The Mutations


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Aug 3, 2005
The Mutations
Arc 1: Golden Age
Issue #0

Washington DC: 1985, 3:16 AM
A slender man draped in a flowing white cloak stares off at a distance, locking his eyes squarely on a building hundreds of feet away. At the same time he tries to block out the sound of his teammate's voice over his earpiece.

"You see any movement?"

"For the one hundredth time, no. But Mister Goliath's neighbor three doors away is watching one of those aerobics videos and has a very nice high kick."

"Pay attention Zephyrthis is our most important case we've ever had. You can't take everything in life so lackadaisical you know."

"Ah don't get your panties in a bunch John, it's been eight hours and the freak hasn't even moved five fee—"

Zephyr's voice stops short, and John begins to realize that something's wrong.

"What is it?"

"He spotted me, oh ****, I have to get out of here now."

"Just stay calm; you're five hundred yards away from him. I'm calling the rest of the team."

"Ok, but hurry up."

As Zephyr looks back to the window he notices that the man he was watching is gone. He looks all around the area for the man but doesn't realize until the last moment the heavy breathing on the back of his neck. He turns around to see the monstrous figure staring him in the face.

"Hello, Osprey."

Osprey tries to lash out at the hideous monstrosity, but he's easily blocked. Goliath simply grabs his arm and tosses him fifty feet into the air. Goliath jumps up after him.


"Calm yourself Osprey, I'm here to assist."

Before Goliath can reach Osprey, a huge mechanical being, almost like a silver bullet, shoots out the sky and rockets into Goliath.

"Relax your limbs. At the current speed and trajectory, your body will not be able to sustain itself and you will be rendered inert."

Goliath looks at the machine and just laughs.

"Inert? I suggest you realign your sensors robot, I want you going this fast."

Before the robot can stop it self it realizes what Goliath is talking about and sees the huge mountain right in front of him.


The two slam into the side of the mountain, causing a huge hole in the side of the figure.

Osprey and three other figures walk up to the mountain wondering what has happened to the two combatants. The woman, a well built female in her thirties calls out to her teammate.


A giant hand reaches out and grabs Osprey by the throat and rips at him, leaving a gaping cut in the place of his neck. The largest of the three and the man in a trench coat both jump at Goliath.

"Hit him low Ram Man, I'll get him high."

"I got you Spark."

Ram Man grabs Goliath at full speed and sprinting, tackles him into a tree. At the same time Spark pulls out twin pistols, firing blasts of lighting at the villain. Ram Man tries to reason with the monster he has pinned to the wall.

"Give it up Goliath, you can't possibly win this."

Goliath swats away Spark as he tries to fire off another shot at him. Goliath counters Ram Man and pins him to the ground.

"Give up? What, do you think I'm scared of you Ram Man just because you're immortal? You know that great disaster to befall man that you keep waiting to happen? I'm that disaster."

"You're damn right you're a disaster Goliath."

A small but fast figure jumps onto Goliath, pulling him off of his teammate.

"Why don't you and I have a talk?"

"What's there to talk about Io? Once you Mutations fail to stop me, I'm going to destroy Moscow and Washington; the Cold War will finally come to an explosive ending."

"Don't flatter yourself."

Io kicks Goliath into a huge cave starting a cave-in. As Ram Man runs up to help his friend, Io turns around and throws him outside of the cave. Io lets the cave fall in on both Goliath and himself. The two are buried by tons of rubble. Ram Man can only look on as his teammate is engulfed. His teammate Spark runs up and notices the damage that has ensued.

"Oh no, Io."

Spark turns on the intercom to check in on their teammates.

"Is everyone ok over there Sue?"

"No John, Osprey's losing a lot of blood and I'm trying to help him out, but we lost Robo. He was completely destroyed in the crash. Did you all get him?"

"Yah, but Io was trapped in a cave-in with him. I don't think either survived. Ram Man and I will rendezvous with you all back at the plane. We're going to see if we can find Io."

The two heroes arrive back at the plane hours later to meet their team. They are greeted by Sue. Spark checks on Osprey while Ram Man talks to her.

