The Story of Glitchitz: The Living Virus


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Virem: The Infection

Virem: The Infection (formally known as Glichitz: The Living Virus) is my first comic script that I've written, unfortunately I have no editor so there are a couple of spelling and grammar mistakes. I have gotten very little feedback so be sure to let me know what you think! :)

Virem: The Infection Issue #1:

Page 1

Pan 1: New York skyline. The sun's beams are breaking through between the buildings.

Cap 1: I always wondered when it would happen.

Pan 2: an apartment with a small balcony and sliding glass door. Inside a lean but buff shirtless man is resting on the window. The man's face looks weary but young. He is handsome with a well-sculpted jaw line. His short brown hair barely falls on his forehead. He is wearing black sweatpants and no shoes. Behind him is a bed where a blond woman is sleeping comfortably. The man's head is resting on his arm as he gazes blankly out of the window.

Cap 1: I never imagined it would be so soon though.

Pan 3: over head shot of the blond woman in bed. Her body is that of a super model.

Cap 1: Julia.

Cap 2: I don't know how I'll be able to tell her.

Cap 3: She always worries so much about me already. This would kill her.

Cap 4: Actually, she'd probably kill me!

Page 2

Pan 1: zoom in on the man’s hand. A table beside him has a cell phone lying on top.

Cap 1: Ever since the accident in the lab though, it's understandable.

Cap 2: How does one deal with something like that?

Pan 2: The man's hand turns black.

Cap 1: How does one not worry?

Cap 2: Knowing that the one they love is now a living computer virus.

Pan 3: The man's hand is suddenly covered by green 1's and 0's

Cap 1: and now this?

Cap 2: A new power!

Pan 4: He places his hand on his cell phone.

Cap 1: She's gonna freak!

Pan 5: His hand is absorbed into the cell phone.

Pages 3-4

A double page spread of the same man in front of blackness. His entire body is covered in the glowing green numbers in the blackness. His arm is outstretched as if he were desperately reaching for a ledge. His mouth is wide open in shock. Instead of teeth and a tongue there is blackness. His eyes scream desperation. The whites of his eyes are now bright green and his pupils are black.

Page 5

Pan 1: the man is flying through blackness.

Cap 1: The accident at the lab had turned me into a freak. Suddenly I had the ability to control technology.

Pan 2: The man stops and prepares to land.

Cap 1: With just a thought I could make a phone call or a web search.

Pan 3: The man stands in the blackness.

Cap 1: Eventually I managed to control more.

Cap 2: I could drive cars with my mind.

Pan 4: The man sits down with his legs spread out.

Cap 1: Last week though, a new ability revealed itself.

Page 6

Pan 1: A black convertible is driving down a road.


Pan 2: viewing the front of the car we see that it is the man in human form driving. In one hand he is holding a cell phone.

Pan 3:

FX: ringtone - "No mommy, don't do it again. Don't do it again. I'll be a good boy. I'll be a good boy, I promise. No mommy don't hit me!"

Pan 4: The man holds his phone and the wheel in one hand and has his other next to his ear.

Man: "Hello?"

Man's empty hand: "Dave, honey? It’s me"

Dave: "Hey baby! Need something?"

Dave's Hand: "Did you remember to pick up the turkey for tonight?"

Dave: "Turkey?"

Dave's Hand: "Remember we are having dinner with the Bergmans?"

Pan 5: Dave looks surprised and slightly angry.

Dave: "Oh man, I completely forgot! I'll go pick it up. Love you."

Dave's Hand: "Alright. Love you too. Bye."

Page 7

Pan 1: The car turns to the left and continues onward.

Pan 2: Dave is putting his phone down when it begins sparkling.

FX: Bertzz

Dave: "What the-"

Pan 3: Dave's hand turns black and green 1's and 0's begin crawling upward from his fingertips.

Pan 4: His hand disappears into the phone.

Pan 5: Head on shot of the car. The car is empty.

Pan 6: The car crashes into a building.

Page 8

Pan 1: The digital suit is now on Dave's body. Blackness surrounds him.

Pan 2: He is looking at his body in shock.

Dave: "What is this!?"

Pan 3: A bright light breaks the darkness.

