1. Ice

    Avengers Thor (Aaron/Dauterman) Spoilers

    Female Thor is back in town, but an all-new one. BREAKING: MARVEL DEBUTS FEMALE THOR ON "THE VIEW" Marvel has since revealed that the new "Thor" #1 will debut in October, from the creative team of Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman. This October, Marvel Comics evolves once again in...
  2. Captain Canuck

    Thor: The Dark World (spoilers)

    So I just got back from seeing it. I really liked it a lot. I read a lot of complaints online about how the first hour is slow and how the villain is underdeveloped and his motivations unclear, and how the humour didn't mesh well with the darker themes. I didn't think any of that was a...
  3. Ice

    Avengers Thor: God of Thunder (Aaron/Ribic) (Spoilers)

    Jason Aaron's Thor run starts with a God Killer, who's been going around killing gods from everywhere for over 2 millenia. The way Aaron is telling this story is really in three parts. Past Thor, Present Thor, and Future Thor. It's broken up nicely and told with good pacing. Past Thor is the...
  4. Ice

    This is War (October 2012)

    Marvel teases with "THIS IS WAR" campaign "... Marvel Comics began a new teaser image campaign to ramp up for Comic-Con International in San Diego 2012. Two images depicting artifacts from the Marvel Universe -- including Thor's shattered hammer and Wolverine's burning claws -- were revealed...
  5. Bass

    Avengers Thor, The Mighty Avenger

    Anyone else read this? It's only on #2, but it's flufftastic. It's a light, fun, reboot of Thor. The first two issues deal with Jane Foster finding a homeless but noble crazy man who turns out to be Thor, God of Thunder. EDIT: Actually, it seems to be on #3. I've missed it and worlds will pay.
  6. Dancanread

    Ultimate Thor!

    Bleeding Cool says we're getting an Ultimate Thor from Jonathan Hickman and Carlos Pacheco!! FORSOOTH! Hickman is the anti-Loeb.
  7. ProjectX2

    Avengers Thor (Fraction/Ferry) series discussion

    We have known Matt Fraction has been taking over Thor for a while now but now we know the artist: Pasqual Ferry. Excellent. I like him much more than Patrick Zircher.
  8. Captain Canuck

    Thor: Tales of Asgard

    Marvel Studios/Lionsgate Home Entertainment's next release It will be released in 2011, probably around the same time 'Thor' is in theatres. "Choose your weapon, wench!"
  9. Ice

    Thor cartoon series (for 2010).

    CBR: According to the Hollywood Reporter, Marvel Animation is developing and self-producing a 26 half-hour episode series based on the Thunder God, which will follow on the heels of the Kenneth Branagh-directed feature film slated for 2010.
  10. ourchair

    The Gospel of Thor

    In "... To Wake the Mangog!" from Thor # 154, published July 1968, Thor is searching for his arch-enemy Loki in the streets of New York. He asks for help from a group of hippies, but they refuse to assist him, saying that they have 'dropped out of society'. On the spot Thor lecture them on their...
  11. Ice

    Thor series discussion [Straczynski/Olivier Coipel; spoilers]

    Read the article at Newsarama. His return has been hinted at for months, a bastardized version of him played a supporting role in Civil War, and his fans have been patiently drumming their fingers through it all, waiting and waiting for the real Thor to return to the Marvel Universe...
  12. Mclintoc


    Does anyone know if Marvel plans to bring Thor back in his own regular series? I miss him.
  13. Hellsbuttmonkey

    Avengers movie discussion (news/etc.)

    Linky Poo Poo At the Marvel Movies Panel:
  14. JonnyFreeze

    Thor Movie

    i couldnt find a discussion thread for the Thor movie so you know what? i went and made one! anyway i had this brilliant idea that HHH could play Thor Vince Mcmahon as Loki: "Thor!.......i want you to kiss my ***" Triple Thor Pedigrees Loki Mcmahon off the Rainbow Bridge J.R. as Odin...