"How's he doing Amaza?

"Well he's stable, but I don't know how long it'll be until he's back in fighting shape."

Spark enters the room with a concerned look on his face.

"Who says there's going to be another fight? From what I see, the Mutations don't even need to exist anymore. We got the bad guy and saved the world. Besides, Half of our team is dead already."

"Didn't you all look for Io and Goliath?"

"Yah, we did. We moved through that place pretty thoroughly but could see a sign of either one of them."

"So there's a chance Io's still alive?"

"And Goliath; we're still not sure if he didn't die in the crash."

"So that's why we need the Mutations John, to be ready for him if he comes back."

"No, we've already spent too much time worrying about the rest of the world. This whole experience has made me realize that our kids can't afford to lose a parent."

"I agree with John, Susan. The two of you need to get on with your lives and raise a family. If Goliath ever comes back I still have you number. I'll call you if I need the help."

"Alright, but I'm just worried. If it took so many of us to take him down this time and we still had huge losses, what's to stop him from completely beating us the next time?"

"I don't know, but at least he'll still have to go through us again."

Back at the cave where they had there fight, hundreds of feet below, a clawed hand stirs. Goliath tries to get up but is pinned under rubble. The bloodied and broken Goliath utters words to himself.

"They can't keep me down here forever. I'll get out and skin them alive. I'll make them suffer a thousand sufferings and then I might kill them."

"Doubt that you sick ******."

Goliath turns around to see Io standing in front of him, completely unscarred.

"Let's have a look-see into how much that healing factor of yours can take, because we're going to be down here for a long time."

Check issue #1 to see the start of the modern team of Mutations, the reunion of the older team and the escape of Io and Goliath.

I'm hoping to actually write comics one day and I would like to see your feedback on what I need to work on. This is a prequel to the actual superhero team I'm planning to write and I would like to know what you all think. If you guys like it I'll post more starting with issue one.
Well, there's a couple things I noticed when reading this. You didn't go into enough detail on several things, instead you focused on your dialogue, which was good

Your characters need to be built upon more, but that can be done through further issues. You just need to describe them in this issue

Focus on your descriptions and details, when working in the comic book industry, you still need to explain to the artist what you need him to draw.
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Well, there's a couple things I noticed when reading this. You didn't go into enough detail on several things, instead you focused on your dialogue, which was good

Your characters need to be built upon more, but that can be done through further issues. You just need to describe them in this issue

Focus on your descriptions and details, when working in the comic book industry, you still need to explain to the artist what you need him to draw.

I know I would need to explain it more to an artist but for story's sake here I was trying to keep the characters kind of ambiguous.
I know I would need to explain it more to an artist but for story's sake here I was trying to keep the characters kind of ambiguous.

So, do you want this to be a comic book? Because if you do, you should probably write it in script format.

If you want to keep it prose, I'd work very hard on polishing it up.
I'd want it to be a comic. I was posting to see how you all thought of the plot and character dialog mostly.
The Mutations #1; the Return

25 years later, New York City

As Karl "Ram Man" Remises sits in his New York City loft, he watches as chaos unfolds on his television screen.

"Reported terror attacks in Washington, Paris, London and Moscow. These attacks are obviously connected as at the scene of the bombings there has been a green skull painted across the foundations of the buildings. Whether or not these attacks are being perpetrated by established terror cells or someone new altogether is still a question."

"Green skull…" Karl mutters to himself, thinking back to early encounters with the terrorist Goliath. He's interrupted by a flash of lightning and the smell of rain due to his recently opened window.

"I'm back," says the mangled reptilian figure now standing at his window. "And so is…he..." The man collapses from exhaustion and Karl rushes to his side to check on him. He can only mutter one word to himself, "Io."

A half hour later,

As the strange man wakes up groggily, the confused owner of the building starts to question him.

"Io, is that you?"

"What do you think? Now get me something to eat, I haven't had a decent meal in 25 years."

As Karl gets up to fix Io something to eat, he not only wonders about how his friend was alive, but why he looked the way he did.

