellow, and her fangs glinted in moonlight coming through the doorway. She slipped in through the door silently, her body moving like a cat as she made her way to Spike's side. When she got there she turned and kissed him. Her face then changed back into its' human mask, and she turned to the assembled heroes.
"Hey guys, did you miss me?" hissed Laura as she blew them a kiss.
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Angel 6X07: Mirror, Mirror
Chapter 4: Twisted Visions​

"Oh god, no…" Faith whispered, as she stared at the monster that her friend, at least, a version of her friend, had become.
"Oh looky here." said Spike, staring at Faith. "You got us a new friend watcher-boy! Gonna enjoy watching her bleed…"
"I'll have ripped out your fangs and be wearing them as earrings before you twitch, you limey piece of crap." Faith growled.
"She's got pretty eyes." whispered Laura. "I'd like to eat them…"
Spike turned to Laura. "Then what Red wants, Red gets, pet." He turned back to the assembled vampires. "Kill 'em all, except for the new girl. Bring her here."
As one, the vampires dived on the group. Gunn charged into one, slamming the handle of an axe into the demon's face, the impact sending the beast reeling.
"Tara, Jonathan, Oz!" Wes shouted. "Get out, we'll hold them off!"
"What's the rush?" snarled Spike as more vampires flooded in from the rear of the building. "We got ourselves a bloody good party here!"
"We're surrounded!" yelled Wes.
"No sh*t!" Gunn snapped back. "No wonder you're in charge, English!"
A blot of flame ripped from Tara's hand, burning the nearest vampire to ash as two more dragged Jonathan to the ground. The boy managed to drive a stake into the chest of one as they both sunk their brutal fangs into his throat, tearing it to shreds and claiming his life.
"Jonathan!" screamed Tara as a blast of dark energy ripped from her palm into the remaining vampire that had killed the boy. Tara's eyes grew dark as the power flowed from her hands destroying the vampire's body. Out of the corner of her eye, Faith noticed Tara shaking off the effects of the dark power, fighting to not let it consume her.
Like it took Willow in my world, thought Faith.
Gunn and Wes were doing a good job holding back the tide of vampires. Wes stayed back, throwing wooden death at the demons with his crossbow, while Gunn used his axe to thin out the front line of vampires.

Faith waded through the sea of lesser vampires, making a bee line for Spike.
"Come on Blondie Bear!" she yelled. "You want me, then bring it baby!"
"Now she's got pep.." muttered Spike, turning to Laura. "You stay here pet. I'll get you those eyes..."
Slayer and vampire headed straight for each other, ignoring all in their paths, pushing vampires and humans away from themselves. Eventually they faced each other, eyes locked.
"Come on then baby," Spike said with a cocky air in his voice, "Lets dance.."
Faith lunged at Spike with a high kick, narrowly missing his face, following up with a punch to the chest that sent him reeling, unprepared for her strength.
"What the bloody hell..?" he growled. "Its gotta be magic.."
"Hey Spike, nice to meet you." said Faith. "I'm Faith. The Vampire Slayer."
Faith lashed out with a kick to his midsection, knocking him back but leaving herself off guard.
"Nice try love," Spike snarled as he drove his foot into her stomach. "There ain't no slayers any more."
He dropped and took Faith's legs out from under her.
"The boss saw to that. Last ones dangling from his wall. As long as she's hangin' there, there will never be another called in this world."
Faith rose to her feet like a phoenix from the flames, and slammed Spike into a wall. Grabbing a sword she rammed it through his stomach and drew out her stake, plunging it into the injured vampire's heart. Spike crumbled to dust before her eyes.
"Well what can I say?" mutter Faith. "I'm just outta this world..."
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Angel 6X07: Mirror Mirror
Chapter 5: How The Mighty Have Fallen..​

