The Great Ultimate Central Super-Hero Universe! [Idea]


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Nov 21, 2006
So, you know how there is the Marvel and DC universe? How dozens of writers write a monthly story for a specific super-hero, and they are all connected into one mythos?

Why don't we do something like that? We are all nerds. We have the time! We know how to write super-heroes better than those baboons (well, most of them anyways).

My idea is this: we will all, on a monthly basis, release a "chapter" in the story of a super hero of our choice. It should be 10 pages at minimum, but that can always change if needed. And, uh, we'll create a superhero universe in the English narrative in the process.

I already have a few ideas:

Blank: Inspired by Rorscarch and The Question. Mask is nothing but white cloth. No symbols. His voice is monotone, devoid of emotion - it is blank. He wears the classic detective outfit.

The Knight: A man who found an enchanted suit of armor. Basically, it is light weight, but it gives him super strength and very impervious to most forms of damage. I suppose the "Superman" of this setting. Here is the picture that gave me the idea:

Elf: A literal, high fantasy elf, got transported from his/her realm to ours. Now he/she has to find a way home...using whatever means necessary.

The Shadow: An anti-superhero. He is a descendant of mortals who could command the power of demons known as the Shadow. However, his soul will be damned, unless he can find some way to redeem his bloodline. So, he does the superhero thing to save his own skin.
I like this idea. I'm currently working on an idea for a story and if you want you can add that as part of this universe when i do it.
I quite like the idea of the UCU. I have an idea for a character that couldn't really hold a serious comic but might be perfect for this sort of fiction writing setting. I'm willing to give it a shot with my very little free time. I think this would be neat because if this goes well we could also take turns doing arcs on a team book, or take turns doing issues on a team book. And of course, guest appearances galore (with permission and making sure it fits into the character plan). I really think this could be fun. Here is my idea:
Young man, has no powers. Son of an archeologist who died when he was a little boy. A single medallion she unearthed is all he has of her and he keeps it on himself at all times. As a disillusioned child who has lost his mother he makes up an imaginary friend that he talks to while he sleeps and when he closes his eyes; at least, that is what his father and psychiatrist assume. What they don't realize is the medallion acts as a sort of gateway to the past where the young boy makes contact with a ferocious barbarian of old. As the boy becomes the man and heroes begin to populate his world he finds himself wishing he could reconnect to those old thoughts he used to think. Finding the medallion in a sock drawer he puts it on and the visions occur again. One thing leads to another and the two realize they can take physical presence in the other's world and soon the young man has a whole world to seize where he just didn't fit in during his own time and a barbarian has a plethora of challenges to whet his appetite for destruction. They are both distraught to find switching does not come without sacrifice.

Obviously a lot more specifics are planned for the actual story but I think he would fit well into the UCU, we should go for it.
Well, actually, it's not like this is a "funny" universe. Just like Marvel/DC have their comedic and serious series, we will too. It really does just depend on what you guys want to do with your heroes. It's called the Ultimate Central Universe because, well, it is made by Ultimate Central!

But please, for the love of God, no UC cameos.

Unless it's me. And I am God. ;)
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I think you misinterpreted both comments. If I tried to write a comic about him tomorrow it wouldn't get off the ground, but in this setting I think he would fit very nicely. I think there is a fun story to tell there and this will sort of get it out of my system, because I honestly don't think he is terribly marketable. And by guest appearances I meant of other people's characters within the UCU. So let's say you write a book with all the characters you listed above. I could have a guest appearance by Knight. Not as in a guest appearance by E! Just thought I should clarify.
I think you misinterpreted both comments. If I tried to write a comic about him tomorrow it wouldn't get off the ground, but in this setting I think he would fit very nicely. I think there is a fun story to tell there and this will sort of get it out of my system, because I honestly don't think he is terribly marketable. And by guest appearances I meant of other people's characters within the UCU. So let's say you write a book with all the characters you listed above. I could have a guest appearance by Knight. Not as in a guest appearance by E! Just thought I should clarify.

