The Scary movies that are actually scary thread


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Oct 23, 2005
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This is kind of an off-shoot of the Movies People Have to See thread. I think it was Cad who said that he hadn't actually been scared by a scary movie in over 3 years, and I think I agree with him.

Even a lot of horror classics I don't find scary at all. Halloween, for example, was recently voted as the #1 Best Horror Movie of All Time, and that's simply not true.

So which horror movies have you actually been truly scared by and why? And by scared I mean scared and not just shocked by a jump or nauseated by someone's guts spilling out or something.

And for the love of god post spoiler warnings.
For me, The Sixth Sense is just about the best horror movie I've ever seen.

Not only was it a great movie with an incredibly original story and terrific acting in it's own right, but the scary parts are actually terrifying.

For example, in the part where Cole(Haley Jole Osment) is in the bathroom in the middle of the night and you see the thermostat slowly, silently drop about 20 degrees. I was shaking because I knew something bad was coming, and also had no idea what kind of ghost it would be. And after the encounter with the woman in the kitchen, when he runs down the hall to hide in his tent he quickly looks back at the kitchen and you can just see her standing in the doorway staring at him. It's chilling.
Hmm, Dungeon & Dragon the movie.

I actually play various RPGs including D&D. So I went to see this movie hoping for a good time.

I was horrified.

Every time I thought I had seen the worst, something even worse would crop up. Truly a harrowing movie.
HA!!!! Sarcasm...I love it. Yeah D&D the mvie was just.......... *shudders*

I think the last movie that had me scared and in suspense had to be "Signs". The movie itself wasn't scary---but
the suspense building around whether or not aliens existed or not was just so unbearable that I wanted to puke.

And watching the ametuer videos on the news....and then just the shadow of the alien popping on screen and then disappearing. That crap just scared the piss outta me.
I saw Signs, truely the last movie to scare me, in a small local theater filled with teenagers. Each time suspense was built, the crowd screamed, and made it a truely memorable and enjoyable movie experience.
Yeah Signs is terrifying and also one of my all-time favourite movies.

In terms of release date, it actually is the last movie to really scare me, but I actually saw The Sixth Sense AFTER Signs because when Sixth Sense came out I was like 10.
This is a movie everyone should see rather than a scary movie. But I'm putting it forward here because it had one moment for me that was truly scary.

Wild Things -1998-

There's one moment,
involving Suzie Marie Toller and a bottle of wine,
where ... it stands beside
Elijah Price in Unbreakable (2000) on the train steps, with his legs shattered and in total agony, upside down and smiling! because he's seen something he needed to see for his plan to come together,
and it was a cold shock because I understood,
given that Suzie Marie Toller was like that,
what was coming. Which meant: Aaaah! Shoot yourselves now. Just end it!
Before she does!

Se7en (1995), is scary, with a comparable "Oh no!" moment involving...
John Doe passing up an opportunity to kill Detective David Mills. The question is unavoidable: why does this man, John Doe, want you alive, Detective David Mills? What does he want you for - that is, what does John Doe do?
But scary as that is, I think
Suzie Marie Toller with just cause to hate you
may be even more formidable.
Not as sadistic - really humane by comparison - but every bit as inexorable and even more cunning.

This one minute version of the plot of Wild Things (1996) is accurate:

and now i shall sum up the movie wild things.

(there is a PLOT TWIST. then there is a PLOT TWIST. then there is a PLOT TWIST. then there is a PLOT TWIST. then there is a PLOT TWIST. then there is a PLOT TWIST. then there is a PLOT TWIST.)

the end

(then there is a PLOT TWIST. then there is a PLOT TWIST. then there is a PLOT TWIST.)

But once you understand the essence of the contract, it all has a terrible inevitability.
A truly, truly scary scene, again from a movie everyone should see rather than a "scary movie":

Schindler's List (1993)

Because this isn't a movie of evil intrigue - exactly the reverse - I'll skip the spoiler warnings and cut to the chase. Three words:

Auschwitz shower scene.

That's real fear.

Also, trucks, with happy tunes for the children.

There were other truly scary scenes in that movie.
Signs terrified me. Probably because aliens freak the **** out of me...

When that guy is watching that birthday video, and sees that alien walk past... holy ****!
ProjectX2 said:
Signs terrified me. Probably because aliens freak the **** out of me...

When that guy is watching that birthday video, and sees that alien walk past... holy ****!

Yeah! That part got me too!

I'm surprised no one mentioned The Shining.
I agree with David Blue about Schindler's List.
The scene when they're all crowded in the shower and then all the lights go off and everyone starts screaming is chilling

The Shining was over-rated for me(probably because like many of you I saw "The Shinning" first), but there are two really terrifying moments in it.
One was Danny riding around on his Bigwheel for like 5 minutes when he randomly turns the corner and the two little girls are just standing at the other end of the hallway. The other is of course what happens to Jack in room 237.

Victor Von Doom said:
Stephen King's "It".
That one I can agree with :D
But the last scary movie that I watched (and yes, I saw this after "It") was the cult classic The Thing. That movie rules!

Sadly, nowadays the only thing that scares me is what I see on the news everyday.
jacobs ladder
the shining
The Vanishing (original version) *if you are claustrophobic do not see this film*
The others
The Game
High Tension
Scream *the first scene especially*
Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Black Christmas
last house on the left
When i was a kid Stephen King`s "It" the clown scared the hell out of me and then for many years to come. my fav scray movie of all time isn't even "scary" by Hollywood's standards. Hell by most people's standards.

Stephen King's "Needful Things".

To me it was scary because it showed the ugliness and horrors that people will go to in order to get that which they covet most. It was just showing the scary side to human nature.
Here's a question thats sort of on topic; have you guys ever been scared by a book or a comic? Something not in a moving-noisy visual medium.