The Wizard World Convention Wrap-up!


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Jul 24, 2004
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Missed any news? Did you attend the con, but not any of the panels? Did you wait for someone to post it on a site, but no one did because they missed the missing members too much? Well, wait no more! Here are all the comic panels from Newsarama & CBR for your catch up!!


Mondo Marvel Panel.

Angel: Revelations- Interview with creative team.

All about Marvel Comics Presents Article.

Extended talk on Terry Moore writing Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane.

DC- The Countdown Panel.

Spider-Man: One More Day Panel.

Amazing Spider-Man 3 times monthly- interview with editor Steve Wacker.

Bendis Super Fun Hour featuring Halo Panel.

Bendis writes Ultimate Origin.

Dwayne McDuffie joins JLA

World War Hulk: The Panel Report

The reveal of House of M: Avengers! Christos Gage to write.

The DCU Panel from WWP!

Peter David & She-Hulk. Together at last.

Thirsty? Have a sip of the Cup O' Joe Panel.

Messiah CompleX. The upcoming X-Men event.

The Writers Panel from Heroe's Con.

Bendis Interview with Quesada: Part 1.

Marvel Avengers Panel! Tigra vs Ms. Marvel! RAWR!


Avengers Panel Reporting, sir!

Sneaking over from Heroes Con, the Dark Tower Panel!

Wildstorm Panel presented from WWP!

Avengers Panl Image Gallery.

Building the DCU one block at a time.

Looking into the Cup O' Joe Panel. Seems hot.

Cutting edges in the Wildstorm Panel. Sharp blades, watch out!!

It's a curveball from Heroes Con- Countdown and more!

Knights of the writing table.

Save the Cheerleader! Save the con panel report! Live with Hayden.


Ultimate Amazing Friends and more at the Super Fun Hour Panel with Bendis! BENDIS! BENDIS!!

Messiah Complex chat with Lowe.

Peter David talks She-Hulk.

Do I hear wedding bells? No? So what's "Unholy Union" with Top Cow & Marvel...?

3rd strike with Heroes. Ghost Rider included!

All the way from Philly, count down with Countdown!

Still wondering what will Spidey do with ONE MORE DAY?

That nasty Heroes Con! It's the DC Nation Panel.

One More Day? How about BRAND NEW Day.
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AWESOME. Thanks - this is nice to have in a concise, easy-to-read post.
All these new Vertigo titles they're talking about have me excited. I might drop everything and only read these from now on.
The next question concerned whether or not Marvel would publish a new solo Luke Cage series, and Bendis answered that he's the anchor of New Avengers, and Brevoort added that he's in a lot of other comics, as well. Bendis said that maybe after the smoke clears in New Avengers a little bit, a solo book for Luke Cage could be a possibility.

Go Doom! 8)

Chances of Loners ongoing? Cebulski: "It's up in the air. We're hopeful. Hopefully the characters will be popping up in some other books."

Go UC!

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