Ah! I see now.

A paragraph break now and then would of had helped. ;)

Yeah, that'd be fine, with permission from the author of course.
Doublehex What are you calling this Universe? UC Universe or another name?

I'm going to include my story as part of this universe and figured any in this universe need the title so you can tell e.g UC Universe presents *insert title*
Yeah, I was thinking Ultimate Central universe.

I am gonna start work on how the universe is linked, since it is going to be a Multiverse - or a setting where many universes, planes, are directly connected.
I have had some ideas that need to be fleshed out and also a villain or possibly anti-hero idea

one such random idea is...

Nightbane. Codename: Nightbane was a government sanctioned black ops agent. He was born with severe photosensitivity in which his skin burns just in normal daylight. When he was 19 he was made an offer by a secret government department to act as a test subject for a treatment that could cure his condition. The technique worked, but his skin colour was changed to midnight black in the process. He also discovered that the procedure had left him with certain abilities and gifts but these gifts would only function at night. He developed increased strength and speed and also the ability to teleport himself through the shadows. The department who had made him this way offered the confused boy a purpose, offering to train him as one of their black-ops agents and so Codename: Nightbane was born.
So is this going to be a multiverse with each of our characters/stories taking place in a different universe? Or is everything in the same universe?
I think it would be more fun in a shared universe. I think if its in a multiverse then it's just a bunch of us writing a bunch of solo stories with no connection. What's the point?
Well, we've tried the multiverse thing before and it never actually happened. If we each had our own universe, we could establish that, and then cross them all over.
Cool. I'll start on mine this week. Though I hate doing origin stories lol I can never do them well.
So, this is a fun idea, but I doubt myself (or most people here) will have much time to do anything for it.

But here's something for the pool anyway.

The Regulators, America's first government sponsored super-team, initiated at the height of Reagan's anti-drug campaign, put into action by the Gipper himself. They were supposed to be the front line in the Drug War, busting drug lords and producers, serving as a new breed of role models for kids. They were the pinnacle of 80's franchise cheese to the public. But under the covers, they destabilized governments. The team's stayed intact. With Reagan setting a precedent, none of the following presidents have wanted to lose this new executive power. Over the years, the membership's changed, along with the objectives of the team, their focus and membership shifting to match the platforms and ideologies of the various commanders in chief. The membership inherited by the new administration consists of:

Megapatriot: The only original team member around. His origin was always somewhat antithetical to the original goals of the team. An accomplished Vietnam Veteran who underwent major steroid hormone therapies to become the face of Reagan's new blitz, he was already relatively old when he first came into the superhero game. It was only the presence of cutting edge drugs and surgical therapies that he could even stand his own in the field. He was reinstated to the new team lineup in the months leading into the Iraq War, and he's a wreck. As he ages, the only thing keeping him in the game is an exponential acceleration of various forms of weapons-grade steroids and technological enhancement. He's addicted to both, and compounded with all the various traumas suffered in the countless wars he fought, he's gone fairly well off the deep end.

Doctor Faust: Legacy (daughter) from the original team. Her father (who kept the same name) was a rough-and-tumble occult adventurer, sort of a blend of Mike Hammer and John Constantine. Like Megapatriot (and all the guys from the original team) he's a pastiche of the Frank Miller machismo of the time. He was powered by a cabal of Egyptian gods. Again, Frank Miller Egyptian gods. So, when his bright, progressive daughter inherits the mantle, she finds the prick gods that control her powers are old-school chauvinistic ****s. She can transform, like Shazam, but the result is a big thighed, huge-breasted Miller monstrosity. And she finds that distasteful. She rarely (if ever) transforms, instead relying on her considerable cunning and intellect. She doesn't want to do the superhero thing, but was coaxed onto the team by the new administration, as a means to keep some stability and leadership to the crew.

