The End?


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Sep 15, 2004
What do you think is going to happen at the end of the Ultimates? Storyline wise, I'm meaning. I think something big will happen, maybe a character death and the Ultimates will split up since there's so many superhero teams in New York now. But knowing Millar, I think something entirely different will happen.
. . .they break off from the government and the Avengers are born? Haha, nah, I think they'll just get another writer and artist on the book.
I don't think anything really major will happen. Millar has already said or hinted that the team will be available to other writers after he and Hitch are done. We may see some lineup changes during Ults2, but nothing major that would break up the team.
Well, I think that the title should end, you know? Sure, they can show up in other stuff, but enough is enough. They can have an Ultimates 3 somewhere else, you know? Like, WAY later down the line.
It should end for a dramatic result. Then someone esle could pick it up a few years later. But I doubt Marvel will pause one of it's best sellers.

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