As soon as Spike crumbled to dust, the remaining vampires became disheartened, and started to back away. Faith looked over in the direction of the door, but realised Laura had already slipped out in the confusion. That fight would have to wait for another time. Wes and Gunn defeated the few vampires who were either too bold or too stupid to run, managing to destroy one or two before they too decided to cut their losses.
"That's it you undead b*stards!" shouted Gunn, "You go tell your boss we ain't takin' no more of his cr*p!"
He turned to see Tara over the shattered body of what was once Jonathan, his throat ripped to tatters, his youthful face hidden under a crimson mask of blood.
"Is he…?" he whispered, even though he knew the answer.
Tara stared at Gunn, her eyes pits of dark rage. "Yes."
Gunn's skin became covered in goosebumps at her voice; it was filled with such hate and despair. Jonathan was the only person to ever get close to Tara, the only person she let past the walls she had put up after what had happened to her. She fled her home and enrolled in UC Sunnydale to escape her family, Wes had told him. They came after her just before the Master attempted to expand on his territory. They had dragged her back home, but she fought back, her Wiccan abilities erupted, killing her father. After that she became a recluse, hiding from her abilities for fear of what she could do. Jonathan was the first person to really reach her, and now he was gone. She had only ever told Jonathan what was so terrible about her family, and he swore never to tell another. Tara had a lot of untapped power, and seeing her so full of rage scared Gunn.
"Tara," said Wes, "I'm s-.."
"Sorry won't bring him back." Tara said. "Nothing will."
Faith walked over to the blond witch, and knelt down beside her.
"I know I can't bring him back, and I know nothing I will say will take away the pain." she said. "But I promise you one thing. I will make them pay. I'll bring back the slayer line, and ram a stake in the heart of the vampire lord."
Faith stood up and walked over to Wes.
"I need to know everything. Everything about the vampire lord you have."
"Very well Faith. It is time you learned the magnitude of the threat you face."

Wesley walked out of the room and into what in Faith's world was Angel's office. She followed him into the room.
"Wes, spill. What is so wicked bad about this vamp?"
"The lord is first and foremost, a genius. One of the most intelligent men I had ever met, and also a well trained fighter. Combining that with the evil and cunning of a vampire was bad enough, but…"
"But what, Wes?" Faith said impatiently.
"He has the most detailed knowledge of the slayer and the slayer line of any man alive. It was he who formulated the scheme to permanently destroy the slayer line with the spell cast on Kendra." Wes sat down at the desk. "He is also a man with an intimate knowledge of our resistance group, and as such has been easily countering out plans at every turn."
"Wes, you're kinda freaking me out now. Who is this guy?" said Faith, uncertainty creeping into her voice.
Wes looked at Faith, a grim seriousness in his eyes.
"Rupert Giles." said Wes. "The Vampire Lord is Giles.."
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Angel 6X07: Mirror Mirror
Chapter 6: The Other Side

Faith stared on Wesley in disbelief.
"You wanna run that by me one more time? I think I was listening through my crazy ear that time…"
"Rupert Giles, librarian and member of the Watcher's Council of England."
"Yeah, I thought that's what you said." Faith muttered. "What…I mean, how was he turned?"
"One night he and Kendra tried to break into the Master's lair. They took him captive but Kendra escaped. She returned with back up the following night to rescue him, but it was too late. Giles slaughtered her team, and Kendra barely escaped alive. She became obsessed with freeing him from his suffering, and became more and more reckless. One night she attacked the base, and Giles was waiting for her. He left her in the state she is now. Eventually he killed The Master himself, and took over as head of the Order of Aurelius."
"Get hold of your man on the inside Wes." said Faith. "I'm going in. Giles falls, tonight."
"Faith, we can't just rush in." said Wes. "Giles is dangerous, more dangerous than any vampire I have ever heard of, possibly even more deadly than Angelus.."
"Wes, talking time is over. I am going in tonight. I know Giles, he wouldn't be able to stomach the thought of himself trapped like that, forced to kill his friends."
Faith walked over to the weapons cabinet and took out a sword. She ran her finger across the blade and turned back to Wes.
"Make the call."