Calber: Cocky, teen dreamboat speedster. He's the typical Mickey Mouse Club Kid, overbearing parents, whoring his way up the Disney chain of entertainment command (all the way down to boy band membership) until he managed to score a sweet gig on a superhero team. He's the token genetic mutant.

Pluto: A chav from Bristol who was in a horrific accident while driving drunk. His friends were mincemeat but he managed to survive. And soon discovered that he could talk to the dead, and make them do **** for him. So he's basically a white trash dip **** from across the pond who can command armies of the dead. But mostly he just dicks around with his dead mates who only he can see.

Iron Dragon: Chinese-American action film martial artist. He has achieved enlightenment through his devotion to the Path of the Glamour Buddha. That means kung-fu super powers, fly honeys, and swimming pools full of money. Plus, none of that meditation bull****.

So, it would be a legacy, an Avengers type thing, with the eight year stretch of each administration (and the stylistic comic sensibilities of the time) defining the flavor of the team. And the original, bleak 80's team would have a member called Girl Ninja.
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:: The Material Worlds ::​

The Milky Way galaxy, the universes. Earth, Pluto, Mars, Jupiter. The planets that are beyond our sight. The galaxies and universes beyond our reach. These are the Material Worlds. These are our playing grounds.

:: Heaven ::​

On top of the Material Worlds is Heaven. It is ruled by God, and his 9 classes of Angels. He is Good incarnate. Nothing evil or corrupted comes through Him.

:: Hell ::​

Beneath the Material Worlds is Hell. The Abyss. Not just ruled by Lucifer, but 8 other Arch-Devils, who were once his lieutenants in his doomed revolution against God, they betrayed him and each took a slice out of Hell. There are 9 levels (or circles if you want to talk like Dante) of Hell, and any one of you would be bonkers to go there for any reason.


~Prime Elemental Planes~​

Air – Imagine being thousands feet in the sky for eternal, never exactly falling down, but never going up either. Just imagine being in the clouds, forever, flying and floating through all of that air and sky.

No need to imagine anymore. That is exactly what the Plane of Air is like – just flying, forever. There is no ground to speak of, but there is no space above as well. It is just an infinite amount of air. Needless to say, without an enchantment of some sort or a guide, finding your way through this plane is close to impossible. Everything looks the same – cloud after cloud after cloud.

Earth – The elemental plane of Earth is without a doubt the most difficult plane to navigate, if you count it solely amongst the Primal Four. It is pure, unmovable, indestructible, rock. It is not a place of rolling hills or beautiful mountains that touch the surface of the sky. No, it is rock, massive pillars of them that are everywhere. They can't be moved, nor broken. If you find yourself in a dead end, you have to turn back. If an earthquake traps you in a wall of rock, you're dead.

There is good reason to go to this plane. If you're lucky, you may find the corpse of a hero with valuable treasure. There are minerals that any smith worth his hammer and tong would pay a fortune for.

Fire – If there was any plane that should be termed for the "Offical Home of Pure Evil", The Elemental Plane of Fire would be the first choice on a good many people's list. Sure, the Plane of Negative Energy sucks the life right out of you, for no other reason than for the fact that it has none to begin with, but Fire has that cinematic feel of evil that few people don't just shudder at. The seas of lava, the suffocating brimstone smoke, who can blame the poor sods for choosing Fire? Fire is the most powerful of the pure elements – the others don't attack the users just for being around them. Only fire can lay claim to that – stand next to a burning house for too long and you'll see.

There are few reasons to go to this plane, but one of them is Kuzokarr – the Palace of Black. Here, the fire elementals rule. It's a city just like any other – its just always hot. You can survive there, but its always hot, so few races minus the Fire Elementals would want to actually reside there.

Water – After the endless skies of Air, the immovable forms of Earth, and the blistering firehole of Fire, Water seems like a paradise. Pure tranquil sea, the first comers thought. Nothing but the calm, blue seas and the occasional coral that collects above its waves. Sure, it's a paradise, if you don't get sucked in a whirlpool, get captured by mermen, or get caught in a stream of flesh burning steam. Water, peaceful – yeah, right.