"Io, how are you alive?"

"Healing factor, fixes up all of those little aches and pains one might get while trapped under tons of rubble." He feverishly wolfs down the food prepared for him by Karl.

"Ok, but how does that explain the fact the you look like a, um, a—"

"An iguana? It's my healing factor; it doesn't work like regular ones. You see, where I come from, folks are born with something known as a reactive healing factor. If we're ever hurt by something, then our body reacts to it and improves itself. Apparently, my body thought that reptilian skin would fix up any problem I would come across; lucky me."

"Io, we all thought you were dead. I mean you and Goliath were just sitting there under those rocks for that long?" This makes Io stop; he looks back up at his teammate and thinks for a second. A panicked look crosses his face.
"Goliath, oh no. He got out, I tried to stop him but he finally found a way to get past me. Karl, we have to stop him."

"You were keeping him down there for thirty years? How did you even survive?"

"We both have healing factors Karl; I was trying to see how to kill him. If that didn't work then I thought I could at least keep him down there until he wasn't a threat anymore." Karl looks back at Io bewildered.
"You, kept him down there? What does that even mean?" Io tries to gather his train of thought.

Well for the first few years I kept him trapped under that rubble. It took him awhile to grow back the ability to walk. After a while he broke through they rubble and started to try and kill me for about fifteen years. It was a lot of back and forth until he decided to just break out. I think I really pissed him off." Karl just stares back at Io for a minute having no idea what he's talking about.

"You were in a fight for fifteen years? You broke his body just to see how to kill him? I think this goes a little beyond 'pissing him off'. What happened after that?"

Well, he got out about three or four years ago, God knows what he's done since then."

They both look back at the TV, where reports of terror flood in from across the planet. Ram Man looks back at Io.

"It looks like he's been pretty busy lately. I think it's time we did something about this."

"Like what, put the Mutations back together? Isn't everyone else on the team in their fifties?"

"Yah and I don't think Spark and Amaza would join anyway. After our last fight with Goliath they were pretty adamant that they don't want to do this anymore. And Osprey's pretty messed up now after that head injury he sustained." Karl looks at his desk, more specifically he looks at the files on his desk.

"Looks like we'll have to reach out to a younger generation." Io notices the files on Karl's desk. He picks them up and begins to go through them.

"You've been keeping tabs on other metas? You don't have anything better to do with your life?"

"Well instead of living in a hole for three decades I decided to actually prepare for the future. I've compiled a list of super humans and other talented individuals across the planet." Io flips through the files at the profiles in front of him.

"You've got a flyer, a magician, an Olympic swimmer… are these Sparks kids."

"Yep, turns out the kids inherited their parents' powers." Io reads the file of Spark's son closer.

"Is this power level right?"

"Oh yeah; from what I can tell he doesn't even have a limit. This kid could become the best ever." Io looks back at Karl, he begins to grin.

"So when do we recruit them?"

"I'll take care of that Io, no offense but I think your current visage might take a few of them by surprise. I'll have the team put together in two days."

"Alright Karl, while your getting the troops together I'll find a way to take down Goliath."

"You better Io, because we're going to need every advantage we can get."--

Alright that's my first issue of this (I kind of made that first one as a prequel). I'd like to here what people think about it. I have issues two and three ready but I'm going to hold off a little bit to kind of let people inquire about the team or whatever you do. Feedback would be appreciated so thanks.

BTW- This might seem like a weird request but maybe someone who thinks they're a good artist or an aspiring comic artist can contact me about doing character designs and maybe even covers for fun. I would do it myself but I'd like to get to know how to work with an artist. If anyone wants to they can contact me and I'll give in-depth character descriptions. Thanks.
Mutations #2; the Recruits

Seattle, Washington

As the two individuals enter Karl's office, his eyes go wide because of the potential he sees in them. The man is Jonathan Wade, a tall and fit man who seemed to be radiating an ambient energy around him. His sister Geri Wade was equally fit looking, but not like a body builder. The two sit down in front of Remises with an unsure look on their faces. Jonathan is the first one to speak up.

