"The Haunting of Hill House" (2018 Series) EVENT CHRONOLOGY


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I wrote a comprehensive "timeline" of HOHH a few days back but there were some people messaging me, wishing for a breakdown of actual events rather than timestamps.

Here you go. Please enjoy...



SUMMER, 1992


  • The Crains arrive at Hill House. The kids rush to claim their new rooms. Liv expresses excitement. During the first night,
  • Nell has her first encounter with The Bent-Neck Lady. ("Screaming Meemies", "The Bent-Neck Lady")
  • The next night, Hugh and Liv allow Nell to sleep on the couch so she doesn't see The Bent-Neck Lady again, but "just once". Liv tells Nell about the locket around her neck and promises to give it to Nell when she's older. Nell falls asleep with her Mom by her side, on the floor. Liv gets up and goes to bed. Nell awakens shortly after and sees the Bent-Neck Lady again. This time, the phantom is whispering the word, "No" in an almost panicked voice. Nell is frozen but frightened. ("The Bent-Neck Lady")
DAY ??? (**From here, it's not clear if the events happen on consecutive days until the very end of the Cranes' tenure at Hill House)
  • Nell sees the BNL again and screams and cries so loud, she wakes up Lucas, Stevie, and Theo. Lucas is concerned while Stevie, although there for comfort, seems skeptical of Nell and thinks she's having a nightmare. Hugh awakens shortly thereafter to comfort Nell. After everyone goes back to bed, Nell sees the BNL AGAIN. ("Stevie Sees a Ghost")
  • Theo awakens to the touch of a little girl's arm wrapped around her in bed. Thinking it's Nell, she tells Nell to stay with her for the night because she knows Nell is scared. She holds Nell's hand and tries to sleep but the hand squeezes her hand tighter and tighter, prompting Nell to bolt out of bed. Nobody is there with her. Theo wonders whose hand she was holding. ("Stevie Sees a Ghost", "Touch")
DAY ???
  • The Crains have been going through the prior owners' personal things so that they can see what can be salvaged, declared as junk, or sold for more money. Theo uses her cognitive abilities and finds out that one of the crates Hugh declared to be "junk" actually houses a 70-year-old bottle of wine. Hugh is shocked that Theo was able to know that as the box was nailed shut. ("Touch")
  • Theo travels to the Conservatory/Sun Room where she finds her mom and Mrs. Dudley debating on whether a cold spot exists in a certain spot in the room. Theo confirms her mom's suspicions that there is, then remarks that the entire house feels cold, before she leaves. ("Touch")
  • The Crains have been going through the prior owners' personal things so that they can see what can be salvaged, declared as junk, or sold for more money. Theo uses her cognitive abilities and finds out that one of the crates Hugh declared to be "junk" actually houses a 70-year-old bottle of wine. Hugh is shocked that Theo was able to know that as the box was nailed shut. ("Touch")
  • Theo goes to the kitchen where she finds Luke and Nell exploring a call horn next to an elevator. Theo tells them that the horn was used to communicate between rooms. Luke and Theo decide to go upstairs and check out the other end of the horn while Nell stays downstairs. Theo puts her hand on the pillow on the bed inside the room and says it was a "sick bed". She leaves the room as Luke and Nell BS on the horn. ("Touch")
  • Hugh and Mr. Dudley are working on renovating the house. Shirley comes to see her Dad and Mr. Dudley gives Shirley the Master Key for the entire house. ("Open Casket")
  • Upstairs, in her dance room, Theo practices dancing to Paula Abdul's "Cold Hearted". She's interrupted by a rattle of the door knob to the room. Outside the room, Shirley and Nell are testing the Master Key on Theo's door -- but they don't know that. The Red Door hasn't technically been "opened" yet. Theo has no idea who is on the other side of the door and is seems hesitant to open it. After the key fails to open the door, Shirley and Nell leave. Theo shrugs and yells out at Luke, thinking Luke is screwing with her. She restarts her dance video. ("Stevie Sees a Ghost", "Touch", "Silence Lay Steadily")
  • After Theo's dance session is complete, she goes downstairs to the kitchen for a glass of water. Luke is next to the elevator and is using it to send his toy truck down to where ever the elevator goes. Mrs. Dudley grabs him and tells him that it isn't something to play with. Theo gets upset and tells Mrs. Dudley NEVER to grab Luke. She touches Theo as the two kids walk out and Theo claims that Mrs. Dudley is actually frightened of what's below the main floor. Mrs. Dudley can't believe Theo knows that. ("Touch")
  • At night, with the Dudleys gone, Luke decides to travel down below the main floor via the elevator. Theo warns him not to. Luke does it anyway, carrying a flashlight. He hears a commotion near the far wall once he makes it down. A hideous looking ghoul lunges at Luke, tearing his shirt, as Theo makes the elevator come back up. Hugh and Liv greet Luke and comfort him. Theo goes to bed and cries with regret. ("Touch")
DAY ???
  • As Liv draws up plans for their "forever house", Shirley comes to see her. Liv shows her the blueprint which Shirley can't make heads or tails of. Nell begs Shirley and her mom for a tea party but both decline. Liv is too busy and Shirley says she's "too old". They play outside. Shirley takes a camera with her to photograph the grounds. Nell begs Theo for a tea party but Theo is having none of it. Meanwhile, Luke sees Abigail from afar and waves at her. Abigail simply stares. Mr. Dudley and Hugh talk shop. Hugh tells Dudley that the Master Key didn't work on the Red Door. Dudley casually states that no key can open that door. Shirley wanders around, taking pictures and finds a shack. She steps inside to find a box of live kittens and starts taking flash photos of a dark corner. What she sees with the flash horrifies her. It turns out to be a dead wasp's nest covering an old mask. Shirley wants to keep the kittens. Hugh agrees. ("Open Casket")
  • The kids feed the kittens at night. ("Open Casket")
  • Later that night, Theo busts into Shirley's room and accuses Shirley of disturbing her sleep and yelling her name. Shirley denies it. Suddenly, the banging starts up and both girls are scared. Hugh walks in. The banging stops. Hugh claims to have heard nothing. He comforts both girls. ("Open Casket")
DAY ???
  • Shirley awakens to find one of her kittens has died. ("Open Casket")
  • Hugh and Liv assist Shirley in burying the dead kitten -- which seems to come back to life before burial...until the "breathing" illusion turns out to be a large insect which crawls out of the kitten's mouth, causing Shirley to scream. ("Open Casket")
  • Nell wants to feed the remaining kittens -- but they're all dead...save for one. And that one seems to be cursed or have something terribly wrong with it. ("Open Casket")
  • Liv talks to Shirley about life and death and how it pertains to her kittens. She says she gave the last one away which irks Shirley and causes her to get upset. Stressed out, Liv has some sort of episode which culminates in a migraine. ("Open Casket")
  • Liv talks with Hugh about what happened with Shirley and mentions her migraine. Hugh points out that the migraine is her first in a long, long time. ("Open Casket")
  • Shirley looks through family photos. ("Open Casket")
DAY ???
  • Luke draws a picture of him looking at Abigail from a distance. Theo likes his picture and asks who it is. Luke tells her about Abigail -- but says nobody believes she exists. He says that nobody ever believes him and that their parents even think he was lying about the basement's existence. Theo says she believes him after touching his hand, then offers to assist him in finding the basement to prove that Luke was right. ("Touch")
  • Theo finds the basement using a hidden trap door in one of the sub-rooms near the kitchen. ("Touch")
  • Theo tells Liv about the basement as Liv continues to draw up house plans. Theo has a vision of Liv with her head cracked open and bleeding and freaks out. ("Touch")
  • Hugh and Mr. Dudley investigate the basement as Liv talks with Theo about her powers which, apparently, Liv has too. ("Touch")
DAY ???
  • Luke talks with Abigail and says that nobody believes him about anything and shows Abigail a drawing of the monster that attacked him in the basement. Abigail says nothing to Luke. ("The Twin Thing")
  • Luke sits in his Tree House and lines up plastic soldiers, surrounding the picture he drew of the monster that attacked him in the basement. He counts to seven. ("The Twin Thing".
  • Later that day, Luke tells his dad that the house is evil and that whatever attacked him in the basement is part of that evil. Hugh tells Luke that he and Mr. Dudley checked out every inch of the basement and found nothing. Liv comes downstairs and found some buttons for Nell to play with. Luke finds an old bowler hat and asks if he can have that. His parents allow it. ("The Twin Thing")
DAY ???
