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Aug 16, 2005
I don't know if you know this but there is a new collection in uk.

each week you get a magazine with info on the superhero that you get the figurine of. 1st = Spider-man , Next one will be Wolverine.

I recomend you Subscribe to it. You will get A displaystand. , An Exclusive Spider-man figurine and a binder to keep the Magazine in.

I have subscribed and I love the figurine you get free it's hand painted so it looks much better. The magazine it's self I found to be intresting somethings in it I did not know as I never read Every 616 comic.

Anyway I thought you would like to know.
Damn, that's sweet. I hope that comes to NZ!
It's only £12 a month.

Its a fornight magazine.

Sorry if people don't like it I just thought it was cool and maybe some uk marvel fans might like it.
Yeah but it's that type of magazine.

Like the fire truck , doll house , touch of frost ect....

The fact the figures are rare and only avalible with the magazine makes it worth every penny at least to me anyway.
LOL yeah maybe but I still love mag and figure plus theres gonna be at least 24 I think

Reason? Advert for it has hulk figure. Magzine shows one complete set with no hulk so I'm guessing theres going to be at least 2 sets of 12. Also collecting it every fornight is cooler to me than buying all at once on ebay as I am building up my collection not buying someone elses collection.

But thats just me.
I hope this can come to NZ so I can attempt to buy it with imaginary coins and peanuts.
So far this collection has been great.

spider-man TWICE! one = normal one = if you subscribe
doc ock
The thing
silver surfer
green goblin
captain America
doctor doom
Iron Man
the human torch
the punisher
plus Hulk special and Jugganught special
and in about 3-5 months VENOM!!!!!!!! (Can't wait for him)
the normal one is his stood up like this

The collectors version for subscribing is this

yes it is. I got those pics off ebay.

If you wanted just that one it's going pretty cheap on ebay dude

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