Truth be told, Water is probably the most dangerous of all the Prime Elemental Planes. You just need a guide for Air and Earth, and if you just avoid the fire you'll get out just fine in Fire. But Water – water can change in an instant. What can be a tranquil sea one moment can be a dangerous maelstrom the next. Mermen could be waiting beneath the waves to capture you the moment you don't realize it.

~Quasi-Elemental Planes~​

Ash – The cross between Fire and Earth, it is one dire place to be. It is almost entirely a flat dimension, with the only form of actual height being hills. Ash is constantly covered in a storm, the violent winds blowing the gentle dimension apart. The ground is very fragile, just as likely to sink in as it is to just split apart in just a moment's noitce.

Ice – The child of Air and Water, the plane of Ice is what some consider to be Hell. It really depends on what's worst – do you prefer having all of your flesh and body parts burnt away in a hellish instant, or is losing them one by one over the course of several weeks more to your preference? The whole plane is just ice and eternal snow storms.

Lightning – The Plane of Storms, the Birthplace of Wrath – the Plane of Lightning has alot of names attributed to it. Its all a bunch of giant black clouds, with lightning leaping from one cloud to another. Its pretty predictable as well - a person could nearly avoid a lightning bolt only to find himself sucked into a ball of lightning. Lightning is the connector of the Air and the Positive Energy Plane.

Magma – Caught between Earth and Fire, it doesn't take long to see why Magma is an unpleasant place. The entire plane is made up of hardened lava, and you don't know if your next step will crumble beneath you and you'll fall into a river full of lava. Sometimes, the magma crumbles away, and fountains of lava emerge. The landscape of the plane is constantly shifting – some part is always being pulled away with the rest. Fire had the luxury of solid ground – Magma is just a place of fragile ground resting on an eternal ocean of lava.

Mineral – This is it, the jackpot. The mother of all rare and exotic ingredients of the earth. The rarest and most precious of forging materials are here, on this plane, and they are as common as the dirt. This is the type of stuff that any smith would sell their mothers for. The profits would be enough to buy her back...and then some!

Don't think it's that easy. The stuff the plane is made out of is sharper than knives. A mere pebble will cut straight through your foot. Once you take into consideration the denizens that want to protect their home, it's easy to understand why this plane hasn't been dug dry yet. It's safer to run into a war zone stark naked than to go here.

Ooze – A place of eternal mud and muck – this is the plane of Ooze, the child of Earth and Water. There's nothing here but an eternal sea of suffocating mud that results in instant death to those who didn't come prepared with a magically provided air bubble.

Radiance – It's a documented fact that no plane is as beautiful as that of Radiance. Flora, mountains, rocks – everything on this Plane just radiates with every color imaginable. People will recount how waves after waves of color just flooded them. And then tears will form in their dead eyes.

There is a certain price to be paid for seeing pure beauty. The eyes can't take it all. So, the eyes go dead. They won't see another thing ever again. But then again, who would want to see anything less than pure beauty? The child of Fire and Air demands a deep price.

Salt – What can there be said of the Plane of Salt? What can possibly be said of a plane that is made entirely of salt particles? The very air you breath is made up of the crystals, the same air which enters your eyes and lungs? There is no sea – there is only wave after wave of the hard, choking crystal. As you go further and further in, your skin becomes cracked and hard, it becomes harder and harder to breathe. And the eyes – the eyes are best left unspoken, and left only to the horrid visions seen in nightmares!

Smoke – Caught between the planes of Fire and Air, Smoke is more similar with Air. Just replace the clouds with black, suffocating smoke. It is just as difficult to navigate, but even more dangerous. Sure, it doesn't burn your lungs – but it will suffocate you to death just for being there. At least Air gives you the luxury for being lost amongst the clouds for the rest of your life if you get lost. If you lose your way in Smoke, and if your enchantment fails, well, you're in for a death that is everything but pleasant.