Dave: "Gah!"

Pan 4: A man in the same type of digital suit as Dave appears in the darkness. His numbers are red instead of green.

Page 9

Pan 1: The red-suited man stretches his mouth wide open.


Pan 2: Side view of the red man. His right arm is stretched outward. His hand is bent upward, palm faced outward. A red glow is emitting from his palm.

Red man: "BBBZZZ"

Pan 3: Dave dives out of the way as a red laser explodes the ground behind him.

Dave: "Whoa!"

Page 10

Pan 1: Dave rolls as another beam strikes behind him.

Pan 2: Dave dives at the red man. Dave's fist is pulled back preparing to punch.

Pan 3: Dave's fist strikes the red man's cheek.

Pan 4: The spot where Dave struck begins to disintegrate into rectangles.

Page 11

Full page splash: The red man explodes into rectangles as Dave falls in front of him.

Page 12

Pan 1: Dave lands in a crouched position. Black and red rectangles lie before him.

Pan 2: Dave stands up.

Pan 3: Zoom in on the red and black rectangles.

FX: Bbbzzz

Pan 4: The rectangles suddenly zip behind Dave.

Pan 5: The rectangles begin reforming the man.

Page 13

Pan 1: Behind Dave the man is now completely reformed. There is a broken windshield like impact on his jaw.

FX: bbbbbbzzzzzz

Pan 2: The man opens his mouth wide.

Man: Greetings, man of green!

Pan 3: Dave whips around.

Dave: What the hell!?

Pan 4: The red man is standing at attention.

Man: You are the first to destroy one of my viruses. As such I will allow you to live, for now.

Pan 5: Dave stands uneasily, prepared to go for combat if necessary.

Dave: What the hell does that mean? I feel like I'm in an episode of Power Rangers. What's next, a giant floating head!!?

Pan 6: A red beam of light comes from the red man's mouth.

Pan 7: The beam forms a triangle; the top point is in the man’s mouth.

Page 14

Pan 1: A giant head appears from the triangle of light. The head looks like Andross from Star Fox on the SNES.

Head: Is this more suitable for continuing our conversation?

Pan 2: Dave clenches his fists.

Dave: Who the hell are you!!? And what the hell is that guy!!?

Pan 3: The head stares emotionless at Dave.

Head: My identity is of concern of you. As for the red man, I am him.

Pan 4: Zoom-in on the head. Through it you can see the red man.

Head: He is part of me. I am more than a single entity. I am also only a single being.

Pan 5: Dave looking PO'd, fist in front of him as he screams

Dave: WHAT THE #%[email protected] DOES THAT MEAN!!? WHY DID YOU ATTACK ME!!?

Pan 6: Behind view of red man. (I'm having a really tough time describing the angle. Think of a really tall man looking down at the person a couple feet in front of him sort of like this \ angle wise if that makes sense) the head is in front of the red man you can see Dave through it.

Head: My sensors registered that you are a threat. I sent him to annihilate you.

Page 15

Pan 1: Frontal shot of Dave standing in an angry daze


Pan 2: frontal shot of the head. it slowly becomes solid and green starting from the bottom going upwards like a scanner. behind him the same is happening tot the red man. The beam from his mouth is starting to disapper.

Head: I am a program. My primary function is security and protection.

Pan 3: Zoomed out side view. The red man and the head are now completely green and solid. A few feet away from the head is Dave standing straight. All around them is darkness. This shot is used to show the vast amount of space there is, so the characters should at least be centered, large enough to distinguish but small enough to show the empty darkness.

Dave: So you're like an anti-virus. So I was being registered as a virus. Which means I'm in a computer!

Pan 4: zoom in on the green man. Starting from the top of his head he breaks down into rectangles. The rectangles, at random angles, float upward and fade.

Dave: Great, now that I know where I am...How do I get out?

Pan 5: All that remain of the green man are his feet above them a mess of rectangle fade as they float upwards.

Head: The same way you made your entrance.

Pan 6: Side view The green man is now gone. Dave and the solid green floating head are centered. The head on the left edge of the panel while Dave is on the right. Dave has a puzzling anguish look upon his face.

