The Man Who Laughs?!?!?

Have you tried Amazon, and/or any other online comic book shops?
Planet-man said:
Odd that I've never heard of it, being as big a Batman/Joker fan as I am. Do you know who wrote it? Is it a novel, or a graphic novel?
Ed Brubaker wrote it, its a sequel to Batman: Year One where Batman and Joker have their first encounter
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Nope. Sold like hot-cakes over here. There was a review on Comix-Fan when it first came out if u want to check their history for it.
I finally read this today and it was awesome. The art doesn't quite fit, but Mahnke's Joker is awesome. I prefer the stories where Batman is a detective and not a superhero, and this is what this story was.

If you can find it, read it. It's excellent.

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