The Goon: The Movie (Discussion)


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Nov 10, 2005
It's true.

It's a great choice to go with an animated movie, I'm pretty excited.

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Cool. I like The Goon and David Fincher and this would make a pretty radical cartoon.
Man, that looks great. Any news on voice actors?
I'm sold! Been a Goon fan for years now, i hope buzzerds in it and we get to see Frankies 'knife to the eye' bit
Apparently Clancy Brown is voicing The Goon and Paul Giamatti is voicing Frankie. ****ing awesome!
Hmm, it's not on his imdb page yet, but I think it's interesting that they went with a voice actor rather for Goon but a fairly well known actor for Frankie. I'm glad this thing seems to be rolling along though.
Script is done.

Article from March, Powell says that they're basically waiting on Fincher to finish his movie The Social Network before things can get really moving (imdb says that The Social Network was post production in March, so hopefully we'll start seeing some more Goon material in a few months) .
The teaser was posted by robje in the comic movie thread, but I thought I'd go ahead post it here too.


It looks like it is gonna be perfect.
I just read a bunch of The Goon issues and really like it. Looking forward to this.

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