"Um, hi Mr. Remises, you sounded pretty urgent over the phone when you wanted to see us."

"Oh it is pretty urgent Johnny. How are you kids doing by the way? You're mom and dad still doing fine?" Geri looks at her brother unsure and turns back to the man sitting in front of him.

"Well there doing ok Mr. Remises. Dad just retired so he and mom just sit around the house and don't do much. Is there a reason that you wanted to see us or are we just here to catch up on things?" Karl just smiles and takes off the glasses he's wearing.

"You guys both know that I worked with your parents for the government years ago right? Well let's just say that we weren't filing paperwork." The two look at him even more confused.

"You're parents were superheroes kids. We all were. You ever hear of the Mutations?" John looks back at Remises and kind of laughs.

"I don't know if you've met our parents Mr. Remises, but my dad gets tired after jogging a mile. I don't think he could have ever been a member of a team of superheroes." Geri cuts in.

"And our mom's the least confrontational person on the planet. I don't know if you just brought us here to jerk our chains or if you're in a state of dissolution, but I think we're going to go now." The two get up to leave but are stopped by what Remises says next.

"Then how would that explain your powers kids? I know all about your powers. Maybe it's time you two started listening to me to hear my job offer for you." Now he had their attention.

El Paso, Texas

Remises walks into a rusty old workshop where a small, skinny pair of legs stick out from underneath a workbench. One of the person's co-workers shouts at him.

"Hey Zack! Some big dude wants to talk to you!" The young man's head pops out from underneath the car he's working on. Although Zachary Sanders is nineteen years old, he looks like a fourteen year old. He walks up to the huge man towering above him and looks at him with a bewildered look on his face.

"Can I help you sir?" Remises looks down at him with an interested look.

"Mr. Sanders, how do you feel about your job here at the auto-shop?"

"Well to be honest it's working out ok. I get a good amount of money and people don't seem to mind the little 'upgrades' I put on their cars. Why do you ask?"

"Son, if you'd like to keep adding jet engines to Turcels then by all means keep on working here. But if you'd like a real job where you would be able to really use that big brain of yours, then come with me." Sanders looks up at Remises with an interested look.

"What kind of job."

Chicago, Illinois

A man stands in a large trench coat and hat. His face is obscured by his long hair and the shadows surrounding him. He stands with a sad look on his face at the graveyard he's standing in front of. He notices the large gloved hand on his shoulder. Remises speaks to him about the graves in front of him.

"It wasn't your fault you know." The man looks at him with a shocked look on his face.

"Wait, how did you…"

"I know all about the disaster Ian. I know what caused it; let me tell you again, it wasn't your fault." Ian looks down at his feet.

"All of those people, gone. I can't control it. If I even get a little angry, do you know what it's like to completely lose control?"

"I do Ian, and if you want to do something about it, I can help you. Welcome to the Mutations Ian.

Kansas City, Kansas

"How's it going Rachel?" Remises sits down at the restaurant the woman sitting in front of him works at. Rachel Diaz is a classic beauty; she seems to have a halo around her as she begins to talk to her large friend.

"Hi Karl, it's great to see you again." Remises looks back at her filled with joy. Out of all of the young people he has tried to recruit, Rachel is the one that fills him with the most hope.

"It's always a pleasure to see you girl. I came to see how you were doing, and to give you an offer. You think you're ready to put those talents of yours to some use?"

"What do you mean, like a job? You've already given me so much by paying for my school and everything. I'm sure there's someone else who can do this just as well." Remises looks back at her and laughs.

"Rachel, there's not many people in the world who can do what you do. Now look at me and tell me you don't want to go out there and fly whenever you want to." Rachel looks back at him for a minute thinking about what he said.

"Ok, what kind of job is this?"

San Francisco, California

Remises enters the old seemingly abandoned building. He smells the sulfur and incense in the building and knows that he's found the person he's looking for. He goes into the room at the top of the building to see a man shrouded in darkness with smoke swirling around him. He looks down at Remises as his eyes glow with a strange aura. Remises greets the man with some reservation. He has to shout over the thundering noises in the room.

