The Wizarding World Timeline

They are certainly not canon to the books and will never be. Tolkien canon is very exclusive. They also take on the esthetic of the films, so they're meant to be part of that world.

Middle-Earth Timelines
Tolkien-Verse (books)
Middle-Earth Cinematic Universe (films, series, Aragon's Quest, War in the North, Shadow I-II)
Gollum Universe (Gollum Game)
Talkien-verse Is called legendarium.
The Gollum game is supposed to be like the books, thus it is intentionally not connected to the films, and it obviously isn't canon to the books, so it's part of its own universe.
I think that makes at least three alternate animated universes, since apparently only The Hobbit (1977) and The Return of the King (1980) are in continuity with each other
Isn't Chapter 5 the day after Chapter 4? or does Chapter 4 happen in the 31 before dawn?
Nope It says, the next morning which still Is 31st. If this Isn't right we Will skip a day and we Will have hagrid with the dursley until the 1st day.

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