Tony Bedard on Rogue.


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Jul 24, 2004
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A new writer has moved into Rogue's solo book. With issue #7 coming out this week, writer Tony Bedard gives his crack at the Southern bell mutant of the X-Men.

Tony Bedard is your typical overnight sensation in comics.

That is, 12 years into his career in the industry, and people are just now starting to notice his name in a major way. Though he’d been at Acclaim and DC prior to his move to Tamps, Bedard first became a blip on many radars as the writer on CrossGen’s Route 666, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Negation. Following the CrossGen collapse, Bedard moved to Marvel, where he promptly landed in the X-Universe, as the writer of Exiles. Cue more readers taking note of this Bedard guy.

This week, Bedard expands his role in the X-Men universe by moving in as the regular writer on Marvel’s ongoing Rogue with his former Route 666 partner, Karl Moline. We stole a few minutes from Bedard’s schedule to talk about Rogue, re-teaming with Moline, and more.

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some of what he's got planned sounds really interesting. Some of it sounds Dodgy. I'm going to reserve judgement.

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