"Jason Cho? My name is Karl Remises and I'm here to give you a job offer." The man gives him a look that tells him to leave but Remises stands his ground.

"Mr. Cho! I'm not leaving until you come with me! I know how to stop the man who killed your family! I want you to help me stop Goliath!" The man's spell relents and the room calms. He looks at Remises and then walks out of the room with him. Remises breaths a sigh of relief.

Miami, Florida

Remises walks into a large swimming center to see a woman coming out of the pool. The Olympic champion Chelsea Palmer walks towards him with an interested look on her face.

"Are you Mr. Remises? I'm Chelsea, but of course you knew that. You said there was something important you needed to talk to me about. I want to tell you that I have a lot of sponsors but I'll always take more." Remises laughs at this.

"I don't want to sponsor you Miss Palmer, but I do want to give you an excellent opportunity. How would you like to do something a little more fulfilling than swimming a few laps around a pool?"

"And what would that possibly be? I'm the most successful swimmer of all time. I don't think there's anything you could possibly offer me."

"Let's just say you could show off your real talents instead of masking them by calling yourself an Olympic swimmer." Chelsea is now angry at Remises. No one ever talks to her like that and she wasn't going to let this stranger talk to her like that.

"Listen buddy, I don't have to hear you insult me. I've done more in this pool than most people do in their…"

"I know your secret. I know that when all the other swimmers are having trouble against the water in the pool you seem to glide through it." Chelsea starts to get worried.

"So what, are you blackmailing me? It's not like you can prove it."

"I'm not blackmailing you Miss Palmer; I'm giving you an opportunity to really showcase your abilities. But if you want to continue living a lie, go ahead and keep on swimming." Remises starts to walk away from the now crying woman but is stopped.

"Wait; what do you want me to do?"

Dublin, Ireland

Remises walks into an old pub looking for the last of his recruits. The man sitting at the bar is extremely tall and skinny. He doesn't seem to be fazed by the several bottles of alcohol sitting in front of him. Remises sits down by him and begins to talk.

"It's a shame that people still subscribe to that stereotype that the Irish are drunks; wouldn't you say Mr. Samuels?" The man slowly looks back at him slowly and sets his drink down.

"And why the 'ell would it matter to you? What's that accent, French?"

"Actually it's Egyptian, but nice guess. And it does matter to me Stretch, because when someone of your vast potential spends his nights trying to drink himself under the table I think it's a huge waste of time." The man takes another drink and sets his glass down.

"'Ow do you know about what I can do? I never told anyone about me powers."

"I know about the time you were shot when you were a kid. Bullets bounced right off didn't they? Course they called it a suicide because he was the one holding the gun. You think an event like that would be so traumatic that a seven year old would block it out of his mind; right Stretch?" Samuels looks down at the bar in front of him. He looks back up at Remises who has now stood up. Remises sets a ticket down on the table in front of him.

"You want to figure out what it all means, you take this flight. I'll help you figure it all out." Remises leaves the bar as Samuels looks down at the ticket in front of him. He picks up the ticket and exits the pub.

New York City, three days later

Remises stands in his upscale New York building looking out the window. Io steps up to him and begins to speak.

"So, you think any of these kids will actually show up?"

"Oh they're here already Io; they've been standing in the lobby for fifteen minutes now." The two men walk out into the large room where all of the young men and women are standing. The extraordinary people look up at the two, most of them getting a look at Io. Johnny Wade is the first to speak up.

"So what exactly have you brought us here for Karl?" Remises looks down at the young heroes standing in front of him.

"You all have been brought here for one reason, to fight a madman. You all will face terrible peril and possible death. The only reward you get out of this is that you will have saved the world from the most dangerous man alive." All of them look around at each other. Some are excited; others look like a crazy person is talking to them. Io interrupts their chatter with a couple of words.