  • The next day, Luke and Nell are playing together using the Talking Horn. Nell sends Luke buttons through the horn which Luke catches in his bowler hat. The last button gets stuck, which confuses Nell. She comes downstairs to see what happened -- and then Luke and Nell hear a woman's voice calling for Mrs. Dudley. Luke and Nell don't know who it is. Luke goes upstairs to investigate. He says nobody is upstairs after initially saying it was Theo messing with them. He sees the reflection of a ghostly Hazel in the brass of the Talking Horn and freaks, running from the room. ("The Twin Thing")
  • That night, Luke awakens to some noise and looks out his bedroom door to encounter the ghost of an impossibly tall man who floats around while using a cane to guide himself. The ghost appears to be checking on all the rooms in the house. Luke quietly shuts his door, then hides under his bed as he knows the ghost will eventually make it to his room. When it does, Luke watches as the ghost retrieves the bowler hat Luke took. The ghost puts it on and goes to leave -- but stops when he hears the sound of Luke under the bed. He stops and then leans down and grins at Luke, causing him to scream. ("The Twin Thing")
  • Once again, Nell wakes up, scared to death because of the Bent-Neck Lady. Luke wakes up and teaches her his new trick: counting to seven, both the number of people in their immediate family unit and because it represents strength in numbers. ("The Twin Thing")
DAY ???
  • Steve talks to Mrs. Dudley in the kitchen about spirituality. Liv interrupts and says that Stevie knows all about Christianity and Catholicism and says he's also been taught about all the other religions as well. ("Steven Sees a Ghost")
  • Stevie visits Luke in his treehouse. Stevie sees his drawings of their family as well as of Abigail and the monsters he's seen. ("Steven Sees a Ghost")
DAY ???
  • Before the storm, Liv dozes off on the Victorian couch with Nell and Luke. She tells Hugh that she wishes they could stay this small and innocent forever. When she doesn't notice, Luke vanishes from her grip as Hugh has taken him from her. He says he's taking Luke to bed and to help him by doing the same with Nell. She agrees. ("Screaming Meemies")
  • A storm ravages Hill House, causing a chandelier to fall in the main hallway. The family sticks together to survive it until Nell somehow vanishes from their sight, leading to a massive search of the mansion in the dark. The family has encounters with the various supernatural phenomena within the mansion. As it turns out, Nell was in the main hallway the entire time. She had been calling out for them but nobody saw her. They just ignored her and started looking for her. ("Two Storms")
DAY ???
  • The next day, Hugh and Mr. Dudley assess the damage the storm has caused. Mr. Dudley says he didn't even know there was a storm and that they didn't even get any of it at their place. ("Eulogy")
  • Hugh, Stevie and Mr. Dudley discover black mold in the basement. ("Eulogy")
  • Mrs. Dudley cleans up the hallway. Liv comes to speak with her about things as she does. ("Screaming Meemies")
  • Hugh and Liv go over the current situation with the mold in the basement. The plans for the house are chaotic, so Liv elects to draw a current blueprint so they can get a better idea about where they stand. ("Eulogy")
DAY ???
  • The next day, Nell finds a beautiful tea set while hanging out in the Toy Room. ("The Bent-Neck Lady")
  • Nell shows it to Mrs. Dudley who allows her to keep it -- if her parents ok it. ("The Bent-Neck Lady")
  • Nell washes the years of dust off the tea set in the sink. Liv asks her to come see something in one of the rooms: Nell's name has been written on the wall. Nell denies doing it. Theo comes in and asks her mom why she's hell-bent on thinking that Nell did it. As the girls speak, Liv seems to have another migraine and leaves, telling Nell she needs to clean up her mess. Theo touches the wall and tells Nell that she knows Nell didn't deface the property. She pulls part of the wallpaper back which reveals the words "COME HOME" before the word "NELL". ("The Bent-Neck Lady")
  • Liv goes upstairs to read in the Reading Room, but can't concentrate on the book because of her migraines. She goes downstairs for something to drink and bumps into Luke and Shirley who are arguing over whether or not Abigail exists. Liv tells Luke that Abigail isn't getting any handouts from the family and leaves to go back to the Reading Room -- which becomes Shirley's morgue (in the future). She sees a vision of a grown-up Nell dead, with her mouth sewn shut. Luke is on the ground, OD'ing from Heroin. ("Screaming Meemies")
  • Hugh consults with a contractor about the mold situation. He recommends hanging plastic and airing the place out with fans -- but, most of all, they need to find out if the room above it is filled with mold as well. ("Eulogy")
  • Hugh hangs plastic in the basement as Liv gives Hugh the new blueprints of the house. ("Eulogy")
  • Hugh tells Mr. Dudley that he needs a key to the Red Room because there's no other place the water might be coming from. They go over the new master blueprint -- but something's not right. Mr. Dudley tells Hugh that Liv should probably take some time from the house. At first, Hugh tells Mr. Dudley that this isn't his business. This leads Mr. Dudley to tell Hugh about his history with the house involving his mother and his wife, Clara, who were both haunted by Hill House and nearly lost their minds to it. Mr. Dudley reiterates his advice to Hugh about Liv. ("Eulogy")
  • Hugh goes to the room where Liv drew up the plans and looks for another blueprint...and realizes something's very wrong. ("Eulogy")
  • The fans in the basement have stopped working. Hugh works on them. Stevie tries to help by unplugging the fans. Somehow, the fans get plugged back in and it cuts open Hugh's hand badly. Frustrated, he tells Stevie he doesn't need anymore help in the basement. ("Eulogy")
  • Angry, Hugh attempts to bust down the Red Door but nothing works. ("Eulogy")
  • That night, Liv tells Hugh about her visions of Nell and Lucas in the future and says it seemed so real. Hugh says it was most likely a dream. Liv agrees but doesn't look sure. She says she's been having very vivid dreams and her migraines are now constant. Hugh says he feels stupid and that he thinks the house is probably getting to both of them. She examines Hugh's injured hand and kisses it. The two sleep. ("Eulogy")
  • Liv seems to have an insanely real dream. She encounters a young Poppy Hill in the twin's room, checking on Lucas and Nell. Poppy and Liv retire to the Reading Room where Hazel talks about her baby and tells Liv that kids are hard to protect. She tells Liv that such terrible visions are just bad dreams (which she dubs "Screaming Meemies") and says that everyone has to "wake up" -- including Liv's kids. Poppy says she has a plan for Liv to keep them safe and "wake them up". She whispers it in Liv's ear. ("Screaming Meemies")
  • Liv wakes up. She's holding the sharper end of a screwdriver to Hugh's throat. He wakes up, completely freaked out. He nearly accuses Liv of being insane. ("Eulogy"/"Screaming Meemies")
  • Instead, he brings Liv to the drawing room and shows her the blueprint she drew of Hill House. Within the walls of the drawing of the house is a strange pattern, drawn over and over and over. Hugh says it looked familiar to him so he looked up the blueprint for their "Forever House". The pattern is the footprint of that house. Liv doesn't remember drawing any of it. Liv cries. Hugh tells her that she should take a break from the house. He promises to keep the kids safe. Liv reluctantly agrees. ("Eulogy"/"Screaming Meemies")
DAY ???
