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Grocer Man

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This is an idea for a fanfilm I've had in my head for a while.

Basic Summary: Joker decides to create a video blog on YouTube, intending to capitalize on this new fad. Of course, he’s not doing it to whine about his latest scheme failing…he’s doing it, as always, for the punchline.

It would basically be a dark parody of video blogs, and a look into the Joker’s psyche.

I think I could do it. I have a friend who can do an excellent Joker impression. Just felt like sharing, to see if anyone likes the idea.


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Sounds like it has the potential to be really excellent.

What you should do is get your friend to do a couple screen tests of his Joker impression(makeup's not necessary for these) so you can get some feedback on that before going into production.


Grocer Man

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Alrighty, the rough draft has been finished.

Here's a somewhat more detailed plot summary.

The Joker has created a video blog on Youtube. However, due to technical difficulties, "You'd be surprised how hard it is to set up an Internet connection in an abandoned funhouse," The Joker breaks into Gotham City Hall, dispatches security, bounds and gags the Mayor, just so he use his computer to make a blog. The Joker would speak his opinion on various subjects, like modern comedy and Youtube itself. And most importantly, he tells the audience his motives for being the Clown Prince of Crime...he's in it for the punchline.

I've yet to decide if batman will appear out of being mentioned. I have decided that the Bat-Signal will make an appearance, though.