This thread is dedicated to all those ladies out there...


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Nov 30, 2004
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Thinkin' about the new scorpion... thinkin' about cheese Female versions of male characters... thinking about cool orginal heroines.... thinkin' about how hott Black Widow would be in real life...

anyway if you'd like to discuss the women in our lives (leave your wives at home) you can discuss the heroines or villainesses? uh.. :roll:

Well you can talk about them here...
I've heard of Echo but I dont think Ive ever seen her. For me the best female hero is Storm. But the movie version is better. Villian I would have to say Mystique that is such a cool power.
Ultimate Black Cat looks good...
First off..

The movie version of storm is wack even though it's Halle, she kinda sucked. But you got Deathbird in there the Shiar princess, she's a good one. Typhoid Mary is a really good one whoever brought that one up. Wolverine has so many good one's villains i mean. I can't remember her name but she's always wearing green, she runs a gang i think her name is viper. somebody help me. as far as heroines that are top shelf. Mystique wasn't really that hot till the movie came out. Storm, Black Cat, Psylocke was, That Landau, Luckman, and Lake chick (what happened to her?) Uriko, Shard, Domino, that one girl who was on x-force the navejo girl i can't remember her name i think it was dani moonstar. that's all i got right now.
Viper is head of HYDRA isn't she?
At various times. She was also married to Wolverine and she's haning with the Current Hellfire Club and the Evil Sat-yr-nin thats masquearading as Courtney Ross.
There's more...

I like that girl that came out of Exile's Nocturne. Oww! she's holdin'. Does it just have to be marvel cuz a lot of those comics have some good ones too. Starfire from teen titans, Catwoman, Lady Death, any girl who was ever in Gen 13, Al Simmons wife Wanda, his new girlfriend Nyx. (I dont how to spell this so i'm gonna try) raj al goul's daughter the one who's alway's callin' batman "beloved". Harlequin, Poison Ivy. Wonder Woman of course. Agent 355 from Y the last man is startin' to look cute now ya heard me. and that bald girl who got shot in y- she was a good one. i think her name is copycat the crazy shape shiftin' chick who messes w/ deadpool. she's a good one. i've still got more.
Exiles has had a lot of fairly good characters like Nocturne, (slaughtered at the hands of Austen), Blink (a bit overexposed but still the second best character behind Morph) and Sunfire.
Hey, did any read the issue of Uncanny, I think it was in the RULES OF ENGAGEMENT arc, where Juggernaut and Sammy "Fish Boy" were rating the women of the mansion on a 1 to 10 scale? That was cool. I think Juggs gave Emma like a 12, or something like that....
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oh yea...

and vampirella too. i've never read any of those but the covers are on point.
I so do not understand what this thread is about.
I so do not understand what this thread is about.
You're not supposed to understand it.

It's not for you.


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