  • Liv goes downstairs the next day. Her migraines are so bad, every construction noise around her is making her head ring. Hugh is seen walking away from the basement, carrying a fan away, and calling Liv's name. She can't even hear it. ("Screaming Meemies")
  • Stevie still wants to help his dad out with the basement but Hugh tells him that he's using dangerous chemicals now but that his mom will be leaving in a few days to stay with their Aunt as she's not feeling well. Steve agrees to help out with the other kids. ("Witness Marks")
  • Liv goes to the Twins' room and says goodnight to Nell and Lucas. They want to know if Liv will wake them up if they're having bad dreams. Nell talks about already being dead while Lucas talks about injecting poison into his veins. ("Screaming Meemies")
  • Stevie makes his way upstairs to speak with his Mom...and sees her standing alone, during the day, in the Twins' Room. Liv promises to protect her kids from awful things. Steve wakes her out of her hallucination. She asks where Lucas and Nell are. Stevie says they're downstairs and that they were never here to begin with. ("Screaming Meemies"/"Witness Marks")
  • Stevie finds a small vanity and wants to remodel it for his Mom to cheer her up. Mrs. Dudley agrees to help him out and offers to get him some paint -- and then explains that the vanity belonged to Poppy Hill and explains Poppy and William's history to Stevie. ("Witness Marks")
  • Liv sits in the Conservatory and reflects on things in silence. Mrs. Dudley walks in, having gotten the paint supplies Stevie asked for. She sits with Liv as Liv tells Mrs. Dudley all about how she's feeling. Mrs. Dudley tells Liv to always protect her children, that she isn't insane. She tells Liv that the house is as hungry and stupid as the world that's out to get her kids. Clara says her own child isn't allowed in the house. Clara says that the house is fine during the day, but in the night, it's something else. She leaves to bring Stevie his paints and says she will pray for Liv's family. ("Screaming Meemies")
  • Hugh begins to apply chemicals to the brick wall. He hears scratching noises behind the walls and assumes it's rats. He tears a small portion of the brick open where he discovers a dead body. ("Eulogy")
  • Stevie paints the vanity for Liv. ("Witness Marks")
  • Stevie presents the finished vanity to his Mom. She loves it -- until she sees the ghosts of Nell and Luke in the reflection of the center mirror. She punches it and cries, much to Stevie's dismay. ("Witness Marks"/"Screaming Meemies")
  • The cops are called in to pull the dead body of William Hill from behind the brick wall. Liv says she will keep the kids upstairs. ("Eulogy")
  • The main officer tells Hugh that it appears as though William sealed himself behind the bricks, then tried to scratch his way out when he had second thoughts. The officer asks Hugh if Hill House is really haunted. Hugh jokes that it is. The officer leaves. ("Eulogy")
  • Liv is losing it and tells Hugh what she saw and did. Liv says she feels lost. Hugh says it's stress. Liv says it isn't. At first, she had normal stress and that it was mixed with excitement and hope. Now all she is, is scared. There's nothing else. Hugh holds her hand and says that Liv should go to their Aunt's place tomorrow instead of a few days from now. ("Screaming Meemies")
DAY ???
  • The next morning, Liv leaves for their Aunt's place and says good-bye to Hugh and the kids. ("Screaming Meemies")
  • Hugh goes to the basement to check on the walls he treated with mold killer...and the chemicals have had no effect. Hugh sits on the ground, incredulous. ("Screaming Meemies")
  • After getting to where she's going, Liv calls Hugh at Hill House to check in...but she's still in town at a local motel. ("Screaming Meemies")
DAY ???
  • Somewhere around 3 AM, Liv returns to Hill House via cab. Liv stands over Hugh, watching him as he sleeps on the couch. She leaves. Liv goes to the basement where she retrieves the rat poison Hugh was using. Shirley wakes up and goes to the kitchen for a quick bite because dinner wasn't very good. She sees Liv preparing tea and asks her Mom what she's doing there. Liv says she misses her kids. She tells Shirley that she grew up so fast and says that "Kittens need their mommies until they don't." She tells Shirley to go to bed. She wakes Nell and Lucas. Abigail is also in the room, having slept over. Liv wants to throw a tea party with her and the trio of children. They go to the Red Door which is now open. Liv tells her they were the "key" the whole time. Shirley wakes Hugh and says that Liv is in the house and not at Aunt Janet's. Hugh goes to the kitchen and finds the rat poison sitting on the counter. Liv pours the kids tea. Abigail drinks hers. Lucas and Nell don't just yet. Hugh goes to Theo's room and finds her safe. He goes to the Twins' Room and find the kids gone. He runs to the Red Room. Abigail begins choking from the rat poison and foams at the mouth. Hugh runs into the room and destroys the rest of the tea set, saving Nell and Lucas. Liv attacks Hugh who tosses her against the wall and knocks her out. ("Screaming Meemies"/"Eulogy")
  • With Liv knocked out, Hugh immediately gets the kids out of the house and tries to get them to the car. Theo refuses to leave. Hugh grabs her and Theo sees horrific visions. She screams at Hugh not to touch her. ("Touch")
  • Liv awakens to find Nell and Lucas gone and Abigail on the floor, unconscious. Meanwhile, with Stevie being the only kid left in the house, Hugh goes to rescue him -- only to run into several of Hill House's ghosts standing in the hallway. He turns back and sees The Bowler Hat Ghost coming up the stairs. He goes into Stevie's room as Liv runs around, trying to find the kids. Hugh wakes Stevie and tells him to be quiet and not move. They listen as the BHG makes his way to the door. Liv does, too, and Poppy tells Liv that Hugh and Stevie are inside, hiding. The ghost of Hazel appears and tells Liv that Poppy is a liar. Liv asks Hazel for help. Hazel asks what she needs. Liv tells her she needs to wake up. Hugh tells Stevie that they're gonna make a run for it. He tells Stevie to shut his eyes and keep them shut. Hugh will carry him. They bolt and Liv chases them, but is still not with it and stumbles several times. Hugh and Stevie make it out of the mansion and peel out as the kids cry and scream. Meanwhile, all Liv can do is watch in horror from the second story window as Poppy begins telling Liv that Hugh has taken them because he's planning on hurting them all and there's nothing she can do. Fed up, Liv screams at Poppy to leave her alone, then goes back to the Red Room where she finds out that Abigail has died. She looks up and sees the ghost of Abigail standing there and then watches as another ghost takes Abigail by the hand to lead her away. Liv goes to the scaffolding where ropes hang. Poppy finds her and says that Liv needs to wake up, that this is just a "Screaming Meemie". Poppy shoves her off the second level. Liv falls to her death, her head splitting on the ground below. ("Screaming Meemies"/"Steven Sees a Ghost")
  • Hugh and the kids make it safely to the local motel where Liv was staying. He gets a room and tells the kids he will be right back and to not open the door for anyone. ("The Bent-Neck Lady")
  • Hugh makes his way back to the house where he finds his wife dead. In picking her up to cradle her, he covers himself in her blood. The Dudleys arrive to check what's going on. The Dudleys want to know where Abigail went. She was their daughter the entire time. They find her dead in the Red Room. As the Dudleys cry over her body, Abigail's ghost appears. The Dudley's ask her who hurt her. Abigail simply points to the stairs where Poppy pushed Liv off. Hugh wanders over and looks down to see his wife's ghost staring up at him. She says she's having the strangest dream before wandering off. Hugh tells Mrs. Dudley that he's gonna burn Hill House to the ground and then salt the earth. The Dudleys won't allow it, realizing that it's the last link to their daughter. Mr. Dudley says they will make a pact to say nothing about what really happened with Liv or Abigail. Clara says she wants nobody else in the house so that the house can "feed" on them. Hugh and Mr. Dudley shake on it. Hugh watches as the Dudleys leave with Abigail's body and the ghost of Abigail walks with them. ("Silence Lay Steadily")
  • Hugh returns to the motel during the daylight where he finds Nell awake. Nell says she has been waiting for Hugh to come back. The police drive up and find Hugh and Nell. Hugh says that he called the police. Hugh and the police chat. Hugh goes off to answer questions. He says Aunt Janet will be around to pick them up in a few hours. ("The Bent-Neck Lady")
  • Hugh answers questions at the police station. Near the end, the officer begins to suggest that Hugh had something to do with Liv's death. Hugh begins to fill the investigating officer on the night's events, starting with the discovery of the Red Door being open. ("Eulogy")
DAY ???
  • Liv's funeral. Shirley is initially afraid to see her Mom in the casket so the funeral director offers to go with her. Shirley is amazed that her mom looks as good as she does considering the massive head wound she sustained. ("Open Casket")
August ???
