The Sexy Musicians Thread


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Feb 16, 2005
Post about the hottest and sexiest names and faces in music today.


Pop, rock, whatever.

Male or female, it doesn't matter.

I would post myself, but I want to see what other people throw here first. :D
I've got a couple of musicians in mind....but I'll be sure to do more than just post a pic and say "sexy".

I really think there should be justifications when posting in threads like this. Meh.
I really think there should be justifications when posting in threads like this. Meh.

Hence the part that says, "Discuss." It's like the PG-Friendly Asian Girls.

Except I'm not as interested in sociological constructions of beauty, nor is there a caveat about anybody being Asian.
You have a Suicide Girls account, don't you?

:lol: :lol: :lol: no

Amy Lee is hot, but not QUITE as hot as the other A.L.

I'm talkin' Avril Lavinge.

Disagree and you're the definition of gay.

I disagree agree and if that makes me

dictionary said:
bright and pleasant; promoting a feeling of cheer; "a cheery hello"; "a gay sunny room"; "a sunny smile" [syn: cheery]

then so be it

I really think there should be justifications when posting in threads like this. Meh.

Ok here it goes , She has this whole goth chick meets girl next door thing going on , As people people know I'm attracted more to the goth type of a girl then anyone else

From a physiology stand point you could it stems from my dark side of my personality been the more dominate in real life or it could be that we as humans have an attraction if you will to the dark

But her girl next door quality as well rounds it off as well as that serves the side of me that wants a girl I can hold or protect so to speak which lets face it most men want that as we want to be the proverbial "knight in shining armour"

Now that bit a side she has deep almost hypnotic eyes that are beautiful , The kind of eyes you could get lost in easily. Her smile is sweet yet at the same time sexy and almost a tease

Better? any more and I fear i'mm be treading on stalker territory. But to me at least Amy Lee is the sexiest female in the music business
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I have to agree with mole. That leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Amy Lee is so hot.

I've always been partial to Christina Aquilera.




I'll go out on a limb as say she will be the new Madonna. Reinventing her image and self every so often. While I'm not always a fan of her music, she does have some real talent.


Hayley Williams has long been my definition of sexy musician.
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Amy Lee's Christian. That means, having sex with her would be like having sex with Jesus. Gay. Pass!

Lisa Loeb's sexy in the same way that Rachael Ray is sexy, which means a dirty, taboo kind of sexy, the specifics of which we can't mention in this environment. Pass!

Norah Jones is kinda sexy. Beyonce's unbelievable.

But yeah, Christina Aguilera. She seems so.... skeevy.... and that does it for me, for some sick reason. Although, I'm sure she's a real nice girl. She seems smart.

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