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I had a fairly difficult time putting them in order so I just put some as tied with others...

1. The Beatles
1. Radiohead
2. Bob Dylan
3. John Lennon
3. Gorillaz
3. Gnarls Barkley
3. Weezer
3. Blur
4. The Pixies
5. David Bowie
5. The Clash

you should listen to spoon too.


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The Beatles
Red Hot Chili Peppers
The Killers
Kaiser Chiefs
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2. Coldplay- You either love them or hate them. I believe they are musically sound. Check out Don't Panic, Shiver, Everything's Not Lost, Clocks, and Fix You.

BWAHAHAHAHA!!! This is hilarious considering your high and mighty mocking of me for liking Coldplay when we (and by me I mean me and a few others, not you) were talking about Viva La Vida.

Way to be consistent.


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At the moment, I'd list the following as my top eleven. As most of you can tell from my lastfm, I listen to a lot of music and from a diverse array of genres and performers both obscure and mainstream so this list is subject to change at any moment.

1. David Bowie - He's been deified to death by far too many writers at this point, but let it suffice to say that he's an artist who has always had the courage to jump on the styles set by others, but at the same time being able to set them himself. Furthermore, he's not afraid of screwing up and having the courage to admit that he's put out some bad records in the past. He's an artist who creates music for the love of it, not to showcase his technical proficiency (and let's face it, that's not his strong suit).

2. Smashing Pumpkins
- Billy Corgan maybe an megalomaniacal, ****-talking, narcissistic emo jerkwad, but you can't deny that he's brought artfulness to bear in fusing his New Wave influences with his love for metal and dandy romantic aesthetic. Also, he's not afraid to make albums that are nigh impossible to recreate in a live format. After all, he once said that the beauty of the studio recording is that you can bestow it with the maximum grandeur possible.

3. Gorillaz - By all rights, a virtual band consisting of animated characters with fictionalized biographies that blends Damon Albarn's crooning with hip hop, soul, funk, jazz, dance and rock together should be all gimmick, no substance but... it isn't. The Gorillaz are basically a transhumanist fantasy transposed into the music industry, where the band's star power transcends the baggage of human beings.

4. GO!GO!7188 - Never trust a Japanese rock band by how pretty its girls are. Mixing punk, surf and ska and enka (!) some hella powerful skin-pounding from drummer Takayuki "Turkey" Hosokawa, GO!GO!7188 spell fun. Yumi "Yuu" Nakashima and Akiko "Akko" Hamada aren't exactly easy on the eyes like say fra-foa's Mikami Chisako, but they really know how to play the guitars and the former puts the kind of gusto in her live guitar solos that would make lesser guitarists wet themselves. (Also, Yuu's one-off side-project, Chirinuruwowaka, is awesome.)

5. The Chris Farley Arcade - a defunct pair of New York beatsmiths that you probably never heard of, simply because a) they weren't around very long and b) few bothered to file-share their work. Combining quirky electronic melodies with lyrics that evoke comedy, tragedy and romance on their favorite subjects: animal violence, intergalactic romance, misanthropic hijinks, angsty robots, and the inevitable self-destruction of human civilization and the planet.

6. The Winter Sounds - Atlanta-based indie rock group with a very orchestral indie pop sound. I don't play them as much, but it's probably because they've yet to accumulate a large catalog. Their first EP, The Land of No Output has a demo quality to it, but combines lovably mournful and nostalgic lyrics with a great lo-fi electronica + rock sound to it. Last year they released their debut album, Porcelain Empire, and their first nationwide tour.

7. The Fiery Furnaces - Eclectic instruments mixed with jabberwocky lyrics. Plus Eleanor Friedberger is kinda hot. I can't really say I love all their albums, but they win me over most on the various mp3 recordings of their live performances. I think Gallowsbird's Bark might be my favorite album of theirs.

8. Tunng - An eccentric folktronica group led primarily by a former composer for soft porn films and a pub singer, who have evolved into a six-person group. They sing gleefully and in perverse fashion about really depressing subject matter and their latest album, Good Arrows, features some really catchy tracks like "Bullets" and "Bricks".

9. Zombina & The Skeletones - Imagine punk rock fused with retro elements plus set to the lyrical theme of old school drive-in horror movies. That's Zombina & The Skeletones. They play fast and fun, like an action-packed chase scene set to a Scooby Doo episode while lamenting the tragedy of being undead and wanting somebody to love. Give "Nobody Likes You When You're Dead," "Can't Break A Dead Girl's Heart," or "Springheeled Jack" a try.

10. The Presidents of the United States of America - "Kick Out The Jams" is required to open any rock listening party. Nuff said.

11. Juan De La Cruz - I sometimes feel compelled to slap everyone who praises these guys to high heaven, but I can't fault them. They are perhaps one of the best Filipino rock bands, cleverly mining the influence of their 60s and 70s contemporaries and recontextualizing the hedonist appeal of the sound into the Pinoy context. Go check out "Rock and Roll sa Ulan".


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Given how relatively obscure my picks are, is there any place where I can upload the music with no hassle, just so I can give people a taste?


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1. David Bowie

2. Johnny Cash

3. Frank Zappa & the Mothers of invention

4. The Cranberries (shut up, I know she can't act)

5. U2 (again, shut up, I like Bono)

6. REM

7. Gorillaz

8. Tom Waits

9. Trent Reznor/NIN

10. Run DMC (One of the best rap/hip-hop acts, ever)

11. Beastie Boys


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Decided to this properly as my last one was meant as a semi-joke (a couple of real ones but most were joke ones like Weird al which is cool but not in my top) Which no one got by the way:(

But here is mine

1 - Nickleback
2 - Nivarna
3 - Robbie Williams (Great on his own, HATE his take-that days though)
4 - Sting
5 - Bryan Adams
6 - Bruce Springsteen
7- Aerosmith
8- Pink Floyd
9 - Queen
10 -Meat Loaf
11 - Guns N' Roses (Up until Slash left)

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