  • Hugh and Stevie meet with a Family Court lawyer. Aunt Janet is fighting for custody of the kids because of Hugh's statements that Hill House drove his wife to suicide and made them flee the house. The lawyer wants Hugh to sell Hill House but Hugh won't budge. He says nobody is allowed on the property except the cops and the Dudleys. No staff or gardeners are to be around. He says he wants Hill House to rot. ("Stevie Sees a Ghost")
  • Stevie is afraid that they will have to go live without Hugh. ("Stevie Sees a Ghost")


  • 20 years later, the family is fractured somewhat. Hugh is estranged from his kids and never remarried. Nell is still having nightmares. Shirley seems to have a happy homelife but Theo lives off of her next door. While Theo is fairly successful (she's a child psych), she spends her nights drinking and sleeping with multiple women with no real attachment to anyone. Steve is a struggling writer. Luke is a heroin addict and it's here that Shirley, the richest of the bunch, ponies up the money to support his stint in rehab. ("Open Casket")
  • Stevie and his wife Leigh have Shirley over to discuss Steve's novel: the story of his and his family's experiences at Hill House. Shirley isn't happy about it at all and says that there will be "costs" associated to the publishing of the manuscript he's written. ("Steven Sees a Ghost")
  • Stevie invites Theo, Nell, and Shirley (with her husband) to talk about the book. Stevie says that Shirley was right: he doesn't own the experiences everyone else had. So, he's offering to share the book with his family. If the book sells, he will give them all an eight percent cut. Shirley's still furious about this. Theo says she never read what Stevie sent her. Shirley says that nobody in the room will take money from him. Theo doesn't say anything but Shirley's husband and Nell agree with Shirley. ("Touch")
  • Months after the book is published, Theo comes to Steve and collects her fraction of the book's take ($15,000). Theo says she finally read the book and says that she was the one who found the bootlegging basement, not Luke. Also, she says that Steve really came up with some wild stuff to say about the final night, considering he wasn't awake for most of it. Steve asks her what she's going to do with the money. Theo says she's going to get her PhD with it. ("Touch")


  • Nell discusses her sleep paralysis issues with Arthur, a sleep tech with a local hospital, who asks her out for coffee following their session. ("The Bent-Neck Lady")
  • Nell continues to see Arthur, enjoying some wine with him at a restaurant. ("The Bent-Neck Lady")
  • Nell and Arthur make out on the couch while watching Hitchcock's "To Catch a Thief". ("The Bent-Neck Lady")
December 31st
  • Nell, Arthur, and the Crains celebrate New Year's Eve together. ("The Bent-Neck Lady")

January 1st

  • Following the countdown to midnight, Nell drinks her champagne -- and finds an engagement ring at the bottom of the glass. She's surprised. Arthur proposes with her family there and the party goes on into the night. ("The Bent-Neck Lady")
  • Nell has another bout of sleep paralysis. Arthur is there to help her through it. ("The Bent-Neck Lady")


  • Shirley does Nell's make-up for her wedding day. Luke shows up, high as a kite, and says he wants to see Nell get married. Shirley pays him a bunch of money to dismiss him and leave. Luke takes it and goes. ("Open Casket")
  • Nell and Arthur have their first dance at their wedding with all the Crains, save for Luke, in attendance. ("The Bent-Neck Lady")
  • At the wedding, Nell's groomswoman, Stacy, is missing. Nobody can find her and the toasts are late because of this. Arthur is also trying to find two of his groomsmen. Stacy is found upstairs, having just had sex with somebody. Nell and Steve stick around to see who it is -- and find out that it was Theo, surprising them both. Nell hugs her sister and is fine with it. ("Touch")
  • On the dancefloor, Theo and Stacy dance together as Shirley stares, trying to figure out why, much to the amusement of Nell and Steve. Nell mentions that Arthur doesn't start at UCLA until June. As the two laugh over life, Nell has a vision of her Mom standing there, watching her dance. She tells Steve that she has to get some air because she's had too much champagne. Hugh watches her walk off from a distance. ("The Bent-Neck Lady")


  • Nell awakens with another episode and sees the BNL. Arthur awakens to help -- but then drops dead instantly from a seemingly arbitrary brain aneurysm. ("The Bent-Neck Lady")


  • Nell is in therapy and tells her doctor that she hadn't seen the BNL since meeting Arthur. The night Arthur died was the first time in years. ("The Bent-Neck Lady")
  • Nell meets Luke and thinks she's taking him to a new rehab center. Instead, Luke tells her that she's taking him to get high. Luke swears it will be the last time before he gets totally clean. While with Luke, Nell sees the BNL, standing in front of her car, out in the rain. When she gets home, a panicked Nell dumps her meds down the toilet. ("The Bent Neck Lady")
  • One month later, Nell tells her therapist that she saw her brother and helped him get relocated to a new rehab center. The therapist suspects there's more to the story but Nell insists nothing else happened. ("The Bent-Neck Lady")
  • Theo visits Nell in Los Angeles where she's shocked when Nell tells her about the trip with Luke. Nell tells Theo to just forget about what was done. Theo wants to go sight-seeing and visit the beach -- but Nell has Theo touch Arthur's pillow and the spot where he died. Theo does so reluctantly but gets frustrated when Nell forcibly makes her touch the floor. The two fight and Nell breaks down, telling Theo she can still feel her husband around. Theo tells Nell that she can't live like this and begs Nell to move back to the East Coast. Nell says she can't go back because she wants to be there for Luke and still has her brother Steven. Theo says that Luke is an ongoing mess and will never get clean and that Steven is always on a book tour and doesn't care. After calling Nell's doctor a "quack", Nell unloads on Theo, calling her a "freeloader" and says that all she does is mooch off Shirley. Theo, upset, walks out of Nell's place. ("The Bent-Neck Lady")
July 30th
  • Luke is finally in rehab, fulfilling what promise he kept to Nell. He listens to another addict's life story while in a group meeting as the man describes his service in the military and how he saw a little girl's eyes melt. Despite being blind, he still claims to hear her. ("The Twin Thing")
August 28th
  • Luke and his rehab buddy, Joey, have dinner at Steve and Leigh's house. At this point, Luke is 30 days clean and Joey is at 7 months. Joey tells of her experience so far. ("The Twin Thing")
  • Later, as Joey talks to Leigh out in the backyard, Steve and Luke have a talk about Joey, rehab, and recovery. Steve tries to make nice but has disdain for Luke and how many times he's been at this milestone. Luke walks off in a huff, telling Steve that it only took 30 days clean to make him feel like shit again. ("The Twin Thing")
September ???
  • A month later, Steve is on a book tour for his new book, "The Haunting of Alcatraz". The customers in the book store won't stop pestering him about "The Haunting of Hill House". Nell shows up and begins asking him inconvenient questions about the privilege he believes he holds in writing about his siblings' experiences. Steve pulls her aside and says that he thinks Nell is just angry because she's going into a new treatment phase and he's sick of it. He tells her it isn't the time and place to be doing this. ("The Bent-Neck Lady")
September ???
  • Nell tells her therapist about the confrontation with Steve, saying that it felt good to stand up for herself. The therapist is somewhat happy about it but says that her past with Hill House is the big thing she still needs to confront.
  • That night, Nell sits alone and thinks about what her therapist suggested. She looks at an old photo of herself and Arthur -- then books a flight to Boston.
