The Lost City Of Atlantis....


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Oct 23, 2005
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.... might not be so "lost" anymore.

Also cool to note:
researchers say they also discovered a series of mysterious memorial cities in central Spain, seemingly modelled on Atlantis, leading them to conclude those who survived the tsunami fled Atlantis and built new cities inland.

Seriously though.... GREAT SCOTT. I'm surprised they're all actually declaring it to be "Atlantis", but the fact that it's been discovered as being right beyond what, in Plato's day, were the Pillars of Hercules is pretty astonishing.
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Yea he did.

This is nothing more than like the town that was buried by a volcano, same type of deal. The people calling this Atlantis just want the press for calling it Atlantis.
Ummm... didn't Plato just make up Atlantis to make a philosophical point?

That's generally been the consensus, but the fact is.... they apparently just discovered a giant city on a ringed island structure in front of what, for years, has been assumed to have been the Pillars of Hercules, and appears to have been sunken by a tsunami before Plato's day.

Whether or not it was actually a utopia or conquered any of the surrounded area before getting wiped out is a different story, but a majestic city of some kind residing there and being claimed by the sea could, as it turns out, have inspired Plato's stories after all. People have theorized that to be the case for ages too(which is why they were looking for it there), so finding one is a huge deal. If the dates and further investigations of the site match up, that absolutely could make this the essential "discovery of Atlantis".

It would be like if they somehow found and verified the actual cup that Rabbi Yeshua bar Yosef drank from at the last Passover dinner held before he was crucified. You can call the Holy Chalice and the New Covenant and all that the stuff of Biblical fiction and influenced by Celtic lore centuries later, but the man probably did use a cup during that meal and finding it would be a HUGE archeological deal.
Yeah. The two rational camps in the argument seem to be those that think Plato made it up to make a philosophical point, and those that think Plato used a local legend to make a philosophical point. But I think most everyone seems to agree that, if Atlantis existed, it was gone long before Plato showed up.

The location and architecture certainly makes it an interesting find, though. It's a slightly more popular bit of crypto-archaeology but I wouldn't find the city ultimately being attributed to the Atlantis myth all that different from the discovery of Troy a number of years back.

Edit: Also, I didn't completely read your last post before making mine, PM, but I think that's a great comparison.
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