The Black Donnellys

Well knock me the **** out! The DVD for the complete series comes out on Tues.

I mean it came outta nowhere. I didn't even know it was gonna come to DVD so quick. But the promo for it was at the beginning of the Friday Night Lights DVD.

I checked Blockbuster Online and there it was.

Consider it owned.
So I guess since I like "Andy Barker P.I" that show only has another 2 weeks left? And I guess if I like FOX's "Drive" that they'll only play about 5 episodes before they cancel that?


So I looked at the date of this post and then the date of the official cancellation notices from both shows. Both were cancelled before the month was over.

Drive aired like 4 episodes and Andy Barker just diappeared.

My newfound psychic powers scare me. Maybe I should open a psychic detective agency? Anyone in?

In other on-topic news....

I LOVE THIS SHOW! I saw the shows online....but being able to sit here and watch them on TV is just so much more better.

I miss this show.
Wow....the season/series finale still shocks me today as much as it did when I first saw it.

**** you NBC. Bring it back.

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