September 30th
  • Steve and Leigh visit an OBGYN regarding the conception of a child which Leigh really wants but Steve doesn't seem enthused about. Everything goes well until Steve admits to ejaculating by himself a week ago when he wasn't supposed to, which upsets Leigh. The meeting gets rescheduled. While in the meeting, Steve seems to see a vision of his mother through the fogged glass of the meeting room before she vanishes. ("Witness Marks")
October 26th
  • Nell arrives in Massachusetts at the same motel where Hugh took her and her siblings on the final night at Hill House. Once inside her room, she picks out 7 sugar packets and places them on the bed in front of her like Luke instructed her to when they were kids. She attempts to sleep but awakens to a vision of Luke, on the ceiling, with a dark fluid coming out of his mouth as he sobs. ("The Bent-Neck Lady")
October 27th
  • The next morning, in Los Angeles, Luke receives his 90-day sobriety chip and gives a speech, thanking Joey and Paige, the director of the shelter. He talks about how, when he was younger, he'd look out the window and hope to see his Mom's car pulling up but it never happened. He says he will work with his family for respect even though he's fucked them over so many times. ("The Twin Thing")
  • The same day, in Los Angeles, Steve is doing research for a new "Haunting" book, interviewing an older lady named Irene Walker, who relates the story of her losing her husband in a bad car accident -- but seeing him later in a ghostly form with his mouth hanging open and nothing but the sound of a loud car horn coming out of him. ("Steven Sees a Ghost")
  • As Steve's meeting wraps up, Nell attempts to call him from the motel but Steve declines the call and keeps talking to Mrs. Walker. ("Steven Sees a Ghost"/"The Bent-Neck Lady")
  • At the same moment Steve's meeting is wrapping, in Methuen, Massachusetts, Shirley is having a meeting with a family who is putting their grandmother to rest. As this happens, Nell looks at the Ended Call from Steve -- and then attempts to dial Shirley. Shirley silences the phone so it goes to voicemail and puts her phone away. Nell leaves an angst-ridden message for Shirley saying that "things are so twisted" for her right now and she needs to talk to somebody, mentioning that she's worried about Luke. Shirley continues her meeting and talks to the little boy who is frightened of seeing his dead grandmother laying in the casket. ("Steven Sees a Ghost"/"The Bent-Neck Lady")
  • Following the meeting, Shirley checks her voicemail and listens to Nell pleading for a call. She attempts to call Nell back but gets Nell's voicemail. ("Steven Sees a Ghost")
  • Shirley calls Steve who is working on setting up cameras so he can see what what Mrs. Walker saw. He is going to stay overnight and record his findings. Steve says he's too busy working and can't call Nell and this upsets Shirley who says she will go ahead and handle the family as she always seems to. Steve talks with his interviewee. ("Steven Sees a Ghost")
  • Nell goes to the soda and snack machine to get some things. There, she encounters the Bent-Neck Lady again. ("The Bent-Neck Lady")
  • As this is happening, Steve walks outside to call Luke's rehab shelter but he's not available to talk. He hangs up and goes to call Nell -- but hits her voicemail. He lets Nell know that Luke is fine and got his 90-day chip. He offers to talk to Nell the following day. ("Steven Sees a Ghost")
  • Nell gets back in her room just after Steve hangs up and listens to his voicemail. Nell cries after listening to the call...then sits in her room, depressed. ("The Bent-Neck Lady")
  • Theo goes to a club and sips on a Martini. She people-watches until she sees Trish Park, a young female. She walks over and introduces herself. The two dance together. ("Steven Sees a Ghost")
  • Luke is having issues with his "Moral Inventory" (Step 4 of the 12-step sobriety plan) and has no idea what to write. He notices that Joey seems a bit antsy and reminds her that she's 9 months sober now. Paige comes into the room and declares lights out. She tells Luke that his brother, Steve, called to check if he was still at the recovery center. Luke scoffs and says that's typical of Steve. She also says that Nell called him because she was worried about him and seemed to really believe in what he was doing. Luke says that it's "a twin thing". ("The Twin Thing")
  • Theo and Trish have sex at Theo's place. Post-coitus, Trish tries to get to know Theo but Theo is having none of it and politely kicks her out. After this, she goes out to the porch to have a beer with Shirley as Trish leaves. Shirley calls Theo "worse than a frat guy" for her behavior. Shirley says that Nell called her and asked if Theo also got a call. Theo says she and Nell haven't spoken since L.A. when they fought. Shirley goes to lecture her and Theo warns her not to, saying she's drawn boundaries in her life, dismissing Nell as crazy and foolish. ("Steven Sees a Ghost")
October 28th
  • Nell lets time pass until about 1 AM. She hasn't been able to bring herself to go to Hill House and then kicks herself for sleeping in until the afternoon. She comes to the realization that there will never be a good time to go to the house and resolves to go -- even now. She repeats what her therapist told her before she came in order to build herself up: "It's just a carcass in the woods." (The Bent-Neck Lady)
  • Just before Nell arrives at Hill House, Hugh (living in Jacksonville, Florida), sleeps alone in his bed. He suddenly feels an arm snake over his from the other side -- then turns over to see a darkened face (presumably of Liv). Her mouth hangs open and there's a high-pitched screech before he wakes up and she's no longer there. ("Steven Sees a Ghost")
  • At approximately 1:37 AM EST, Nell arrives at Hill House and drives through the gates. She calls her father and tells him that she saw the Bent-Neck Lady again. He asks where she's at and she lies and tells Hugh that she's at home. He advises her to go to Steve and Leigh's house. She agrees to. At this point, Hill House lights up, almost inviting her in. She tells her Dad that she loves him and they hang up. ("Steven Sees a Ghost"/"The Bent-Neck Lady")
  • As Nell walks up to Hill House, Hugh seems to be talking to somebody who isn't seen in the room with him. He says he know that she wouldn't go to Hill House. He quickly packs his bags and leaves. ("Steven Sees a Ghost")
  • Nell enters Hill House which looks just like she left it: clean and completely lit -- and encounters younger versions of her family as she knew them in 1992. Luke and Stevie are playing hide and seek. Hugh comes downstairs and tells Nell that it's late. Shirley interrupts and says that they were going to have a tea party, which Hugh allows. Shirley takes Nell upstairs to see her Mom, who has written "WELCOME HOME NELL" on the wall where Nell was accused of doing so when she was younger. Her Mom is happy to see her as Nell's eyes well up. Nell once again reiterates that she didn't draw on the wall. Theo and Shirley say they know she didn't. Liv also knows and tells Nell to get dressed for bed. She even has something Nell can wear. Nell makes her way to her Mom's room and opens a drawer. ("The Bent-Neck Lady")
  • At about 2:43 AM EST (11:43 PM PST), Hugh calls Steve and tells him that he is to go home and meet Nell there. Steve objects and says he isn't going to be told what to do by his father anymore. He tries to tell his Dad that he doesn't live at home anymore (he and Leigh are separated) but his Dad hangs up before he can get the words out. After the call, Steve does one final equipment check, then turns out the lights and lays on the bed, dozing off. ("Steven Sees a Ghost")
  • At Hill House, Nell has a beautiful, old, white gown on. Her Mom says she looks beautiful and tells her that they need to go because they can't be late for "the reception". She makes her way downstairs where she sees her siblings, now grown up, waiting for her. Steve, with Leigh, greets her first. This is followed by Theo and Shirley with Theo apologizing for the fight they had in Los Angeles. Hugh and Liv look proud of Nell, then step back to reveal Luke who thanks Nell for believing in him. He says he's clean and sober thanks to her, then steps back to reveal Arthur standing behind him. The two dance throughout the mansion as the camera's POV snaps in and out of reality, showing Nell dancing through the dusty mansion by herself on occasion. They stop near the metal stairwell that coils upward to the second floor and Arthur kisses Nell -- then vanishes. When Nell opens her eyes, she sees Abigail, sitting at the foot of the stairs. Nell says hello to her but Abigail says nothing and just stares back at her. Liv walks into the room with the tea set and tells Nell to come along for the tea party. A young Luke follows with Abigail behind them. Nell does as well. Nell stops at the top of the stairs and looks down, seeing Arthur looking back up at her. She touches what appears to be a rope tied in a circle, then puts it down as Liv offers Nell the locket she promised her. She puts it around Nell's neck. Suddenly, Nell realizes something isn't right and realizes she's tied the noose around her neck instead -- and Nell is standing outside the protective railing. Liv tells her everything will be all right. Liv's eyes well with tears as she steps forward and tells Nell that it's time to wake up. She kisses Nell on the head which sends Nell off the scaffold. Her neck snaps and Nell dies instantly. ("The Bent-Neck Lady")
  • At 12:03 AM PST and 3:03 AM EST, Steve, Luke, Theo, and Shirley ALL awaken at the same time, clutching their necks, having felt some of the sensation that Nell just experienced. Shirley whispers the words "Nellie's in the Red Room." ("Steven Sees a Ghost"/"The Twin Thing"/"Touch"/"Open Casket")
  • Back at Hill House, Nell is hanging by her neck...but seems to still be "alive" in some manner. That's when she falls again -- and lands in front of herself at the soda machine at the motel just before coming to Hill House. She watches herself as she screams. She falls again and ends up on the rainy night, hanging before Nell's car. Nell falls again -- and ends up witnessing herself having sleep paralysis as Arthur dies on the floor next to the bed. She falls again -- and sees herself floating above her 1992 self, sleeping on the couch, whimpering "no" over and over. She falls again and she's standing in front of her younger self as she sleeps in her bed. This is the final fall and Nell screams as it all makes sense to her now. ("The Bent-Neck Lady")
  • Kevin asks Shirley what she said but Shirley tells him it was nothing and goes back to sleep. ("Open Casket")
  • Luke sees a vision of Nell in front of his top bunk cot. She says "Go" before vanishing. ("The Twin Thing")
  • Steve can't get back to sleep after waking and feels water dripping on his face. It turns out there's a leak on the ceiling. Also, he sees some traffic outside Mrs. Walker's bedroom window where a car nearly hits another car and honks. ("Steven Sees a Ghost")
  • Early at the rehab center, Luke awakens and finds a note from Joey. He looks confused. ("The Twin Thing")
  • At daybreak, Steve explains to Mrs. Walker that she most likely imagined seeing the ghost of her husband and had some sort of form of sleep paralysis combined with the leak, dreaming and cars outside. He tells Irene that, sometimes, we see what we want to see. Irene objects and asks why she'd want to see her husband like that. Steve tells her that it's better than not seeing them at all and adds, "Sometimes a ghost is a wish." Downstairs, Steve signs Irene's copy of "The Haunting of Hill House". He freezes and remembers Shirley's outburst from six years ago regarding the book, then tells Irene that he's going to write her story, adding that he will also take liberties. Irene's shocked and asked "You really didn't see anything?" Steven just smiles and shakes his head slightly. ("Steven Sees a Ghost")
  • Luke goes to his 12-step meeting and Paige confirms that Joey left rehab in the middle of the night. She also lectures the group on forming relationships, which Luke objects to, vocally, then asks Paige how they're supposed to rehab without support from friends. Paige keeps talking and Luke walks out of the meeting, going back to his room. He revisits the note which Joey left, then leaves rehab, leaving the note behind for Paige to find. The note read, "Don't follow me".
