The Final Battle: Prime or Watcher?

Prime or Watcher?

  • The Watcher

    Votes: 1 11.1%
  • Optimus Prime

    Votes: 7 77.8%
  • The Bass Option

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Jun 30, 2005
South Wales, UK
After putting the line in my Lurker Fanfic, I started thinking...

Could Watcher go one on one with Optimus Prime?

A key factor in the battle would obviously be the involvement of Kristen Kruek, the actress who portrayed a plank of wood in TV's Smallville. Her involvement could spur Watcher on to higher feats of strength, which can usually enable him to defeat trucks with a single punch.

However, Optimus Prime is not an ordinary truck, and would have many different ways to defend himself. He also has access to The Matrix of Leadership, which could also empower him to spank the Watcher further.

Other, more obvious factors include the manoeuvrability of the Watcher as compared to Prime and the fact that Optimus Prime is also a giant ****ing robot.

What are your opinions on the topic?
If I can beat the Watcher, Optimus Prime definitely can.

No contest. Watcher wishes he punched trucks. Optimus Prime punches MOTHER****ING DECEPTICONS.
Prime all the way. Watcher may be able to stand up to a normal truck, but not one with the Autobot's matrix of leadership in their ****ing chest!
Prime has taken on Monitors, I'm sure Uatu wouldn't really be a step up.

Oh, wait, we're taking about Optimus and our Watcher. Yeah, Optimus wins.

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