A few hours later Wes and Faith arrived at a bar on the outskirts of L.A, where they were due to meet Wes' contact.
"What's this guys story then Wes?" said Faith. "How come he works in the vampire lair?"
"Well, he's not quite human. He's half Brachen demon, and so uses that to get in with the vampires."
"Can we trust him? I mean, I know a couple of good demons, but to be fair, they are few and far between.."
"He has proven himself on plenty of occasions, Faith." said Wesley. "He managed to get us this for one thing."
Wes handed Faith a small green six sided crystal, faintly glowing from inside. On each side was carved a mystical rune.
"Nice, a Christmas decoration.."
"It is a disruption crystal. Throwing it into the area affected by a spell will instantly break the spell. This is what you have to use to free Kendra."
"That's the easy part then. Taking down Giles might be a little harder.."
"Got that right sweety. Rupert Giles ain't one to be taken lightly." said a man with a thick Irish accent.
"The name's Doyle by the way."

"So you're the guy who's gonna get me into the belly of the beast huh?" said Faith.
"Well, uh, sort of." said Doyle downing a shot of scotch. "I'm the guy who's going to give you a key and a map to get into the belly of the beast."
"Not coming with?"
"Oh no, not me. I'm a lover, not a fighter. Well, more of a drinker than a lover, but who cares..."
Doyle handed over the key and map. Just as he let go he screamed in pain.
"Oh god... Damn visions.."
"Visions?" said Faith.
"Yeah, the Powers That Be have, in their infinite wisdom, seen fit to make me their *****, and fire brain bursting visions into my skull from time to time."
"What does this one show?" said Wes.
"You," he said, pointing at Faith, "Fighting a red head vamp, and Giles. It didn't look so good from where I was standing."
Faith looked out of the window.
"I once had a vision I was making a bed with Buffy.." she said. "But then again I was in a coma at the time. But dreams rarely seem to come out how you want..."
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Angel 6X07: Mirror Mirror
Chapter 7: Down The Rabbit Hole

Faith had slowly made her way into Giles' lair. There wasn't a lot of defense near the entrances, Giles was probably getting complacent now he thought he had ended the line of the Slayer. She had quickly and quietly staked the couple of vamps near the main door, and slipped straight in. The inside of the building was like a palace, decked out to look like it was fit for a king, not a blood sucking parasite. Faith was so caught up in looking at the decor, she nearly bumped into two vamps that were moving down the corridor that intersected the one she was in. Drawing a stake, she stepped out behind the two bloodsuckers.
"Hey guys," she said giving them a wink, "Can either of you show me where the tour group went? I think I'm kinda lost..."
The vampires snarled and rushed towards Faith. One swung a powerful punch at her head, which she ducked under and drove her knee into it's stomach, before pushing it back into the second vamp. Before the either had time to recover, she had driven a stake into the heart of the first vampire. Using her momentum, she forced the second vampire against the wall, with the stake tip pressed against his chest.
"Where is Giles?" she growled.
"Wh.. who?"
"Thats it, play dumb." She pressed the tip of the stake slightly harder just breaking the vampire's skin. "Where. Is. Giles?"
"He'll kill me if I talk..."
"I'll kill you if you don't. At least my way gives you some time to run."
"Uh.. yeah.. okay. Keep following this corridor to the left. Go through the big hall, through the back door. Keep following that straight, and eventually you will reach the throne room."
"Thanks. Now get out of here before I change my mind."
The vampire turned and began to run towards the exit. Faith turned to walk away, but at the last second span on the spot, and hurled the stake into the vampire's back, piercing it's heart.
"Too late.."

Faith made her way to the hall without incident. Opening the heavy double doors, she looked into the room. It was huge, seemingly stretching for miles out in front of her. The walls were covered in shelves containing ancient tomes, mysterious artefacts, and other arcane objects. In the centre of the room was a long wooden table, surrounded by ornate seats. In the centre of the table was what looked like the remains of dinner. A battered corpse of a young girl, drained of her blood was tied to the table. Faith began to walk across the hall to the exit.
"What's the rush?"
Faith turned to see Laura standing in the doorway to her left. The vampire silently drifted across the hallway until she was face to face with the Slayer.
"Laura. Wait." Faith said quietly.
"Yeah?" said the vampire. "Is this where you tell me I don't have to be this way? Maybe get a soul like that pile of dust, Angelus?"
"No," said Faith, "Just a warning. Duck."
Faith span around, grabbed a silver tray from the table and hurled it at Laura's throat. Laura rolled to one side, narrowly avoiding the tray. She stood up and pulled a sword down from the wall near her. Faith did the same, and pointed the tip of the blade at Laura's face.
"I don't know how you got here Slayer, but I know how you're leaving.."