  • Luke makes a call to Nell and tells her how he saw a vision but wants to talk to her. He tells her that he hopes to hear from her soon. He sits on a park bench and sees the Bowler Hat Ghost/William Hill off in the distance, with his back to Luke. ("The Twin Thing")
  • Meanwhile, in Massachusetts, Shirley has another meeting with the young boy who is nervous about seeing his grandmother in a coffin. Shirley describes how she will make his grandmother look beautiful so she won't look "dead". ("Open Casket")
  • Theo's client is a little girl who claims that she always sees a man come down the stairs with a huge smile, bigger than normal. Theo tells the little girl that she used to be scared of things like that but that she imagined putting really strong bricks around herself so that nobody can get in. Later, Theo consults with the girl's parents. ("Touch")
  • Theo has lunch at Shirley's and complains about her lunch stock being low. Shirley reminds her that she could always go out for lunch -- and bring Trish with her. Theo scoffs. Shirley asks her how work is going. Theo talks about the little girl who she can't seem to crack. Theo talks about how closed off she seems to be. Shirley remarks that she knows a woman like that, causing Theo to smirk and walk off with an apple. ("Touch")
  • Theo meets with a little boy named Timothy who seems shy. Theo puts out her hand to shake -- minus her gloves. Timothy eventually shakes her hand. ("Touch")
  • Post-session, Theo goes over Timothy's notes, then closes his file and files it away -- when she finds her paperback copy of Steve's "The Haunting of Hill House". She remembers back to the deal Steve tried to make with the family, then tosses the novel in the trash. ("Touch")
  • Shirley's son, Jayden, is upset that his mom got him a cheesy-looking plastic mask with no defining features. He wants to go as Daredevil. Shirley is completely clueless as to what he's talking about. Kevin and Shirley sit down to talk after dismissing Jayden where it's revealed that the funeral home, while in the black, is barely making a profit. Meanwhile, the grown son of the dead grandmother comes in with some of his mom's personal possessions. Kevin takes it while Shirley sees Ryan Quale, a man she met in the past. She thinks back a bit, then goes into her husband's briefcase and discovers a book of checks from an account separate from theirs. ("Open Casket")
  • On his way back home, Steve calls Leigh and informs her that Nell seemed freaked and may come by the house. Leigh is cold about this so Steve tells her to just direct her to his place. Steve asks if they can get together and talk. Leigh tells him that he knows what he has to say and asks if it's worth it to him before hanging up on him. ("Steven Sees a Ghost")
  • Theo has dinner with Shirley and her family. After the kids bicker, Theo and Shirley chat privately about the checkbook Shirley discovered. Theo tells Shirley to ask her husband about it but Shirley scoffs at the idea. Theo sarcastically tells her that she'll end up building things up in her mind. They're interrupted by Allie, Shirley's daughter, who loves her Aunt Theo (and has gloves like hers), and begs for cookies and milk for finishing her dinner. Theo smiles and joins her. ("Open Casket")
  • Theo goes to the same club to blow off steam. She dances by herself for a bit, then becomes tired and tells the bartender to close out her tab and that she needs water. She looks to her right and sees Trish, who waves at her and tries to approach her...but Theo breaks eye contact completely and ignores her, causing Trish to turn heel and go back where she came from. ("Touch")
  • Back at home, Theo studies Kelsey's file (the first little girl) and adds some notes. Without thinking about it, she suddenly draws a simple smiley face with two dots and a smile. She closes the file, puts it near Trish's number, then turns the lights out and goes to sleep. ("Touch")
  • Meanwhile, in L.A., Luke manages to track down Joey and calls Paige to let her know -- but Paige cites the rules of the recovery center which stipulate that if addicts abandon the shelter voluntarily and the shelter is full, they can't come back. ("The Twin Thing")
  • Luke and Joey walk together and then hit Leigh's house who updates Luke on her and Steve's relationship. Luke says he doesn't care about that and that he's clean and that they just need a safe place to stay for the night. Leigh declines Luke's wishes and sends them on their way. She refuses to give them Steve's address. ("The Twin Thing")
  • Luke manages to find Steve's place and breaks in, stealing his camera and his iPad so that he can make a quick sell and get cash so that he and Joey can go to a hotel. As he comes down the stairs, Luke bumps into Steve who tells Luke that he can keep the camera but that he needs the iPad. He offers $200 dollars on top of that. Luke gives him his iPad and takes the cash, then tells Steve that it isn't what he thinks -- and then hands the camera to Steve as well and leaves. ("Steven Sees a Ghost"/"The Twin Thing")
  • Luke shows Joey the money they have and says they can get a nice clean place for a couple of nights and have enough for food as well -- but Joey is thinking of something else and they begin to walk. ("The Twin Thing")
  • Back at Steve's apartment, he walks in and sees Nell standing there waiting for him, looking a bit worried. He asks her what's going on and asks her if she saw Luke stealing his stuff and did nothing about it -- then gets interrupted by a phone call from his Dad. His Dad tells him that Nell was lying to everyone. She went to Hill House -- and she's dead. Steve slowly drops the phone to his side and turns around to see Nell suddenly standing a foot from his face. Her face goes rancid and she screams in an unholy manner, vanishing. Steve is knocked to the floor and stays there in shock. ("Steven Sees a Ghost")
  • After grabbing food, Luke says they're going to get a nice place where there's no temptation to buy drugs -- but Joey ducks into an alley, telling Luke she's going to use the bathroom. She kisses Luke and leaves him as street dealers eye him like a piece of meat. Joey seems to vanish after Luke tries to pull her out of the alley. Luke sees the Bowler Hat Man after leaving the alley and then runs. But no matter where he goes, The Bowler Hat Man is always there. ("The Twin Thing")
  • A couple hours later, Steve calls Shirley, waking her out of a dead sleep. He notifies her that Nell is dead. At first, Shirley is in complete denial, then begins blaming Steve for the death but Steve is so numb, he hangs up, unable to deal with Shirley's anger. ("Open Casket")
October 29th
  • Very early in the morning, Theo awakens to the feeling of her comforter being pulled off her bed -- and looks up to see "Mr. Smiley" doing it. She flips on the light and he vanishes. ("Touch")
  • Shirley walks to Theo's and sees the lights on the house flicker on. Shirley tells Theo that Nell is dead. ("Open Casket"/"Touch")
  • Shirley and Theo sit in her bedroom and talk about what happened. Shirley wonders what she's going to tell her kids. Theo advises that she should just tell them what they suspect, but that they're safe. Theo drinks her way through all of it and says it's better that her kids ask Shirley than her because she's pissed off at Nell for committing suicide. ("Touch")
  • As dawn hits California, Luke is still out on the street and gets jumped in a rough area of town. They take whatever he had on him including his shoes. As he tries to de-stress following the incident, he sees the Bowler Hat Man again. This time, he walks away from him with conviction -- but the ghost follows him no matter what. He whispers to himself that the ghost isn't real. ("The Twin Thing")
  • Shirley is at the morgue and instructs her assistant, Andi, to retrieve Nell's body and bring it to the funeral home so that she can host the funeral, a move which upsets Shirley's husband and angers Theo mainly because Shirley is so dismissive of Luke due to his drug habit and because she believes Hugh was the one who made Nell the way she was. After an argument, Shirley walks off. ("Open Casket")
  • Shirley wants to do all of Nell's restoration which Kevin and Andi cannot believe. ("Open Casket")
  • Nell's body arrives and it's too much for Theo who bails out and goes back to work. ("Open Casket"/"Touch")
  • Shirley opens up Nell's body bag and looks at her face. ("Open Casket")
  • Theo goes to the Dunlap household while Kelsey is at school and asks if she can look around in the basement where Kelsey sees "Mr. Smiley". She lays on the couch and feels the sensation of physical abuse, then looks up at the wood planks above her and sees two dark circular knots over a twisted looking "smile". She goes back upstairs and says good-bye to Mr. Dunlap, shaking his hand, and then says she's looking at his smile. ("Touch")
  • Back in her car, Theo requests Social Services and the cops come by the house. ("Touch")
  • Meanwhile, Shirley is doing an autopsy on Nell's body while talking to Steve on the phone. They can't find Luke but continue to try. Shirley angrily orders him to get two men to an airport and compares it with her job which she says is much harder than his. ("Open Casket")