"Welcome to the Mutations kids; things are about to change for you."
Mutations #3, the rebirth​

New York City, Ram Man's building

As Ram Man and Io look down at the eight young individuals standing in front of them, a sense of nostalgia and excitement fills the men. Io looks over to his friend and begins to speak to the new Mutations.

"Ladies and gentlemen, you have all met me as Karl Remises, but others call me another name, Ram Man." Several of the guys laugh under their breaths at the absurd name that the man that brought them together has chosen. Io, on the other hand, isn't too impressed by the snickers of the young men.

"And what's so funny Wade? It was your dad that gave him the name in the first place. He said he reminded him of Pharaoh Ramsey from the Ten Commandments. It kind of stuck. So before you start giggling remember that your dad went around calling himself Spark Shot all the time." The young man stops because of the reptilian man's verbal attack.

"You knew my dad?"

"Your mom too; both of 'em were two of the greatest heroes that I ever met. Your dad's probably the smartest man I ever met. You even got your powers because of his work as a physicist. So next time you better show some respect to your elder heroes." The entire room goes silent. Ram Man breaks the awkward silence and continues in his talk.

"Um yes, well this is Io; he also was a member of the original Mutations and is the one who personally kept the terrorist known as Goliath away from the rest of the world for thirty years. The reason you are all here is because that certain madman has finally resurfaced and is attacking major cities across the planet." Rachel Diaz is the one to speak up. As soon as she begins to speak up Johnny Wade can't help but keep his eyes off of her. His sister Geri notices him looking and whispers under her breath to him.

"Try to pull your jaw off the ground little brother, she might see you." Rachel continues to speak to Ram Man.

"So that was what's been attacking everyone, some kind of super villain?" Ram Man looks back at the group.

"Yes, Goliath is of the worst people to walk the face of the earth. He has murdered hundreds of people just to benefit himself. He is responsible for destroying the lives of several of my closest friends and he's come back to do it again. I've brought you all here today because you are the only people capable of stopping him." Adam Samuels answers back to Ram Man.

"You want us to stop a super terrorist? Are you out of your bleedin' mind? None of us even know if we can work as a team and you're trying to send us on a mission that takes months of training." Ram Man looks back at them.

"Well, let's call this little mission we're going on our training session." Zachary raises his hand.

"Um, what exactly are we doing?" Io kind of just smirks at the young man.
The Basement of Ram Man's building

Io leads the new recruits down into the basement of Ram Man's New York building. They enter a large room with several glass cases. Each case contains a special suit and some codename above it. Adam Samuels goes up to one of the cases and reads the name above it.

"Stretch; you've got to be ******* kidding me." Io looks back at him.

"Ram Man always did have a flair for the dramatic. Put your suits on we've got a meeting in fifteen minutes." Io leaves the room as the newly formed team starts to discuss. Chelsea Palmer takes a look at her costume with a little disgust.

"They expect me to wear this half an outfit? And what kind of name is Wave?" Geri answers back to her.

"I don't know, I kind of like my suit. And the name isn't too bad, Changeling." As the women leave the room to go change, the men start to talk. Adam begins to talk to Johnny.

"So, Electron, that Changeling girls your sis; she single?" Electron looks back at him and laughs.

"Something tells me you're not her type Stretch, but go ahead and try if you want." The other two men, Ian and Jason remain silent during the conversation. Ian speaks up to the other two.

"Aren't you two just a little worried about what we're going into? I mean you're goofing around when we're about to go fight some big super villain. I barely even know how to use my powers; I don't know why I'm even here." Stretch looks back at him.

"Listen Inferno, you can't go through life thinking everything's going to go wrong. That's what'll kill ya." Electron turns to the other man and begins to ask him a question.

"So Sense, what's your story? What do you do?" Sense just puts his facemask on and walks out of the room. For some reason, no one questions why he was so silent.

Another level of Ram Man's building

Ram Man and the young man Zack enter a large room filled with an assortment of technology and weapons. The technological wunderkind Zack's eyes grow wide as his wildest dreams are laid out in front of him. The thing that really catches his eye is the large object covered by a sheet in the center of the room. Ram Man looks down at him.

