The Grow Cube


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Oct 23, 2005
Toronto, Ontario(by way of the Kepler Verge)

I've been addicted to this since yesterday. It's a very cool and original twist on a puzzle game. All you have to do is choose what order to put the 8 items on the cube(there are 40,320 possible comibinations).

Each time you put an item on, something new will happen in the environment, and the game ends after you put the 8th item on. The object is to advance the little civilization as far as possible.

You'll know you've won when you see the "Congratulations" sign. Some combinations are more correct than others, but there's only one completely correct order that will result in the win.

Let's see who can get there first.:)
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I give up :lol:

I tried and tried best I could do is

I had 4 men a big assed garden ball hit floor and rolled away a big dinosaure head a fire which my men put out but no "Congratulations"
I beat it!:D

My water turned orange, the skull became a dinosaur with the rest of the "world on its back, the springs became mushroom springs, and the ball and tube landed on the dino's head.
This game is awesome.

I grew frustrated after a while however, and looked up the cheats. :D
Okay, you guys will love this:

That's the original grow game. On the left side there are links to Grow 2, Grow 3, Grow Cube, and the newest one, Grow RPG!

They all have "Final" solutions, but the first one is different from all the rest in that you get two choices each round and it can progress in a lot of different directions. One in particular is almost as impressive as the Total Win but completely different.

Remember, it's only the final win if it says "Congratulations!".

Have fun!:) These games are so awesome.
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It took me about 20 times to beat it, then another 10 or so to get the right order down and remember it. If you're in need, the answer is:

Person, Lake, Little Trees, Pot, Pipe, Fire, Tree/Dish, Bone, Spring, Pink Ball
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Nah, I didn't win (until I cheated) so I must not have tried that combo, but I'm shocked I didn't.

I've tried the first two versions and the RPG one. Cube is definately the best.

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