Dave: I don't know how I got in here though. It kind of just happened on it's own.

Page 16: The page is split horizontally into two panals.

Pan 1: close up of the head.

Head: Then I fear you my never leave.

Pan 2: Close up of dave's face. Upon it is the look of hopelessness and defeat. A single blue tear goes down his left cheek.

Page 17

Pan 1: A large island is shown. On the island is a flat old building taking up most of the island. There is very little land bordering it due to it's massive size.

Cap 1: Atlantic Ocean.

Pan 2: A closer look at the building shows it's surronded by a razor wire fence.

Cap 2: Maxium Security Prison For the Criminally Insane

Pan 3: A long hallway full of jail cells on either sides going upwards and straight down the hallway into darkness.

Man: Don't stop...make it pop...

Man 2: Get on you damn knees!



Man 5: (puking sound "BLARGH!!"?)

Pan 3: Zoom in on a single cell in interior is black.

Man in the cell: 59 minutes. 60 minutes.

Pan 4: Same as previous panel but the center of the interior has a small light.


Pan 5: The cell is now dark again.

Man in the cell: Hmm. One hour. I wonder.

Pan 6: A boney white hand is shown reaching for a rotten apple.

Man in the cell: as long as I concentrate hard enough.

Page 18

Pan 1: The hand's long pale finger tips lightly touch down upon the apple. the brightly glows golden.

Man in the cell: Now we wait.

Pan 2: The apple dims as the hand moves away.

Man in cell: Now we wait.

Pan 3: Outside the jail is shown again. The morning sun slowly creeps above the waves casting shadows on the prison.

Cap 1: 35 hours later.

Pan 4: The apple is shown again. It is more rotten than before.

Man in cell: It is time.

Pan 5: The apple brightly shines a brillient gold.

Pan 6: The apple begins to shake.

Page 19
Full page spread as the apple explodes from the inside. Bits of rotten fruit fly everywhere. behind it a dirty weary looking middle aged man deviously smiles. His mouth is full of missing teeth and the ones that remain are a dirty yellow. his unclean long black hair flows behind his head. His facial hair is long and dirt. Bits of lint and food can be seen sticking out of it. His eyes show a tiredness but are lit brightly with his happiness of sucsess.

Cap 1: BOOM!

Page 20

Pan 1: the cell is dark again.

Man in cell: Success.

Pan 2: the man's hand is shown reaching out towards a rumpled piece of paper.

Man in cell: David Miller.

Pan 3: his boney hand grasps the paper. His grip has his thumb on the underside.

Man in cell: you ruined my life

Pan 4: the hand turns the paper around revealing a newspaper article. the title of the article reads "Downtown Explosion Kills Five. Two Known Survivors In Critical Condition."

Man in cell: You killed my family.

Pan 5: close up of the man's other hand as it grasps another rumpled paper.

Man in cell: You turned me into a freak

Pan 6: he turns the paper over. It is a picture of Dave.

Man in cell: destroyed my happiness

Page 21: panel layout is two tall panels on top then a long page length panel under it are two more tall panels.

Pan 1: the picture begins glowing gold

Pan 2: the article glows gold as well

Pan 3: the man crushes the picture and article into his fists

Pan 4: close up of one of his fist. an Explosion occurs inside of it.

Pan 5: the same as last panel but with his other fist

Page 22: full page spread of the man (stops at his waist) he is boney and pale his long black hair goes halfway down his back. His beard goes halfway down his chest. His fists are clenched. Glowing golden illuminating his figure every so slightly. His face is full of rage.

Man in cell: It's time I return the favor.

Cap 1: To Be Continued...
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Hi Wyokid,like this idea and would like to illustrate the first two pages,with your permission.I am new on here but hope we can can work together on this.You can check out my album on Photobucket,it's TONY-S.Give you an idea what my work looks like.Laters.


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Hi Wyokid,like this idea and would like to illustrate the first two pages,with your permission.I am new on here but hope we can can work together on this.You can check out my album on Photobucket,it's TONY-S.Give you an idea what my work looks like.Laters.

Sure man! That'd be awesome! I took a look at your photobucket, can't wait to see what you got man.
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