The Gospel of Thor


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Feb 16, 2005
In "... To Wake the Mangog!" from Thor # 154, published July 1968, Thor is searching for his arch-enemy Loki in the streets of New York. He asks for help from a group of hippies, but they refuse to assist him, saying that they have 'dropped out of society'. On the spot Thor lecture them on their mistake:
"Though thou be truly pure of heart --- in thine innocence thou art misguided. The true guru thou doth seekest doth lie within thyselves! Heed you now these words --- 'tis not by dropping out --- but by plugging IN --- into the maelstrom of life itself --- that thou shalt find thy wisdom!

"There be causes to espouse!! There be battles to be won! There be glory and grandeur all about thee --- if thou wilt but see! Aye, there be time enow for thee to disavow thy heritage --- yea, thou mayest drop out fore'er --- once Hela herself doth come for thee!

"But, so long as life endures --- thou must live it to the full! Else, thou be unworthy of the title --- man!"

Thor then thinks to himself:
"Verily, they have eyes, but seeth not! When life doth seem too much to bear --- 'tis not the time to renounce the struggle! The ostrich hides --- the jackal flees --- but man, and god --- do persevere!"
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I feel like a 6 year old being scolded for sneaking a cookie and lying about it.

Thor's wisdom shames me.

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Amen, Lord Thor. There will be time enough to disavow your heritage when Hela comes for you.

Christ thats a good motto.
Update... how fare thee everyone?

Hast thou all plugged in, at last, to the maelstrom of life?

Art thou worthy of the title --- man?
Presence alone is not merit itself!

What causes do you espouse? What battles have you won?

Alas, you fail to open your mind to the glories that lie in the very cup of life itself!

Screwith thou!

Prescence is everything! Only flabby armed philosophers that wax poetic worry about reason and cause and wish they were somewhere else!

I art here of mine own accord, embracing my decision not with lament, but with passion and a lust that can only be satiated by the act of being without regret!
Thank you, Ourchair.

It's been so long since I read 616 Thor that I forgot why I couldn't stand him before Ultimates.

I had to reread that twice to get everything he was saying.
Once again, I must asketh of thou all: How fare thee in the maelstrom of life, in this new annum?
Verily, I do believe thou meanst to say, "with thee," unless thou meanst that those other people on this thread belongest to Ourchair, and 'twas to them you refferest. If that be the case, then "with thine" wouldst work.

Yon Northlander dareth to correct mine grammar!? 'Tis an affront to mine honour!
Once again, I must asketh of thou all: How fare thee in the maelstrom of life, in this new annum?
I doth fare well, though the harsh tides of this new year seem to besiege mine countenance from every direction.
Nay! Tis a mockery to yon thread's seriouseth subject!

Begone ye jesters! Mock the holy gospel of Thor at ye own peril!