Top Gear Amphibious Car Challenge


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Feb 22, 2005
Folkestone, UK
Top Gear is a show about cars. They once had a challenge to make a car that both drives on land and in water.

This was the result.

It's hysterical and four parts long. Annoyingly, the epilogue isn't online, which is also very funny. But nonetheless, it's a great watch.
:shock: That's pretty ****ing weird.

I ordered the DVD this thing is on because I find it to be one of the funniest 30-minute stories I've ever seen.
You guys seen the one where he races across europe in that sports car to beat them taking planes? that car was well boss man.
Seriously, I have NEVER heard of this show. Is it meant to be popular, in the 'mainstream' sense? Or is it just something that a lot of users on this site happen to like?
I don't watch it regularly, and like 'chair, I am not into cars. But the presenters are very charismatic and entertaining, so much so, that it's very accessible to pretty much anyone, and very enjoyable too.

I need to see the plane-race thing someone mentioned...
They had two similar contest like the plane race actually. One was that Jeremy Clarkson toke a car to (I think) a French city and the other two toke the buss and a plane to the same city. The other one started the same with Jeremy Clarkson driving a new car but this time the other two could only use common transportation like bus, train and such. No luxury or expensive transportation was allowed. This time the goal was another city further away from the UK.

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