"I told you you'd be able to use your mind in ways you never thought possible. So what do you think about the place?" Still in awe, Zack can barely utter back.

"I, it's, amazing. What's that thing?" He looks back up at the giant object covered by the sheet. Ram Man pulls the sheet away to reveal the object. Zack almost faints from the sight of it.

The Sky Hawk, Ram Man's personal plane

As the ten heroes board Ram Man's plane, they all take their seats and look around at the high tech plane they're sitting in. Stretch looks around and asks Ram Man a question he had been thinking since he first met him.
"Hey Ram Man, where the 'ell did you get all o this moolah?" As Ram Man starts to take the plane and leave the complex, he turns around and looks back at the Irishman behind him.

"I've acquired quite a bit of money throughout the millennia. Call it good investments." The entire team looks up with a bewildered look at Ram Man. Stretch answers back.

"Wait, millennia?" But before he can continue the engines start up and the ship rockets out of the building. Before the ship can leave the city, a huge explosion happens behind them. The members of the team turn around to see Ram Man's home in flames. Rachel lets out a sigh when she sees something through the flames.

"Oh, my God, look." The team turns to see the green skull poking through the flames. Suddenly, the screen at the front of the plane turns on and Goliath's face appears on the screen. Io lets out a huge roar when he sees him on the screen. Goliath replies back with a chuckle.

"Down doggy, don't make me neuter you again. Ram Man, how are you?" Ram Man stares at the screen with an intense hatred.

"Goliath, how did you…"

"It was quite easy to send the rover that destroyed your humble abode, all I had to do was make sure your worthless sensors didn't pick up a trace of it. I suppose that you're going to try and stop me with a new team of Mutations. Go ahead and try, it might actually work this time. I'm sure you know where to find me so see you later." The screen goes black and all of the Mutations remain silent. Stretch is the first one to break the silence.

"Oh we're ****ed." Io turns around to the team and tries to "comfort" them.
"Come on kiddies, this is the fun part of the job. Now we have more motivation to kick this freak's ***." An hour passes as the team settles itself and begins to think about the fight that they are about to get into. Sense starts meditating while Wave begins to nervously do her hair in the mirror. Electron leans over to his teammate Rachel and nervously begins to talk to her.

"Uh hi, I don't think we've been properly introduced; I'm Johnny Wade, I guess you can call me Electron." Rachel looks back at him and smiles. The look almost causes Electron to faint out of excitement.

"I'm Rachel Diaz; I think Ram Man wants you to call me God Song." Electron looks down at the bird symbol on her chest.

"God Song; I can see why." Before he can continue on, Ram Man begins to speak to his team.

"All right team we're here. Those of you that are flyers, you're going out first. The rest of you put these parachutes on. Electron's eyes begin to glow with a static energy; he jumps from the plane and begins to float in an electronic field. God Song unzips the back of her uniform and two bird like wings emerge from her back. Sense teleports to the outside of the plane and continues to meditate in mid-air. Changeling morphs into a bird/human hybrid and joins her teammates outside. Stretch looks outside the plane and utters.

"Well, that completely blows my dinky powers out of the water." Ram Man responds back.

"Come on Stretch, you think I just put you on the team for that dry, Irish wit? You're an all-star kid."

"Yah, well tell me when the stretchy guy on the team ever gets the girl." Io starts to get annoyed by the young man's banter.

"Just put on the 'chute and get ready. We've got a world to save." As the team puts their parachutes on, Inferno notices that Zack was still sitting at the consol of the plane.

"Hey Zack, aren't you coming?" Ram Man turns to him.

"Young BOT over there has a very special mission. We're going to need him away from the main fray." The Mutations step outside the plane and jump towards the large Russian complex where their enemy awaits. Io yells to them over the rush of the wind.

"Time to save the world kiddos." The scene cuts away from the Mutations to Goliath sitting at a control consol watching footage of the young heroes.
"That's right Io, lead them like lambs. Right to the slaughter."

Any thoughts at all? Please?
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