The Hood discussion (Vaughan/Hotz) [SPOILERS]


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So, I had never heard of The Hood before he appeared in New Avengers.

I had an awesome 40% coupon from Borders and I picked it up. So far it's pretty good. I'm pretty sure this is totally against Marvel policy now, but I loved the scene with Shocker and Jack-o-Lantern:

SHOCKER: You sure, Constrictor? Jack-Off Lantern here sure smells like a mutie.
JOL: Shut the **** up, Shocker

How great is that?

I found this thread after searching for any discussion on The Hood - apparently this came out way back in '02? And they re-released it almost a year ago?


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Is there a tpb for this?

I know there is a HC but I want the trade.

Check amazon, but i think it's only in HC right now.

I really love the mini especially the Jack o'Lantern/Shocker moments. Vaughan is so awesome he made Jack o'Lantern cool. I wish he could continue the story, there was some plot points left who was Golem's boss or Did ''White Fang'' ever find The Hood.