Steam – The birth child of water and air, the plane of Steam is not exactly the sauna people would be looking for. The plane of Steam is rather cool – it sticks to everything, the water just clings to flesh, or whatever else moves. Mist is a much better word.

It may sound harmless, but the truth is, Steam is a pretty dangerous place. You don't just breathe in air here – you breathe in water. It's akin to take a cupful of water every second.

Vacuum – There is nothing here. It is the sign of oblivion, a note of things to come when the sins of the Multiverse collapses upon itself. This is Vacuum – a black abyss, where nothing is, nothing exists. It is a realm of no thing. There isn't even any air, nor heat, nor cold. Anything that exists in other realms, physical or otherwise, has no place here

~Energy Planes~​

Positive Energy – What is energy? Is it power? Is it our souls? Is it something by which the gears of the Multiverse turns? Well, whatever it is, it is split into two dimensions – the realm of Positive Energy, and that of Negative Energy.

They are not safe places to go. Why you ask? Well, it really is quite simple. Positive Energy is essentially everything that is made. When something is made, it can be contributed to Positive Energy. Well, when someone enters the realm of Positive Energy, they just get a great deal of Positive Energy.

So much so that they eventually just explode into millions of microscopic organisms!

Negative Energy – The opposite of Positive Energy, Negative Energy is everything that is undone. Whenever something is dissolved – such as, when fire burns away at firewood – the particles return to the realm of Negative Energy.

What happens when someone enters this place? Remember how they blow up when they in Positive Energy? Well, with Negative Energy, all of their – well, whatever microscopic life giving things we have – is just sucked out of us. We become nothing but a hollow husk.

The Moral Planes​

Ocremon{Lawful Evil} – Dedication to the community, teamwork, and an absolute belief in security and safety in return for freedom and personal thoughts and way of expression, Ocremon is ruled by The Council, who is in truth just a single individual. Life here is short – the amount of laws made by The Council is so numerous that is hard for any sane man to remember then all. It is reccomended that any travelers that go through Ocremon that they just avoid anyone and everyone, finish their business, and get out as quickly as possible.
Heaven {Lawful Good}
{Lawful Neutral} –
{Neutral Evil} –
{True Neutral} –
{Neutral Good} –
{Chaotic Good} –
Limbo {Chaotic Neutral} –Welcome to Limbo! The place of shifting continents, where the very fabrics of chaos itself is all that holds this place together! It is a place where those who are willing to dislocate themselves from anything can truly thrive. It is Chaos! Robin Hood would have had loved it here.
The Hells {Chaotic Evil}
Okay I still don't totally understand if this is a shared universe or everyone writes their own unconnected stories and we eventually do a crossover with our characters. I've started writing mine and I would really like to use the regulators as I think they are a neat benchmark since they start in the 80's but if we are all in a separate universe that doesn't really work does it? I just don't know what we are shooting for here.
It is a shared universe. What this is that this is an alternate form of our reality. The travel to other universes are *possible*. We can have "super-heroes" who are from other dimensions or worlds.

It is not the typical super-hero universe.
It is a shared universe. What this is that this is an alternate form of our reality. The travel to other universes are *possible*. We can have "super-heroes" who are from other dimensions or worlds.

It is not the typical super-hero universe.

What I'd be worried about is a lack of cohesion.

I'm also not quite sure where you're going with all the metaphysics. I don't really see a through-line that connects it to anything.
I don't quite understand what you are asking.

If you are asking for me to have some sort of reason why this universe is connected to all these planes and alternate universes, then don't. This is a super hero universe! Since when did they have a good reason for anything?

If you guys want to finish up the moral planes for me, then say so. If not, it will be done by the end of the week.
I'll have to leave this as the story I'm doing doesn't fit at all with all these Elemental Planes and stuff.

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