Tintin will become a movie hero

I recently got 6 hardcover volumes of Tintin out (collecting 18 books) and finished the first one last night.

Ah, Tintin. How ridiculously fun you are.

I have no idea how this will work as a movie. Do they do an original story, or adapt one of the books?

Who would you cast? You've got Tintin, Captain Haddock, Professor Calculus, and Thomson and Thompson as the main characters.

I was giving it a thought last night, and I think Shia Labeouf should play Tintin, but I have no idea why. As for the others, I'll need to give them more of a think through.

They're making three movies, Spielberg and Jackson will both direct one and it's still indecided who directs the third. And they're doing them as photorealistic computer animation.

I know it's not gonna happen, but I wish they'd make them in French. That's the original language, after all. Here in Finland the characters' names haven't been changed, the dog is called Milou and the twins are called Dupont and Dupond (or the Dupondt twins). Snowy and Thompson just don't sound right to me.
In case anyone was wondering, the script was submitted very recently, which had the effect of shooting its HSX value by about 200%.

According to IGN, casting began in Los Angeles last week for the proposed trilogy with Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg steering the ship.
Is there any more news on this? A cast? The other director involved?
Is there any more news on this? A cast? The other director involved?
Wasn't it heavily rumoured, but not confirmed, that The Beef would play Tintin?

Also as far as I know, Peter Jackson AND Steven Spielberg will be working on this together, and it's going to be motion capture animated.

EDIT: Oh, I remembered now that Thomas Sangster from Love, Actually and Nanny McPhee is playing Tintin, and the script is by Doctor Who's Steven Moffat
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I'm still looking forward to this. Andy Serkis has been confirmed as Captain Haddock, I believe.

Any rumours of the third director?

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