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Face-Punching As Foreign Policy
The Punisher Extended Cut DVD Trailer
Source: Lionsgate
November 2, 2006

Lionsgate has revealed a new trailer for The Punisher Extended Cut DVD hitting stores on November 21. You can watch the clip here!

With over 17 minutes of all-new footage integrated into the film, The Punisher Extended Cut is highlighted by these never-before-seen, pulse-pounding scenes that shed additional light on the storyline. The action-packed DVD also delivers a one-of-a-kind extra – an animated version of "The Kuwait Scene," which was originally slated to open the film but was never shot due to budgetary constraints. Illustrated by "The Punisher" artist Tim Bradstreet, the dynamic and impressionistic action sequence stars Thomas Jane and Russell Andrews. Viewers will have the option of playing the animation before the picture begins so the scene can be appreciated within its original planned context. The Punisher Extended Cut contains other brand new special features including "The Punisher" comic book gallery, all-new Tim Bradstreet illustrations, a "making of" featurette and more.

I'll be so buying this
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The Punisher is clearly Marvel's most underrated superhero movie to boot. I don't own the orignial. I will definitely be buying this.

Gamma Man

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Absolutley hated the movie. Well, not the WHOLE thing, just the stupid parts in between the killing.

Gamma Man

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me too .

but if we were not ment to import dvds god would not of given adam and eve a Region Free Dvd Player

Do we really wanted to get started on religion on the UC? Cause, if anyone does, I will be here, ready to disscuss{Not really, PM me about religion, I will get P.O.ed:lol:}

Victor Von Doom

Fist of teh Internets. I bought this over the weekend and I gotta say this----the Extended Version is sooooo much better than the original.

I mean remember how the Director's Cut of DD made the film even better because we actually see Matt as a character and some secondary bit part behind DD?'s like that.

In this one we see Frank investigate how Saint's crew actually found him and how Frank takes his revenge. It's only a few scenes---but they flesh out the characters so much more.

I seriously love it.

Even the animated beginning is awesome. Plus they changed the end credits. Instead of the film ending with hardrock in the credits.....we get an animated end credit scene just like the opening credits/DVD menu of the original.

1 Easter egg---in the special features menu---scroll over to the first eye of the Punisher skull for a short bloopers reel.


The only thing I didn't really like is the packaging. The box opens up kinda weird so I got out the box cover and made my own. Nothing special---but still cooler. I'll take pics during lunch and post 'em.

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