The swords of the Slayer and the vampire slammed together, sparks spraying from the impact. Faith followed through with the blow, knocking Laura off balance and leaving an opening for Faith to deliver a roundhouse kick to the vampire's face. Laura reeled from the blow, but managed to regain balance quick enough to dodge a vicious swipe from Faith's sword. Dropping to the ground, Laura kicked up into Faith's stomach, knocking her back. Laura pounced and drove Faith into the wall, holding her by the throat.
"I never thought I would get a chance to taste Slayer.." she purred as she leaned to sink her teeth into Faith's neck.
Using all her strength, Faith knocked Laura's hand from her throat, and slammed her knee into the vampire's stomach. As Laura recoiled, Faith drover her sword into her stomach.
"I came here to free Kendra, and no one, not even you is going to stop me!" Faith lifted her sword above her head, ready to deliver the killing blow.
A blast of dark magic slammed into her back, sending her into a wall, almost knocking her out.
"I'd like to test that theory.." said Giles.
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Angel 6X07: Mirror, Mirror
Chapter 8: The Devil You Know

"Giles." Faith said slowly, recovering from the blast.
"It seems you have me at a disadvantage young lady." said the former Watcher. "You seem to be familiar with me, and yet I know nothing about you."
"She claims she is a Slayer, fights like one too..." said Laura, climbing to her feet and clutching the wound in her gut.
"Well, we all know that is impossible, what with young Kendra hanging around here so long..."
"You'd be surprised what's possible you bloodsucking bastard." Faith said, rising to her feet holding her sword. "The Giles I know would rather die than live as one of you blood rats. I'm pretty sure this world's the same..."
"You have got some spunk haven't you little girl?" Giles said arrogantly. "No matter. Laura, finish her off. Make her one of your toys if you wish."
"With pleasure..." Laura hissed.
Laura lunged at Faith, fangs bared. The vampire was eager to get her revenge for the injury Faith had dealt her a few minutes ago. Laura unleashed a flurry of rage fuelled blows that Faith dodged. Countering the attack, Faith drove her foot into the knee of the vampire, driving her to the floor. With one mighty sword stroke, Faith's blade slammed into the vampire's neck. Laura's head fell to the floor and exploded in a burst of dust.

Faith looked up to see Giles clapping slowly and smiling.
"Very well done my girl." he said. "You will make a fine replacement for her when the time comes."
"I'll die first."
"Well yes, as you are fully aware, that is one of the steps."
Faith stared at the parasite that had infected someone that she held so much respect for. This wasn't Giles. Hell, it wasn't even her Giles. It was some other guy who happened to look like him, fallen prey to the vamps. She rose to her feet.
"Let's end this."
Giles stood in front of her, not even looking at her, but staring down at his glasses as he cleaned them. His face twisted into the sneer of the demon inside him as he looked up.
"Very well, child…"

Time slowed around Faith as Giles pounced. He had suddenly changed from a former librarian into a vicious animal in the blink of an eye. The Slayer sidestepped the vampire's first blow, and followed up with a kick of her own, slamming into his chest. The former watcher reeled from the blow, but regained his balance quickly, lashing out with a backhanded strike to Faith's face. The Slayer slammed into a wall, and crumpled into a heap on the floor. He walked over to her slowly, his face splitting into a fang filled smile. He reached down and grabbed her throat, dragging her up the wall and holding her there.
"You are a pretty little thing aren't you…." He hissed. "You will make a fantastic new addition to my girls..."
Faith's eyes flicked open, burning with intensity.
"I'm not just a pretty face…" she said, and slammed her forehead into the monster's skull.
The Slayer dropped to the floor, and rolled across the floor, grabbing the sword she had lost.
"Do you really think your sword can save you from me, girl?" Giles snarled. "I am not only a master of martial arts, but the black arts too…"
He waved his hand and a blast of energy slammed into Faith. She managed to jump to avoid the brunt of the shot, but it still stung like hell.
"That all you got, Jeeves?"