  • Theo witnesses the cops arresting Mr. Dunlap. He sees her in her car as he's wheeled away. ("Touch")
  • Shirley continues with the restoration but is interrupted by her kids who begin asking questions about what happened to Nell. After saying she won't lie to them, she omits the truth about how she died. Then she details what she's doing with the body. ("Open Casket")
  • Shirley does Nell's make-up after doing the initial restoration. Suddenly, her mouth begins to move and a giant insect, similar to the one she saw come out of her dead kitten's mouth when she was young, crawls out of Nell's mouth, freaking Shirley out and making her sob. ("Open Casket")
  • After completing the restoration, Shirley goes to leave the morgue -- but stops when she looks back and sees two bodies. One is of her Mom, Liv. Liv suddenly sits up and holds the same keepsake box given to her from the family whose grandmother's funeral they just hosted. Then Liv and the box vanish. Shirley fills out some paperwork, then leaves, turning off the lights behind her. After she does, the light inside the model of her Mom's "Forever Home" (sitting in the corner of her office) switches on. ("Open Casket")
  • Meanwhile, in California, Luke is beaten and alone and shivering from the cold night around him. He calls Paige and begs for a bed. Steve is there with her and she tells him that they will come get Luke right away. After the call, Luke sits on a bench and counts to himself as he did when he was a kid. ("The Twin Thing")
  • At night, Theo goes into the morgue and touches Nell's forehead, attempting to feel something. She jumps back in horror. ("Touch")
  • Back in California, Luke paces the sidewalk waiting for his pick-up. Once again, he sees the Bowler Hat Man. He walks about 20 feet -- with the ghost moving along with him as he does, always facing away. Finally facing his fear, he turns around to see a vision of his Mom with her eyes closed, wearing the Bowler Hat. She beckons him to "come home" before opening her eyes to reveal two bright lights -- which become Paige and Steve's headlights. Luke rushes to Steve and hugs him, saying he couldn't help Joey and hasn't been using. He says he's still sober but he still feels like he's going through withdrawals. He asks Steve if he believes him. Steve says that Luke has to come with him because Nell died. Luke is shocked and asks how. Steve says it was suicide. Luke replies that it wasn't. ("The Twin Thing")
October 30th

  • Very early in the morning, Theo is on Shirley and Kevin's porch, drinking whiskey from the bottle after having felt Nell's head. Kevin comes out to see her and Theo coldly tells him that Shirley found his checkbook for his individual account. Kevin says that if Theo tells Shirley about that checkbook, it's just as bad for her as it is for him. Theo says she won't and then sarcastically tells Kevin to make something up about a secret mistress/family so she won't have to get angry at something that isn't the truth. Trish arrives in the background.
  • After the two kiss in her bedroom, Trish wants to take a moment to talk and sort things out. She says that she didn't like being kicked out and ignored by Theo at the club. Trish, agitated, says she wants to just have a normal conversation before they do anything else. Theo talks about her long day with Kelsey and how she basically ruined the kid's life by putting her into foster care after her parents lost custody of her following the arrest of her Dad. Instead of continuing to talk, Theo, with tears in her eyes, asks what else Trish wants to hear. Trish kisses her and the two end up having sex again. ("Touch")
  • Much later the same day, a major storm hits the area around he funeral home, not unlike the one that struck Hill House 26 years ago. The entire family is there for it. Theo is drinking heavily, Kevin is putting food out to eat. Shirley is perfecting her work on Nell. Steve and Luke are there with Luke flipping out about things and Steve is on edge due to his marriage. Things don't get any better as the alcohol consumption continues, the lights go out and Nell's spirit haunts the hallways of the funeral home. The entire ordeal is tense as the family airs years-worth of dirty laundry and reveals their secrets to one another. ("Two Storms")
October 31st
  • On the day of the Nell's funeral, Hugh tries on ties in front of a mirror, getting advice from somebody the audience can neither see nor hear. ("Eulogy")
  • Hugh gets to Shirley's house and her kids don't know or recognize him. Kevin wants to talk to Shirley about the revelation that he took Steve's money but Shirley doesn't want to. It's also revealed that Hugh talks to his dead wife. ("Eulogy")
  • Hugh and Theo talk things over. Theo tells Hugh that she fucked up and has no idea where she's going to be living after all this and apologizes to him for not meeting him halfway when she should have. When she goes to shower, Hugh and Liv's spirit talk, with Liv expressing surprise at Liv's apology. ("Eulogy")
  • At the funeral home, Hugh scopes out Steve and wishes that he did better for his son. Liv tells him that he did just fine. Hugh approaches Leigh and she hugs him out of sympathy. Hugh goes to Luke and says he's proud of him -- but Liv tells Hugh to just sit with Luke because Luke doesn't want to make today about himself. Theo shows up and hangs out with Luke and Hugh -- and this is complicated when Trish shows up out of nowhere. Theo is upset with her at first but she's somewhat warmly greeted by Hugh and Luke, who wave. Hugh says that he and Liv knew about Theo's sexuality and they were fine with it. Aunt Janet (Liv's sister) shows up as well. ("Eulogy")
  • The family makes their various speeches. ("Eulogy")
  • Shirley goes from limo to limo and refuses to ride with Theo or her husband after she seemed to discover them close together at the funeral home during the storm. She rides with Hugh who tries to reach out to her emotionally -- but Shirley tells him to stay out of her business, to which Hugh remarks was like sticking his hand in a running fan. ("Eulogy")
  • The family buries Nell. They all toss soil on her coffin. Janet loses herself and begins to sob. Hugh thinks she's grandstanding even though Liv tries to explain that Janet helped raise Nell. Luke goes to toss his soil last -- and looks up to see the spirit of Nell in her BNL form. After that, his Mom tries to grab him by the wrist and pull him into her coffin but Steve stops it. Luke insists Nell and Liv were there but Steve says it's just made up by his mind. He tells Luke that he will end up just like Nell and Liv if he doesn't get his shit together. ("Eulogy")
  • At the wake, everyone drinks and eats and talks. Liv tells Hugh to finish his drink and say his goodbyes and he won't see them again for years if he doesn't want to. Hugh says nothing -- and Liv says that she thinks Hugh does want to see everyone again. Hugh approaches Luke and tells him that sometimes people see dead family as a coping mechanism -- but, sometimes, they see things because they're there. They hug and Luke departs. Hugh sees a purse on one of the seats and suspects that Luke might have taken some money. ("Eulogy")
  • Hugh tries to patch things up with Steve. Liv tells him what to apologize for. Hugh ignores it all and simply tells Steve to fly safe. Shirley discovers that her wallet is missing and Theo says that her car is gone. Hugh speaks up and tells them that he saw Luke looking at Shirley's purse. Steve checks outside while Shirley attends to things in the funeral home. Theo and Hugh see dirty footprints leading into Shirley's office and finds that the model of the "Forever Home" is smashed to pieces on the floor. And one of the ghosts from Hill House seems to try to attack Theo before vanishing. ("Eulogy")
  • Shirley gets on the phone with her credit card company and asks that they send an alert if the card is used. Hugh and Theo try to talk Shirley down but she's convinced Luke's going to shoot heroin again. Theo warns Shirley that it may not involve drugs and may be a suicide since he and Nell were twins. ("Witness Marks")
  • Hugh goes with Steve to look for Luke. While driving, Hugh gets curious about why Steve and Leigh aren't together anymore. He gives Steve the history of his marriage to Liv. ("Witness Marks")
  • Kevin takes the kids trick-or-treating but wants to talk to Shirley when he gets back. She refuses and says he will be back at the hotel he's staying at. He tells her that he loves her and she simply replies "have fun". She requests that Kevin turn off the porch light because she doesn't want trick-or-treaters. ("Witness Marks")
  • As Shirley attempts to put the Forever House back together, the shop doorbell rings. She waits for whoever is ringing it to go away, but they don't. She goes outside -- but nobody's there. She leaves a big bowl of candy outside for anyone who wants it. ("Witness Marks")
  • Hugh talks to Steve about having kids. Steve refuses and airs his grievances: he's pissed off that Hugh left Liv at Hill House alone and took all her kids. He says he read the police file and it looks like she got beat up before they left. Steve says that Janet raised them all and he didn't. Steve simply says that he misses his Mom. ("Witness Marks")
