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  1. E

    Saga by Brian K Vaughan and Fiona Staples (SPOILERS)

    I thought we had a thread for this. Brian Vaughan returns to comics and we don't have a thread for this?! I am a little late to the party here. I usually read comics a couple weeks after they come out but this is one I wanted to make a point to read as soon as I could. I. LOVED. IT. It is so...
  2. TheManWithoutFear

    Le Grand Depart (Y: The Last Man Spoilers)

    I was just reading the wikipedia entry for Y: The Last Man and didn't even realize the plague that wiped out every organism with a Y chromosome was left open ended. Probably because I'm stubborn and accepted the answer I favored and never thought about it again. But apparently BKV said it was...
  3. DIrishB

    Ex Machina (Complete Timeline / Chronology)

    December 15, 1969 Ex Machina #16, “Off the Grid, Chapter 2” (pg. 1-5) November 2, 1976 Ex Machina #1, “The Pilot” (pg. 3-4) July 13, 1977 Ex Machina #27, “Power Down, Chapter 2” (pg. 1-2) July 26, 1977 Ex Machina #13, “Fact v. Fiction, Chapter 2” (pg. 1-3) 1978 Ex...
  4. Jaggyd

    Runaways movie

    I was glancing through Yahoo, and look what I found.;_ylt=AhjeOsS_GkjyRl5ej_D0MXkwFxkF
  5. DIrishB

    Y: The Last Man - The COMPLETE Timeline

    1976 Y: The Last Man #47, “The Tin Man” (pg. 2-3) 1980 Y: The Last Man #41, “Buttons” (pg. 3-5) Y: The Last Man #26, “Hero’s Journey” (pg. 1-3) Y: The Last Man #47, “The Tin Man” (pg. 4-7) 1981 Y: The Last Man #50, “Motherland, Chapter Two” (pg. 1-4) 1982 Y: The Last Man #48...
  6. Ultimates

    The Hood discussion (Vaughan/Hotz) [SPOILERS] read it.
  7. Goodwill

    Pride - Being taught in class

    I'm sure Brian K. Vaughan, and some members of this board, will be pleased to know that Prides of Bagdhad is being taught in a colleg writing course. :rock:
  8. Friday

    Logan - BKV and Risso - speculation

    This is a thread to speculate on the 2007 project by Brian K Vaughan (Runnaways, Ultimate X-Men) and Edward Risso (100 Bullets, Batman: Broken City) Links to linework for the book
  9. Victor Von Doom

    Pride of Baghdad Discussion **Spoilers**

    :shock: Seeing as how most people who were interested in this got theirs on pre-order...they have to wait on it. So I'll probably be the only one posting in this. But anyways.... As much as I love BKV's other works......THIS is probably the best thing I've ever read by him...
  10. Ice

    Dr. Strange: The Oath discussion [Vaughan/Martin]

  11. the watcher

    Y The Last Man: Movie news.

    According to Brian K. Vaughan has finished his the Screenplay for Y The Last Man: Movie. Check it out at:
  12. compound

    Ex Machina series discussion (spoilers)

    Because I couldn't find any relevant thread. Admin: please merge if redundant. I was honestly a little surprised to find that nobody had bothered to start an official timeline for this non-linear series on Vaughn's personal message board. I'm considering putting a chronology together, for...
  13. Friday

    Excellent Ex Machina V1 Review

    Can be found HERE Vaughan's got a damn good track record with me (4-1 FYI), but I think that this is his best work todate. Pick up V1, you won't regret it.
  14. TheManWithoutFear

    Y: The Last Man - series discussion (spoilers)

    Wow... I just read issue 1 from the first trade. I have to watch smallville now so I'll get back to this. But, wow this was so good. Thanks Baxter for the recommending and to my comic shop owner and anyone else. This is definitely going to be a keeper.
  15. Friday

    Runaways Vol. 2 #1-24 (Brian K. Vaughan/Adrian Alphona) (spoilers)

    Both are up at Hero Realm. Link for the lazy ones.