The Return of THUNDERCATS?


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From CBR:


According to Animation HQ (scroll down, you'll see it), "It's been rumored recently that the studio is working on a remake of the seminal 80's toon, 'ThunderCats.' The new show's look might be similar to 'The Batman,' reflecting an edgier, anime-inspired style. Supposedly, pre-production is in the ongoing and it may be scheduled for broadcast sometime in late 2006. There have been no official announcements as of yet." Somewhere in the world, John Layman is rejoicing ...

Fredrik Martinsson

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Great. That was one of my favorite cartoon-shows when I was young.
I don't think I would enjoy it as much today thou :?


Yes! Thundercats! *plays Relient K - Lion-O*
Chillin' at the lair.
Snarf, me and the twins.
My favorite feline is the one who wore cheetah skins.
Fighting evil, we drink milk, and we purr a lot.
Ask me to cross them, and I would say I'd rather not.
Thundercats Ho!
I'm Lion-O!
Sword of Omens, come to me.
Your eye opens so you can see.
Fly from the sheath into my paw.
I am the greatest Thundercat of them all...
I'm Lion-O!


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This was one of my favorite shows growing up. I always think it's funny when my son watches shows that I used to watch when I was younger...wonder if he'll be into this one.

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After the terrible comic revamp of Thundercats it was always on the cards that they would try to find another avenue for the franchise. This will of course lead to a film?!? So who would play Lion-o, cheetara et al?


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This show was great. This and "Dungeons and Dragons" were my favorite shows. I was the guy with the wip that turned invisible. What was his name?

Fredrik Martinsson

Formerly known as Ultimate Warrior
Hello Meg It's Jon said:
This will of course lead to a film?!? So who would play Lion-o, cheetara et al?
If they do, I REALLY hope that it will not be as bad as this.

Edit: Found a new link. No need for special program to download :D
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I never really watched this show. It was on Adult Swim a while back though.


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Ugh. I never really saw the appeal of this show. I mean it has a kooky fun sensibility, but the writing and voice acting always upset me. Ugh again.

On the other hand, Sam Jackson as Pantrho is an awesome idea, Hellsbuttmonkey.


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...Eh. I was always more of a He-Man kid. Skeletor was the **** when you're 4 years old. A new Thundercats series would make alot of my friends jump for joy though.

And the dreamwave comic wasn't that bad, atleast THe Return wasn't, I didn't read any of the other.


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Hellsbuttmonkey said:
Dude Mumm-Ra was soooo much cooler.....
**** no he wasn't. No one, and I mean NO ONE is a cooler villian then skelletor. Not Cobra Commander, not Megatron, and certainly not Mumm-Ra.

Okay, later Transformers episodes where Galvatron was just bat**** loco was cool too.