  • Shirley tosses out the Forever House model. The doorbell to the funeral home rings again. She goes toward the door and stops, whispering, "Just take the fucking candy...and go." But then comes a knock at the door. She races to the door and opens it and nobody's there. She yells into the night that she isn't in the mood. She walks back into the funeral home and sees a vision of Ryan Quale again, raising a whiskey glass to her. There's a knock at her parlor window. Nobody's there. Ryan vanishes. There's more knocking at the funeral home door but nobody is there again. Shirley yells into the night again. This time, Theo is behind her and says she has come to apologize. Theo tries to talk to Shirley but Shirley is so headstrong, she won't have it. Shirley tries to throw Theo out but, as they approach the door, somebody bangs on the door. Nobody's there. The banging on the door continues...then on the windows and walls. Then it stops. Shirley gets a call on her phone. The card companies got a hit. It's a gas station. Shirley calls Steve to let him know where Luke was. Theo begs Shirley to tell them what just happened at the funeral home. She doesn't. All four suspect that Luke is on the way to Hill House. ("Witness Marks")
  • Hugh and Steve debate mental illness within their family and Steve reveals he had a vasectomy right out of college -- but he didn't tell Leigh about it. ("Witness Marks")
  • Hugh stops at the gas station outside the road heading to Hill House. They learn that Luke bought five gas cans worth of gas before leaving. Hugh says that Luke is headed to burn down Hill House. Steve's ok with this. Hugh begins talking about Hill House and Hugh tells him to listen and reveals that Steve isn't mentally insane. He saw a ghost when he was at Hill House. Steve doesn't believe him. Hugh tells him that the man repairing the clock was a ghost. The clock was an antique and only a handful of people could repair it correctly. Hugh didn't hire anyone for that very reason. He also reveals that there was no treehouse where Luke hung out. He says that Hill House considers them "an unfinished meal" and that it wants to finish what it started. ("Witness Marks")
  • Shirley and Theo drive to Hill House as well. They argue in the car so heatedly, Nell's angry spirit jumps in out of nowhere and screams at the two of them, causing Shirley to pull the car over. Theo tells Shirley that when she touched Nell on the head in the funeral home, she felt nothing -- and that darkness spread throughout her body. She said she tried to get back to normal and to feel anything, so she called Trish for sex and felt nothing. She tried to mourn and drink and felt nothing. She said that she went to the basement and the lights went out during the storm. She says she floated in darkness and contemplated if this is what death felt like. When the lights came on, she saw Kevin and reached out for him. She says nothing happened. Shirley walked in and saw them. She says that after she touched Kevin, she felt normal again. She apologizes to Shirley. The two drive on. ("Witness Marks")
  • Luke arrives at Hill House first. When he comes out with gas cans, the mansion lights up with red lighting through all the windows. Luke walks in and pours gasoline all over the main hallway, then counts to himself. He lights a lighter and drops it on the ground and flames appear...then they go out. Liv appears at the top of the stairs in the hallway, beckoning to Luke. That's when Poppy appears behind Luke and grabs him. ("Witness Marks")
  • Shirley and Theo arrive at Hill House next. They rush to Hugh and Steve who call their names from upstairs. Shirley stops when she sees Ryan sitting at the old piano. Theo gets caught in the Red Room and gets knocked out by Poppy. Shirley goes to talk to Ryan once and for all. ("Silence Lay Steadily")
  • Hugh and Steve arrive at Hill House next. Hugh goes to the spiral staircase room while Steve sees the tall, ghoulish version of the Bowler Hat Ghost in the hallway outside. He calmly walks to his Dad who stops Steve in his tracks. Abigail is in the room at the foot of the stairs like she was when Nell died. The Bowler Hat Ghost walks in past the two men. Hugh sees it and tells Steve to look directly at Hugh the entire time. The BHG leans down and examines Steve's face up close...then leaves. Abigail is also gone. Hugh and Steve make their way to the hall leading to the Red Room. At first, the door is shut. Steve doesn't understand how a door can't be opened. Hugh says he's tried anything. Suddenly, the door is open and Steve sees Luke on the ground. He's been poisoned with rat poison and he's choking. Steve rushes in with Hugh telling him to wait. The door closes behind Steve. Hugh tries to re-open the door but can't. A darkness courses through the door to his hand and washes over him. ("Silence Lay Steadily")
  • During their lost time, the children have the following visions:
  • Steve dreams that Leigh is happily pregnant -- but is disgusted with the way Steve has raised a living, stealing other people's stories for financial gain. Her stomach grows grotesquely and she threatens to "pop" -- but Nell appears to Steve's right side and brings him back to reality. ("Silence Lay Steadily")
  • Shirley relives her time with Ryan -- and, this time, tries to do the right thing. The dream ends with Shirley seeing herself in a coffin while her own corpse rises up and tears her own stitches out of her face. ("Silence Lay Steadily")
  • Theo dreams of a relationship with Trish who attempts to please her. While doing so, Theo wakes up after being grabbed by a bunch of pale white, dead hands. ("Silence Lay Steadily")
  • Luke dreams of having time with Joey in a hotel -- before Joey's eyes melt out of her skull. ("Silence Lay Steadily")
  • Steve awakens and tries to bring Luke back. His heart is failing and Steve does CPR. Theo and Shirley join him. ("Silence Lay Steadily")
  • Luke has a near-death dream of a pristine, freshly-painted white Red Room. Little Nell and Abigail are at the tea party table. Liv is there, too. Everyone wears bowler hats. Little Nell warns Luke against sitting with them at the table. Luke realizes that this is a trap and heads for the exit. Nell helps him and pulls him out of it all. ("Silence Lay Steadily")
  • As Luke comes back to life, Nell appears before the four kids. She explains that the Red Room is Hill House's stomach. It was a room for each of them. For Nell, it was a Toy Room. For Luke, it was a Treehouse. For Steve, it was a Game Room. For Theo, it was a Dance Studio. For Shirley, it was a Family Room for Shirley and a Reading Room for Liv. It put on a different appearance for everyone so they'd stay still while the house fed on all of them. She assures Luke and the rest of her siblings that she isn't gone. The siblings apologize to Nell for not being there for her. She assures them that it wouldn't have changed a thing. Nell vanishes. ("Silence Lay Steadily")
  • Hugh wakes up outside the Red Room and takes medication to control his heart. Poppy appears and recites a grim poem about a family murder, then tries to seduce Hugh -- but not before Liv appears and sends her away. Liv wants to know why Hugh has been away so long. Hugh says he's always had Liv near him. Liv says that isn't true. Hugh says he's been shielding the kids from the monsters in Hill House for so long. Liv says the monsters are in the outside world. Hugh agrees and says that the monsters outside are just part of life. He pleads for Liv to let the kids out of the Red Room and he will stay with Liv, something he failed to do all those years ago. ("Silence Lay Steadily")
  • The Red Room opens and the kids escort Luke out. Steve and Hugh stay behind while Theo and Shirley get Luke to a hospital. Steve and Hugh witness young Hugh coming back to Hill House after getting the kids out during the final night. It's revealed that Hugh has been dead since trying to get up the stairs early into the episode. His heart gave out. Steve knew about it -- but said nothing to his siblings. Hugh leaves Steve to be with Liv and Nell, telling him that he felt so lucky to be Steve's dad. The Red Room closes and Steve walks out of Hill House with all the ghosts of the mansion watching him go. ("Silence Lay Steadily")
  • Luke awakens at the hospital. ("Silence Lay Steadily")
November 1st
  • Steve and Leigh talk with Steve finally telling Leigh that he's lived with ghosts his entire life and that it's really mixed him up. ("Silence Lay Steadily")
  • Shirley and Kevin talk with Shirley finally confessing her affair. ("Silence Lay Steadily")
  • Theo moves out of her place and plans to move in with Trisha. ("Silence Lay Steadily")
  • The Dudleys, now elderly, go to Hill House as Clara is dying and wishes to be with Abigail forever. As soon as she dies, her spirit appears with Abigail and she looks happy. ("Silence Lay Steadily")


  • Theo, Steve, and Shirley celebrate 2 years of Luke's sobriety. ("Silence Lay Steadily")

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