The Unusuals


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Jan 4, 2009
Bryan, Texas
i've watched this show so far and i hope it sticks it out, i'm hearin' it's gettin' low ratings but i think this show has potential, i wanna keep watchin' to see how it turns out and hopefully these guys will able to tell the story they wanna tell
I saw 2 episodes and quit. If I want NY cops tading puns, I'll just watch Nathan Fillion on ABC's Castle.

I think this cop show doesn't impress me much is the fact that you have NBC's SouthLAnd airing. That show is far more superb than many cop shows I've seen in the past few years.
May 6 Episode: The Circle Line

Walsh and Shraeger try to help a fellow officer who's fallen off the wagon and into a murder, while Banks and Delahoy learn they're both victims of identity theft.

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