She rushed the vampire, jumping at the last second to deliver a brutal flying kick to his face. Giles was knocked back into a wall, and turned to pull a sword from the wall, the blade just deflecting an overhead slice from Faith's own sword.
Sparks flew as their swords clashed. Faith unleashed a flurry of quick sword strokes intended to unbalance the vampire king. With one fluid motion, she lashed out with a brutal swipe of the sword, and then brought the hilt of the sword back up and slammed it into Giles' face. As he recovered, Giles dashed quickly towards Faith to close the gap between them. His sword flashed out in an overhead strike, which Faith had to use all of her strength to block. With everything committed to defending herself, Giles suddenly dropped his sword, throwing Faith off balance and thrusting his hand out straight for her throat. Her sword flew from her hand as he once again drove her into a wall.
"So, little girl. Here we are again. I'd like to know your name before I eat your heart, if you don't mind."
Faith stared into the monster's blood red eyes.
"I'm Faith, the Vampire Slayer."
Quick as a flash she reached behind her, grabbing a stake from her belt and slamming it into Giles' chest. The vampire stumbled backwards, looking at the stake jutting from his heart.
"Well this won't do at all…"
Then he was dust.
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Angel 6X07: Mirror, Mirror
Chapter Nine: Mercy​

As Giles crumbled to dust in front of her, Faith wasted no time in continuing her mission. Running into the room Giles had come from, she stopped dead in her tracks as she took in her surroundings. The room was dimly lit with flickering candles and the walls were covered in masses of ancient tomes and artefacts. The floor was marble, and a narrow carpet led up to a large throne in the centre of the room. With a wave of disgust rushing over her, Faith realised that the carpet was made from human skin.
Tearing her eyes from the macabre décor, Faith looked to the rear of the room. There was Kendra, hanging in the air, motionless, a dagger jutting from her stomach. Mystical energy crackled across her body in bright arcs. As Faith moved closer, she could see the agony in her eyes, her face trapped in a mask of pain. Drops of blood hung in the air around her, frozen in time like glistening rubies.
"My god." Faith muttered. She slipped her hand into the pocket of her jeans and wrapped her fingers around the crystal, and pulled it out. The crystal started to glow faintly, as if picking up on the energy from the spell nearby. She looked up into Kendra's eyes, screaming in silent pain.
"Let's get you out of that then shall we?" Faith whispered, throwing the crystal up at Kendra. As the crystal made contact with the Slayer, there was a loud pop, and a flash of intense white light, and Kendra fell to the ground, gasping. The injured Slayer pulled the dagger from her stomach with a strained gasp.
"Tha… thank you." Kendra said with her dying breath.

Back at the Hyperion, the team had buried Kendra's body and Wesley had finished preparing the spell to return Faith to her own dimension. Faith stepped into the circle for the spell to begin.
"Thank you Faith," Wes said, "Without you the Slayer line could have never continued. Now we must continue our work to rid this region of demons, and find the next Slayer that has been called."
"I can give you a little clue on who that might be…" said Faith, grinning.

Hyperion Hotel, L.A…

"So no one's heard from her since Laura bumped into her in the kitchen?" said Angel, looking at the assembled team.
"Nope," said Laura. "Her bed wasn't slept in either, and her cell phone is still here."
"Right." said Angel. "We start a search. Oz and Laura, you start asking round local bars, Spike and I will...."
Angel was interrupted by a burst of white light in the middle of the lobby. Suddenly Faith was standing in front of them.
"Ok… never mind..." said Angel. "Faith, where have you been?"
"It's a long story…" Faith started.
Ten minutes later Faith had finished explaining the whole adventure to the gathered group.
"So let me get this straight," Laura said, "You got sucked into an alternate universe where Angel and Buffy were both dead, Spike was still evil and Giles was a Vampire King and had to kill a Slayer so that the Slayer line would continue..."
"Yeah, that about…" Faith started.
"AND you killed me?!" Laura exclaimed.

To be continued in Angel 6X08: Solitaire...
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